In 2002 a woman I knew telephoned me in Scotland from her home in Holland. She was very distressed as she told me that very unexpectedly a friend of hers was now dying in hospital. Her liver had crashed and nobody knew why. The woman was calling to ask me to help her sick friend. I tuned into her friend and after I was given permission released a huge amount of what Buddists call “the black smoke of disease”. At the time I felt it could have filled a small concert hall. The next day the woman telephoned and joyfully told me her friend was miraculously still alive and was stable, no longer deteriorating. In fact she recovered and actually scolded the woman who got me to help because she had been happily lying in bed surrounded by her angels when they suddenly disappeared and an unknown woman came in and started pulling black energy out of her.  She had felt frightened when her angels left her side and she felt really angry with her friend.  Oh dear I sighed when I learned this. The virtuous energy of the liver is kindness and when it is unhealthy and unhappy it can store a lot of anger.  I felt really sorry for that liver.

I offer distance healing sessions because I am confident in their efficacy. You can live anywhere in the world and, without leaving your home, have some deep clearing and healing work for yourself.  Distance healing sessions are incredibly convenient. People have even had me clean heavy psychic attack energetic stuff cleared from their house with distance healing.  You will receive a written report of your healing session(s)s that you can read and reflect upon and keep.

To learn more, get the current energy exchange, and arrange distance healing sessions please contact me by email.

Dear Anne,Thank you so much for the powerful healing and the beautiful session report. Here’s my feedback.Just before 11:00 am I went to Eljah’s workingroom, which is full of wonderful crystals. I put up some music and laid down on the massage-table. Two Arkansas-crystals shouted at me, they wanted to lay down next to me, so I did. Then the healing started. At first it felt difficult for me to relax. My eyes (while they were closed) kept moving around. After a few minutes I was able to relax and everything was quiet. The first “thing” I felt was something tickling on my head. Like tiny fingers were massaging me. That kept going for a couple of minutes. After that, I saw all the names of the Arch Angels, and one of them was bigger than the others. It was Michael. How beautiful it is to find out in the session report, you handled the Sword of Truth from………….Michael! Very special. I felt there was a lot going on with my right lung. Like something or someone was pulling bad energy away from it. After a couple of minutes of complete silence, I felt shivers down my spines. Huge waves of cold, cleaning energy from the top of my head to my toes. That kept going for several minutes. Then all of a sudden I saw this huge diamond just in front of me. That was also very special for me, because normally I feel things instead of seeing them. After a gentle touchdown back on Earth, I felt that the pressure on my chest (which I experienced the last weeks) was gone. My lungs feel like they can absorb more air than before. And after reading the session report, I was surprised to see how many things I was able to “recognize” and feel. All those similarities……amazing! I want to thank you again for this wonderful session. After reading the report, it was clear to me to not only recognize opportunities but also do something with them. A lot of old pain and sadness feels like transformed. All the time they were holding me back and telling me that keeping them was the right thing to do. Well………..not anymore. Thanks again! Eljah told me that during the healing she felt your presence here…..I’m going to rest now. I can’t thank you enough for the “dirty” cleaning work. Certainly until next time.Now, two days after the healing, I still feel the changes. I have more energy, more creativity and I’m much more open for telepathic channels.Of course you can put the session report and the feedback on your website! To me it was a great experience, for it was my first distance healing. I didn’t have a clue what to expect. But now you’ve done it…….WOW! I think it’s a good thing and important to share this kind of experiences with a lot of people. Maybe it helps people to decide to take a distance healing, for others it will be “just” an acknowledgement. So…..please do so! We definitely keep in touch.With love, Hugo, NL