I work with sound in the way of The  Hathors.  I believe sound is an incredible vehicle for manifestation and healing.  I even sound etherically, or use my voice aloud when I engage in distance work.  Sound is the energy of creation.  Every thought, feeling, and state of being, state of health, has a sound signature.  Some traditions believe that everything that has ever happened, ever, is still  hanging out on the inner planes as a sound frequency.

Hathor sound healing works by intuitively manifesting a sound frequency which matches and resonates with whatever is painful and held within blocked energy frequencies.  The resonant  frequency created by the intuitive voice spirals into the dense heavy energy created when the  trauma was frozen into the subtle energy body.  As it spirals in it unravels and dissolves the  heavy dense frequencies which hold the information about the trauma.

In my experience of working with subtle energy I have found sound has the ability to travel and slide into places that are extremely remote and difficult to reach. I know sound frequencies are an enormously powerful healing tool.  Experienced meditators sometimes work creating sound internally and some will say that using sound in this way is more powerful than sounding aloud with the voice.  At the end of the day when we work with subtle energy we are working in the quantum field, and the quantum field ain’t geographical, it’s a state of consciousness where we experience our unlimited potential and Creation.

Here is an example of sound healing

Years ago I was working with a woman whose mother had suffered from  deep depression during the woman’s childhood and the time she lived in the family home.  Cleaning her subtle energies in the way I was first trained without using sound or touch, after a while a sound simply emerged from my body.  This continued until the woman became very agitated.  Then she told me that when she was a child and  her mother was depressed it was as if she could hear her mother screaming under her skin.   When she heard the intuitive sounds coming out of my body she once again heard her mother screaming under her skin. It had been terrible for her to experience her mother’s pain and her Inner Child had been holding and carrying it around ever since.  Now it was being released by sounds which matched and resonated with the vibrational frequencies stored in the woman’s body.

It was unusual for the woman to experience the pain of her trauma as she heard the sounds.    However these sounds were actually clearing and releasing the very scarey and highly distressing   information which got stuck and gathered in her electro-magnetic field when, as a little girl, and   then as she had grown up, she had experienced her mother’s distress in a very unique and sensitive way.  The sounds were releasing the information held in the energy block it had created in her system.  The voice of a highly tuned sensitive was clearing the trauma.

How simple and incredibly powerful is that?  It is purely the human instrument that does it.   No years of therapy, no drugs, nothing but the voice of an unconditionally loving, high  frequency human being able to still their mind and communicate with the consciousness held within the subtle energies of another being.  It really is proof that everything we need is within us.

In 1997 I read “The Hathor Material” by Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene. I was fascinated by what the Hathors had to teach us about sound, and using sound to create states of being. The Hathors are a higher dimensional ascended civilisation who teach us that everything has a sound  signature. Most of us are aware of the sounds of anger, grief, and laughter, but every state of ease or dis-ease, every feeling state, has its own particular sound signature. The Hathors tell us we can use the sound signature of feelings to create them in our bodies and consciousness – and we can also can use sound signatures to release and clear energies.  

When I first came across this idea I  was totally grabbed by it – and I also found it disconcertingly difficult to even begin to approach it.  It felt hard to do.  It felt too hard even to try to do it.  However my heart had instantly leapt towards  the information the Hathors shared through Tom and the universe, in that extraordinary way it does, manifested the opportunity for me to train as a sound healer with him.   During this I learned to tone, a wonderful way of sounding for healing.  I learned how to focus  my attention and intention upon health challenges in the physical body using my voice to unravel  and release heavy energy.  This assisted the body to return to health.  With practise my sound healing developed from toning to what I call sounding, and I expanded the field of possibility to working with other deep hidden material.

Sound healing is not just for human beings.  Our Earth and nature spirits, our Sacred Elements, they all respond when receiving the energies of love, gratitude, and appreciation from human beings.   And we can give them that with our voices.  If you want beautiful coloured dancing light geometries manifesting around you, or orbs of golden energy puffing out of trees, or simply popping out around you, and all sorts of other wonderful joyous spontaneous synchronicities then stand upon  the earth and sound your unconditional love for the beauty and wonder of our natural world.