Anne Ward

Hey, I’m Anne Ward.  I am an Indigo way-shower bog standard human grandma who had the bejazus scared out of me by ET contact when I was four.  Late December 1990, or was it 91, seemingly out of nowhere, I experienced a sudden deep serenity in myself and without further ado or forethought or planning I stopped and dropped out of the “rat race”. If you had told me then how my life would change I could not have believed you.

Later in the 1990s I was exhorted to “remember”.  I didn’t know what the heck I was meant to remember.  Now that I’ve recovered some of the stuff I was meant to remember, I want to share my knowledge and experience about human subtle energies and consciousness.  Consciousness is housed in energy frequencies and I am a subtle energy specialist.  Albert Einstein said that we couldn’t solve a problem with the same kind of thinking which created it.  I offer solutions which will take you out of the box suppressing human consciousness and our unlimited potential.

What we really need to remember is that we are way way more than the forces who think it is OK to control and degrade our species and bio-sphere want us to understand or imagine.  I hope that the stuff which worked for me will inspire you to explore your consciousness and your unlimited potential to love, create, and manifest the world and society you want to experience.

In the early 1990s I experienced my first “heart-leap”. I learned of something which created such instantaneous and deep longing that I felt my heart leaping in my chest towards it. From that first and subsequent experiences, when I have a heart-leap the Universe has subsequently delivered what my heart leapt into.  I believe your heart sets your intentions with just one single strong leap.  Just to put things into perspective, heart-leaps are rare and pure unadulterated intuitions of what you incarnated here on Earth to experience and do.

In 1989, without realising it, I had started to meditate. Weird but true. I had learned a few practises from a personal development course but the word meditation wasn’t used. Shortly after I stepped out I came across the teachings of the Greek Cypriot master known as Spyros Sathi. It started with the book of Kyriacos C. Markides called The Magus of Strovolos. I only picked it up because I had read another book with the word Magus in the title. Wuau, there were some heart-leaps in there for me. A big one was helping to ease the pain of my fellow human beings, as the master described it. And I did the work. Then I read The Celestine Prophesy and my heart leapt into seeing the energies of the trees.

In the mid 1990s, in an attempt to connect with my Higher Self, (someone kept telling me it was my next step, and I had to do a certain workshop and I would connect with this Higher Self) I attended a Flower of Life workshop. I learned how to activate an interdimensional disc of hyperdimensional energy known as the merkaba. It is an unimaginably powerful disc-shaped energy field created by the human it surrounds. When I did that I got some serious guidance from my Higher Self about what I needed to do and now, with hindsight, I realise that it all unfolded for me.

In 1996 I read about the Hathors and how they worked with sound. I still remember that heart-leap. It was like my body tipped towards the book. The Hathors are interdimensional galactic beings who are masters of love, sound, and energy, and their home is in hyperspace. In those days, that was way over my head but my body recognised something big for me.

By the late 1990s I had had a Taoist training and learned a form of chi kung healing to work with a terma, or treasure, to work in an incredible way with energy and consciousness.  It had been hidden on the Inner Planes by the Lady Yeshe Tsogyel, the spiritual consort of the king who introduced Buddism into Tibet.  It was one of several termas which she had hidden to help humanity at this time of change.  I took to this like a duck to water, and very soon, working in the way I had been taught, I had started to help ease the pain of my fellow human beings.  This training was a huge development in my life and it felt like I was doing work that I was meant to do. The great gift it has given me, is expanding my consciousness whilst exploring the amazing consciousness and experiences of my fellow human beings, and helping them release heavy painful energy and bring more light into their bodies.  When you let the dark stuff out light floods in.

In 2002 I found myself training with Tom Kenyon to do sound healing. Some time after I did the training it dawned upon me that the amazing sounds which had emerged from my body and delighted me when I was still a girl in short socks, and the amazing shimmering joyous energy which had surrounded me, were my first experiences of the Hathors. Till that time I had forgotten about them because the sounds I made freaked my mother out and I had stopped.

Also in 2002, following three identical guidances to be a Flower of Life facilitator, I was invited to train as a facilitator for Flower of Life Research. For the next ten years I had the privilege of facilitating this workshop from the west coast of Ireland to the Middle East, helping people to open their hearts, feel unconditional love for all life, activate their own merkaba and connect with their Higher Self.

During this time I worked in Scotland, Holland, Slovenia, Czechoslovakia, and Scandinavia teaching the understandings of the Hathors and how to do Hathor sound healing with the voice. I continued doing energy work and sound healing.

In September 2012 I returned home from Prague after a Hathor workshop. I travelled with a German airline and it involved changing at Frankfurt. When I landed in Frankfurt I was feeling very uneasy about my crystal singing bowl which was travelling in the baggage hold. I immediately went to their desk at the gate hoping to get them to check that my very conspicious luggage had arrived. Unfortunately I interrupted four women having a chat. They as good as told me to f*** off. Contrary to their over the top STFU attitude to me (a tall woman shoving her hand out towards my face with a very loud assertion that my luggage would arrive in Edinburgh) it was a no-show. It was my favourite heart tuned crystal singing bowl and by no means a novice traveller. A few days later when the box finally arrived at my home, plastered with FRAGILE tape, it looked as if it had been smashed into a wall and inside, the bowl was shattered. It was obviously avoidable and I felt very very sad. The upshot was that I took what we in Scotland call “a scunner” . A scunner is when we are done with something. That something was airports.

I felt a deep need to become still and return to concentrating on meditating and working on my own energies. I also received internal advice to concentrate on healing work.  I did this by working in the quantum field with my distance healing practise.  And I used sound in this practise. I had time out and wrote a book called Incoming, which is my take on where we are now and what is happening, consciousness and how amazing yours is, subtle energy, sacred geometry, power and what can happen.  It is being released through my Blogs page.  You can find three chapters on the landing page.

One thing I am very clear on is that I am a human being with the same anatomy and energetic equipment as everybody else. If I can experience what I have and do experience, anybody can. In the beginning I heard some wonderful stories and yearned to have such experiences. Eventually I realised I was creating and experiencing my own wonderful story which matched anybody else’s marvellous stuff. Everybody can have this and I intend sharing the stuff I know, I did, and I experienced, in the hope of inspiring folk to try it for themselves and by raising their vibration, changing our world.

© Anne Ward 2016