Recently I came across a notebook with a page I’d written about the acceleration of time.  It was dated 2001.  I hadn’t realised I’ve been experiencing fast forward anomalies in the length of time for over 17 years.  Synchronistically, the shumann frequency, a term for the base resonant, lowest and slowest, electromagnetic frequency of our planet, is also speeding up.   

People of all ages are experiencing time going faster and faster.  I think this acceleration is effectively compressing and collapsing “time” into the “now moment”.

Little children live in the now moment.  As adults we experience the now moment as an intense state of beingness. 


About 18 months ago I noted the time I entered my kitchen first thing and checked it as I left with tea and toast.  I was taken aback to see 40 minutes had elapsed.  Forty years earlier, 40 minutes after getting out of bed, I’d be arriving at work.

Today, the clock whizzing round brings to mind clocks speeding up in films to move time backwards or forward.


In the spectrum of electromagnetic vibrational frequencies Terra’s Schumann frequency is as low as she gets.  Whatever she bottoms out at so do we.

The more evolved, benevolent, and wise our consciousness the higher our frequency.  Ergo, the
higher our frequency, the higher our consciousness.

In deep meditation when we raise our consciousness and frequency so high our lungs cease breathing air and pranic breathing kicks in, thoughts and mental activity cease to exist.  We experience beingness in pure quantum consciousness. It is as if we become All That Is.  In the quantum field anything can happen.

We don’t need to swop breathing air for breathing prana to access the quantum field.  But we ain’t going to experience the same intense high frequency level of consciousness we do as pranic breathers.


Mystics will tell you that past, present, and future exist simultaneously.  In the quantum reality everything exists in the Now Moment.  Time, as we experience it in our daily lives, ceases to exist.

When we move our consciousness into the quantum field we can access and alter something which, in linear time, happened years ago or happens years hence.   Being awake and aware whilst creating and manifesting in the quantum field needs high frequency consciousness.  Low and slow can’t get in there.


In 1952 geologists knew Terra’s schumann frequency had been vibrating at 7.8 Hertz* (cycles per second) as long as it had been recorded. It is known as the schumann frequency after a German scientist who wrote some papers about it.  In 1952 the rate of Terra’s base resonant frequency was also removed from the public domain.

Fourty-four years later, around October 1996, I learned it had risen 3.2 Hz to 11 Hz per second.

Twenty years later in May 2016 I learned we had risen another 5.5 Hz taking us up to 16.5 Hz.

Sometime in those 20 years we hit 13 Hz which is the lowest frequency in the 4thdimension.

The Fourth Dimension has been described as an unstable, precarious, don’t-hang-around-it’s-wobbling, stepping stone to the 5thdimension.  That’s not an unreasonable description of life on 21stcentury Terra.

We are experiencing exponential increases in dangerous geopathic activity, rising ocean levels, plastic in plankton at the bottom of the food chain, devastating mega-weather events, and uncontrollable forest fires.  In the 4thdimensional sixth extinction event of life on Earth we have passed the point of no return.

Our planet and our people are used like a game board for reality wargames.  For all our knowledge, creativity, and technical abilities, humanity experiences famine, drought, plague, and vast numbers of desperate, dispossessed, homeless families and homeless vulnerable orphaned children whose families have been destroyed by war.

Paid employment is losing out to robots and AI. The precariat, the new class of western workers in low paid jobs on zero hours contracts without holiday, sick pay, and pension rights, has emerged.  This 12 min Ted Talk about the insecure circumstances of the new precariat class, and the results of an experiment with a guaranteed universal wage in India, is worth everybody’s time.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnYhZCUYOxs

From what I have gleaned and put together I reckon we were in the 4th dimension by 2003/4.  We’d still got 3rddimension stuff going on and still have. However, when we get into the 5thdimension the frequency of our 5thdimension mass consciousness means that the above troubles simply cannot continue or occur.  Every person holding the frequency of the 5th dimension is benevolent, respectful of life, peaceful and open hearted.  Terra in the 5th dimension is healthy and clean because we have our own benevolent mass consciousness and the benefit of higher galactic knowledge and help rapidly making it so.


At the end of January 2017 the schumann resonance reached 36+ Hz.  Our base resonant frequency had more than doubled in the 8 months between May 2016 to the end of January 2017.   Exponential or what?

The Andromedans are benevolent highly evolved galactics existing in the 5th density of light.  Through Alex Collier, an Andromedan contactee since he was a child, we learn about their Andromedan perspective and knowledge.

In April 2018 Alex Collier spoke about his latest information on the schumann frequency of Terra.   His news was that our base resonant frequency has been spiking up to 300 Hz, remember, cycles per second.  Intense huh.  Just shoots up there and then settles back down.  He did not mention our current schumann frequency.   http://www.alexcollier.org/

By this time I have had some new very high strangeness around technology.  On my computer working on one thing and just thinking to open a new programme it has opened the moment the thought had flitted through my mind.  My computer ain’t got mind reading equipment yet twice this year it instantly manifested my thought.    That is a higher level of consciousness and frequency than the 4th dimension. Of course, when you notice it and react – wuau – you knock yourself straight back out of it!


On an analogue radio we use the dial to tune out of one frequency into another broadcasting a different programme.  When we are properly tuned into the frequency of the programme we want to hear, we are effectively locked out and unaware of the myriad of other programmes broadcasting on different frequencies in our bandwidth.

On the radio we can also switch between bandwidths of frequencies.  All the bandwidths and all their bandwidth frequencies simultaneously exist and broadcast. Effectively they do not exist when we are properly tuned into one broadcast. The same can be said of all the different dimensions and parallel realities.


Because our bodies are integrating such intense frequencies all the stuff which we have not processed and cleared but have suppressed and ignored is getting blasted by them.  Dense heavy energy blocks are being smashed apart and the stuff being released is causing chaos or crisis in our lives.  We can be emotionally stressed and physically exhausted.  Additionally Wifi, 4G and 5G networks deplete and compromise our life force energy.

Any and all of the stuff frozen and buried deep inside our subtle energies is coming to the surface.   It all has to be cleared out of our physical body so our subtle electromagnetic energies are high frequency, vibrant, clear, and flowing.   When our consciousness generates electromagnetic frequencies which resonate with the 5th dimension we unlock the frequency barrier to a new, expanded, benevolent reality.

The 4th dimension will still exist, and Terra in the 4th dimension will still exist.  Those of us whose frequency continues to resonate in the 4th dimension will still exist in the 4th dimensional Terra.  It’s been said every member of humanity is going to rise up into the 5th dimension.   I don’t see that happening because so many of us have so much dense fear energy, and so many have so much to repent of but hey, anything is possible.

In the fifth dimension Terra can and will be cleansed and healed. The mass consciousness of the folk living in the 5th dimension in the 4th density of light is evolved and benevolent, peaceful, harmonious, experiencing abundance and connection with the galactic community.

© Anne Ward 2018

  • “Hertz (abbreviated: Hz) is the standard unit of measurement used for measuring frequency. Since frequency is measured in cycles per second, one hertz equals one cycle per second.  Hertz is commonly used to measure wave frequencies, such as sound waves, light waves, and radio waves” https://techterms.com