On the invisible, muggles and sheeple people can’t touch or see it, subtle energy, etheric level, our feelings and thoughts, our level of consciousness, are all operating within the parameters dictated by the sacred geometry of etheric geometric crystalline grids. These grids determine the bandwidth of consciousness and dimensions of reality we experience. These grids set the limits, potential, and properties or characteristics of our thoughts and our feelings, our moral character, and our ability to love and be kind.


The geometry grid we experience is related to the amount of light we are able to hold and compress in our tissues and cells and subtle energies. We can describe that as density of light. The higher our density of light, the more light we hold in our energetic anatomy and physical systems. Eventually our consciousness will exist purely as geometries of light, without a physical body. Don’t freak out, that’s probably zillions of years away.


The basic property of polarity or duality consciousness is that we experience our lives and societies, our reality, through the lens of judgement and comparison, right or wrong, good or bad, better or worse. The star tetrahedron is the geometry of polarity, or as it is also known, duality consciousness.

The other basic property of polarity consciousness is free will. In polarity/duality consciousness we have free will to make choices about our behaviour, how we think and how we act. Importantly we have the free will to impose our will upon others. This is a real test of character and ethics.

The higher realms view imposition of will as a criminal act. They impose their will in extreme situations which threaten life everywhere. For instance we know that benevolent galatic civilisations visiting Earth have disarmed nuclear weapons. Nuclear explosions damage all dimensions and affect all realities. Their effects ain’t just limited to what we experience here on Earth. Because we actually live in a holographic reality nuclear explosions are mega. They rip and rock the holographic boat, big time.

P1080038The sacred geometry for polarity consciousness, the star tetrahedron, is created using two identical platonic solids known as tetrahedrons. The tetrahedron has four sides. It is often described as a three sided pyramid, and the fourth side is the base it sits upon. Because it is a platonic solid each side is identical, and the entire shape fits snugly into a sphere drawn around its apexes. All platonic solids behave this way.

The star tetrahedron is created with two tetrahedrons. One tetrahedron represents female energy and the other tetrahedron represents male energy. Place the bases together so that they face in opposite directions. Then move them into each other until half of each tetrahedron is outside the middle section.

This process creates eight new small tetrahedrons around the integrated parts of the original tetrahedrons. The star tetrahedron is effectively a three dimensional Star of David.

Conventionally the apex pointing up to the sky is the top half of the male tetrahedron, and the apex pointing down into the Earth is the top half of the female tetrahedron. In metaphysical and esoteric understandings the Earth is female energy and the Sky is male energy.

It is interesting is it not, that the sacred geometry for duality or polarity consciousness uses two identical forms of the same platonic solid. This elegantly conveys the truth that male and female are created equal by the loving intelligence woven through every particle in our multiverse. It speaks to the duality or polarity of the way in which we experience and understand our feelings and thoughts and actions.


Many people mistakenly think of the star tetrahedron as the merkaba. The merkaba is an interdimensional disc of counter-rotating hyperdimensional energy. We can use geometry and feelings to create a merkaba around our human body. Technically, when the star tetrahedron is used to create a merkaba disc, it is being used as a holon.


A holon is a geometry fuelled with feelings, usually of unconditional love and gratitude, to create or attract hyperdimensional energy. The geometry we use determines the properties of the hyperdimensional energy. For instance you can use a geometry to create balance, a geometry to heal, or a geometry to raise your vibration. Whilst we were in third dimension polarity consciousness the star tetrahedron was taught as the geometry used to activate the merkaba disc.


The universe is now offering us the opportunity of experiencing a new geometry which heralds a higher level of consciousness for our species. This new higher level of consciousness is determined by the platonic solid known as the octahedron.

P1080068The octahedron is the geometry of universal love, also known as unity consciousness.

Being in unity consciousness means empirically understanding that everything in our lives, our environment, our skies, our cosmos, our universe, our multiverse, is connected.  Everything is an integral, important, relevant, meaningful, part of the whole.

Hanging out in the space of universal love means moment by moment feeling love for all life. That’s quite a stretch given the circumstances we are experiencing on Terra. However when we are in unity universal love consciousness we are no longer experiencing linear time. Have you noticed how time is disappearing because it is going faster and faster? We will be living in the NOW moment.

Universal love or unity consciousness experientially understands that we are all one equal part of one great connected universal system of consciousness. When we understand and feel this connection we behave differently to the way we behave in polarity reality. We understand that everything and everybody, everywhere, are an expression of the same universal consciousness that we all experience, and in one form or another, all manifest, and that we are all a holographic part of this great Oneness.

Thus the octahedron is a single platonic solid. It has eight identical sides. It looks like two regular four sided pyramids with square bases which have been joined together to form a diamond shape such as we see on a deck of cards.

Getting out of polarity or duality reality means being able to continuously experience and hang out in the geometries and vibrational bandwidth of holographic consciousness. To be able to balance and remain in holographic consciousness we need to sustain a continuous state of universal, or unconditional, love. Which is to say we will no longer be judging people and their words and their actions – and we will no longer feel it’s OK to impose our will upon other beings. We no longer have free will. Again, the octahedron is the sacred geometry of love.

1. Unity consciousness means everybody understands Life is sacred.
2. Unity consciousness means that everybody understands everything is conscious to a greater or lesser degree.
3. Unity consciousness means that you understand and know that every body and every thing is connected and equal.
4. Unity consciousness is living continuously in the NOW moment.
5. Unity consciousness continuously sustains feelings of universal, unconditional love and joy.
6. Unity consciousness has the ability to create the miracles we need to heal and change our world.

There is an opinion that the great pyramids at Giza in Egypt are actually octahedrons, with one half in the Earth, and the other half open to the sky. That kinda makes sense to me because the consciousness which created the pyramids was very different to ours. I believe intention manifesting through sound was used to change the frequency of the stones so that they became light enough to lift and shift into place. I myself have experienced unconsciously raising my frequency with sound then leaning against a sandstone wall and finding my solid physical body was actually moving into the stone. Yikes. I came out of it but twenty minutes later I had forgotten this had happened and did the same thing again, putting my hand on the wall and leaning on it. It moved in as far as my shoulder before I realised and pulled it out again.

Because the octahedron is also the geometry for holographic consciousness we will be functioning on a completely different level. You simply know what you need to know. Handy huh. This incoming octahedral grid geometry is one reason why our width and breadth of knowledge is expanding exponentially.

Information technology is the form our exponential increase in information downloads is taking, and thus the basic way we are experiencing it. And our attachment to information technology has an unhealthy effect upon our emotional bodies. For instance the generation of young people who have grown up accustomed to being attached to android phones, and conducting their relationships through social media, have been found to be 30% less empathic than the previous generation who grew up as our world was actually moving away from analogue technology and systems.

It is healthier for us to have a different relationship with technology because holographic consciousness doesn’t mean connecting with technology to get a download of everything we need to know. It means our bodies and brains, our feelings and our minds, just simply know. You could check out the blog on our crystal body.  It speaks about our own human crystalline technology and the implications for unity consciousness and our ability to share, transmit and receive information.

thumb_P1020795_1024Amongst the galactic civilisations helping us at this time are the Hathors, and the Arcturians. The Hathors are an ancient and advanced intergalactic civilisation of ascended beings. They inhabit hyperspace and live in a continuous state of universal love and joy. The Hathors used to work with initiates in the temples in ancient Egypt. When we lost consciousness and fell asleep they left the planet. They were subsequently asked to return by Sanat Kumara, the ascended master with responsibility for overseeing the transition of planet Earth into a higher vibrational band width. Into octahedral, universal love consciousness.

The Hathors have experienced the shift of their civilisation from polarity into unity consciousness. They have done what the universe is currently offering us so they know the ropes. They regard themselves as our big brothers and sisters, and offer practical guidance on how to manage our energies at this time.

Sanat Kumara is Arcturian and is also the sector commander of the Arcturian star fleet which keeps the peace in the Milky Way galaxy. The Arcturians stand for the advancement of life, intelligence and benevolence. They believe in freedom, but not to the extent of freedom for those who limit and impinge upon the freedom of other beings. The Hathors and the Arcturians, amongst other galactic civilisations, are helping us through this current process of deep changes in our biosphere and our consciousness.

The Hathors are renowned as masters of love, sound, and energy. They are believed to be the most loving and intelligent beings in our universe. I also understand they are the only civilisation present in this galaxy who do not use any kind of weaponry. Hence they always enter, travel, and work in our universe under the protection of the Arcturian star fleet.

Both the tetrahedron and the octahedron are platonic solids.  All five platonic solids originate within, and are extrapolated from, the Flower of Life grid. When the Hathors speak of the Flower of Life grid they say it is the blueprint for creation in this universe.


Sacred Geometry - FOL female“The Flower of Life is a fundamental pattern that the Universe is laid out on, so even the molecular and atomic grids are laid out in this pattern; therefore, it’s the platform that unfolds destiny. It is the blueprint. Without it there would be no manifestation”. The Hathor Material, Messages from An Ascended Civilisation, by Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene.

All five platonic solids are extrapolated from the Flower of Life grid. The platonic solids form the basis of our geometries. Plato became fascinated with them and based his complete “theory of everything” on these five solids.

Every real human being has female and male energy in their bodies and in their consciousness. Simply put, female energy is in the right brain, and it is about our ability to feel love, our intuition and creativity. It is the basis for what is known as the emotional body. Male energy is in the left brain and it is about our mind. It is logical and linear. It is the basis for what is known as the mental body.

If we look at the star tetrahedron geometry it is obvious the intention of supreme Creator Consciousness is that in polarity P1080038consciousness male and female are created as equals and female and male energies are balanced. That’s what the star tetrahedron geometry establishes. It informs us that human beings cannot work or function properly without equality of logic AND intuition. That human beings cannot function as Creator intended without equality of feelings AND intellect. Creativity comes from the right brain and linear understanding comes from the left brain. We need both to fullfill our true potential.

When we shift up a gear, or into a higher vibrational bandwidth, we start to exist within the sacred geometry of the octahedron. With the octahedron, which is a single complete form, we truly understand the connection between everything and everybody. Fundamental to hanging out in this octahedral bandwidth is our ability to feel love, unconditional love for all life, and gratitude for our own life.

It’s all very new. Remember how the Flower of Life grid is the blueprint for creation? It is not a flat two dimensional thing. It is a holograph. Without this holographic blueprint, and the blueprints which are extrapolated from it, there is no manifestation because there is literally nothing to manifest.

For thousands of years human beings upon the planet have worked to anchor the energies of unity consciousness. With assistance from the higher realms they created an etheric crystalline geometric grid around our planet which supports this level of consciousness. When I first learned about this planetary grid it was spoken of and referred to as the Christ Consciousness Grid. Nowadays it seems to be known and referred to simply as the Earth Grid.

This planetary Earth Grid is about 60 miles above the surface of our planet. Specifically it is a combination of two platonic solids, the dodecahedron and the icosahedron. Which makes it an icosadodecahedron. I am not going into that here because my point is that it was finally completed in the 1980s. It is the etheric blueprint, the crystalline grid structure which supports unity, universal love consciousness for our planet. Because it is completed it means we are now able to evolve into spiritual grown ups who are able to join the greater galactic community already hanging out in universal love consciousness. In terms of sacred geometry and etheric blueprints everything for us to shift into a whole new world, a new loving reality, is in place.

The Beetles topped the bill at the  end of the first European satellite simultaneous television transmission when all the participating countries had artists representing their country and culture.  They sang and played …..

All We Need Is Love

© Anne Ward 2016