Hey there, my name is Anne Ward. 

The older I am it seems the more focussed and interested I become regarding our galactic heritage, our galactic DNA, humanity’s galactic contact experiences, and our galactic families – as I like to think of them.

I am also interested in sacred geometry, and  understanding more about electromagnetic energy, holograms, and the toroidal field.  I love learning galactic information about our souls.

Before I retired I was a specialist working with consciousness in the electromagnetic frequencies of the human body.   To do this I had a wonderful Taoist training.  I loved the understandings and the work I had to do on myself using Taoist meditations and chi kung or qigong as it is also called. I had a distance healing practise working with people all over the world whilst sitting in my home, but face to face I mostly worked in foreign healing and teaching centres.

I also work with sound in the Hathor way.  My first experiences of Hathors and sound were when I was still at primary school!  Their energy was joyous, effervescent, and thrilling.  Although I felt intensely alive and very very happy the sounds I made scared my mum.

My mum was scared of pretty much anything she couldn’t control or understand.  It meant I stopped sounding and experiencing the Hathors’ energies until years later after I trained as a sound healer with Tom Kenyon.  Tom is the man the Hathors chose to channel their understandings and the energetic techniques they gave us to help us deal with all the energies we are experiencing at this time.  I subsequently taught sound healing in the Hathor way – again pretty much always abroad.  

The Hathors are intergalactic interdimensional beings who live in hyperspace. They are renowned as masters of sound, love, and energy, and are said to be the most intelligent and loving beings in our universe!  They think of themselves as our big brothers and sisters, and they are here to help us. They worked with us in their temple at Dendera in ancient Egypt but left the planet when we fell unconscious.  The Commander of the Arcturian starship responsible for protecting and guarding life, intelligence, and freedom in this sector of the Milky Way, Sanat Kumara, asked the Hathors to return to help us again.

From 2002 I was also an international facilitator with Flower of Life Research until they finally closed their doors in February in 2013.  I taught sacred geometry and the merkaba meditation, and helped people to open their hearts and connect with their own incredible inner teacher and guide, their Higher Self.

Most of what we were taught to believe as scientific fact is being superseded by new understandings about consciousness and quantum physics.   Thanks to various courageous whistleblowers we are learning that our history and the way our planet is governed and managed are very very different from what we were raised to think and believe.   We are entering a new paradigm and I am interested in exploring our soul’s creative abilities, raising our consciousness into a higher vibrational frequency bandwidth, and experiencing a reality where nobody attacks anybody and nobody gets attacked by anybody else. 

© Anne Ward 2019