Graduation from the Earth Mystery School means you achieve self mastery and enlightenment under the most oppressive, brutal, and ruthless control system for light years around. The eyes of our galactic DNA donors, our galactic families, are upon us. How we fare in this cosmic intelligence test will reverberate through the rest of our universe.


A mystery school is a place where the student learns to become a master of themself.  This is about integrating and balancing your male and female energies.  It is about having high frequency, vibrant, clear, flowing, life force, and electromagnetic subtle energies. It is about being calm and centred, no matter what distractions and difficulties are occurring.  It is about continuously feeling universal love for all life.

A mystery school creates the opportunity and challenges for an initiate to become a self realised master. Whatever the conditions of your life this is your underlying fundamental purpose. Some folk are further on than others, and some are further back. We are all, every single one of us, awakening masters.

Mastery is proven in our relationships. Terra is the mystery school, the place where consciousness, incarnated in a human body with the present personality of whoever you are right now, in the life you are living right now, gets to experience and master a huge range of feelings, emotions and relationships.

This is because we have free will. Putting it simply, we can be helpful or we can be harmful. Free will and the choices we get to make do not happen anywhere else.


eye-of-horusEntering Earth Mystery School is really tough. You’ve got to have a mindwipe to get down here. Yup, you don’t get to remember anything you have learned, experienced, who your galactic family are – it’s all wiped from your hard drive. On Terra, each time you leave a physical body and subsequently reincarnate into a new body, you get another mindwipe.

If you do start remembering realise that is a real good sign about your progress towards mastery.

To stop getting mindwipes before your next incarnation you’ve got to get out of the control matrix around this planet. Mindwipes are a control system of the Annunaki who created human beings as a slave race to mine gold and lug it onto their space ships. Not only have you got to achieve self realisation and self mastery, when you exit your physical body upon its death, you’ve got to make the right decisions to get to the place where you can begin to experience and inhabit your unlimited beingness.


You earn your place in this mystery school. You earn the opportunity to achieve and demonstrate spiritual mastery. Your consciousness is vast and high and ancient and the applications list for this opportunity is over-subscribed. Believe in yourself because only a master earns a place in what is one of the toughest gigs in this universe.

Once past the mindwipe you are no longer aware of anything other than the life of your present personality. Everything else has been wiped off your hard drive. That’s one of the reasons why, given the task at hand and the limitations of the timescale, us being in the sixth extinction event and all, being an initiate in the Earth Mystery School is a very big deal.

Here’s what the Hathors, believed to be the most intelligent and loving beings in our universe, have to say about being a human being on Terra at this time …..

Make no mistake about it, the human capacity to love, to cherish, is one of the most powerful forces in this universe …….. You have chosen embodiment at this extraordinary evolutionary moment. You are on the front lines – you are the ones who have the courage to be here, and we bow to you. Whether or not you are experiencing your life the way you wish it to be is not the question, but that you are even alive in a body, localised in time and space during these times of momentous evolutionary pressure, these point to your mastery, for only a master would dare to undertake such a task.”  Excerpts from Hathor channelling by Tom Kenyon, 2003


You, Great Soul, are here to anchor reintegration into the holograph weaving the warp and weft of fifth dimensional universal love consciousness. The warp is the threads of etheric crystalline sacred geometry grids, and the weft is what your consciousness manifests through it. In terms of cosmic consciousness this has never been done before by a brand new species. At 250,000 years old if we succeed we really will be the new kids on the block. If we succeed we change everything. That’s why what we do here on Terra is such a big deal for our universe.

Getting into a body here, especially at this Mother of all times, potential, and opportunity for the elevation of consciousness, is a very big deal. Realising you are a spiritual being having a human experience and helping our biosphere move into a new phase of galactic integration, is the basis of this school’s curriculum. It’s an exceptionally hard course to get through, let alone succeed in mastering.

You have to reconnect with and embody your Higher Self. Yet you were mindwiped to forget all about this huge part of you. And there’s all sorts of fears and feelings, misinformation and organised bullshit every which way you look. Creating the conditions for integrating our Higher Self into how we live our everyday life means clearing all traces of fear out of our bodies and energy centres. Fear energy will always bring our vibration down.

In order to sustain continuous high vibrational consciousness we need to clean ourselves of any and all low vibrational consciousness in our bodies. This boils down to clearing and releasing energy blocks in our energy centres.


Fear is stored in dense heavy electromagnetic frequencies created when we locked the information which frightened us into our body. Think of how you inhale and hold your breath when something scares you. At the moment you froze you literally locked the fear you felt into your body. If that happens often enough these dense electromagnetic frequencies coalesce together to create what are known as energy blocks.


The big store2009 Joshua Tree Nov 066houses for these energy blocks are known as energy centres or chakras. Each energy centre is responsible for supplying universal energy, chi, to certain parts of your body. Equally each of the main energy centres aligned along your spine and at your crown and perineum, is responsible for one of the main areas of relationship in your life.

To complete the curriculum we must clear all the dense junk out of our energy centres so they spiral and spin, allowing the subtle energies of the universe to flow through our centres and nourish every part of us.

Then we will be able to get into the head and heart space where we can remember and experience how huge, multidimensional, and powerful we actually are. Most importantly, we are also able, moment by moment to remain in this vibration. All supported by the incoming waves of cosmic weather.

What we do now determines the future of the human species, the big jewel in the galactic crown. You could say this is the ultimate gig, the ultimate test, the ultimate initiation.

If we manage to complete our mission we will get out of the control matrix by remembering and realising how pure, powerful, and unlimited we truly are.  We need to clear our hearts of hard feelings and open our heart energy centres, experience universal love, become and create peace and harmony in terrible times.  Metaphorically speaking, we’re going to be dining out on this story, all over the universe, for what seems to us human beings, an eternity. You will be a heroine. Or hero. (Hey, calm down that jiggling ego, just acknowledge that it is excited and let it go).


What is happening here in the Earth Mystery School is the most important process for consciousness, everywhere. We are the litmus test. Nothing like this has been done before. We are like the biggest reality show in the universe and all the seats are taken. It’s stowed out around Terra with every galactic watching. Most of them are hoping we will step up and change the reality we experience on Terra.

Billions of souls are incarnating in terrible life conditions, as the world and society as we knew it collapses. And we are all, every single one of us, caught up in the gigantic crushing vortex which is driving us and our chaotic world into the Void we must experience in this great shift into the fifth dimension.

The Void is the realm of Creation. We are spiralling faster and faster through the vortex of our current reality. If we succeed in mastering and realising ourselves we will be prepared to take our place in the realm of Creation. We will realise our unlimited love and potential and create the miracle we need to rise with our biosphere into the fifth dimension where there is no extinction event waiting for us.

When we hold the resonant frequency of the fifth dimension we have the ability to heal our planet and the lives upon it. And put gladness and joy in the hearts of our galactic families.

© Anne Ward 2016