87692219Energy Healing

“Everything is energy, and beyond energy is a supreme intelligence.” Albert Einstein.

“When the energetics of a situation are addressed, then the trauma, the discomfort, is resolved and the nervous system and behaviour come back into a state of equilibrium and balance. This brings an increase of wellness in the individual. And from that stable platform, one can then reach the higher mystical, spiritual states of consciousness that heighten effectiveness …… ”
The Hathor Material by Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene.


We are composed of electro-magnetic energetic frequencies. We hold, and are surrounded by, amazing and unlimited subtle energies. Every single frequency of our life force contains consciousness. That is to say every single frequency of our electro-magnetic energies contains information about how we feel, how we think, what we have experienced, and the condition of our physical body, our psyche, our unconscious.

Many of us have no idea how vast, ancient, wise, innocent, and loving our consciousness is.  We all have the same physical anatomy. Just as we all have an aura, we all have the same subtle energetic anatomy that creates our auras. Just like a fingerprint our experiences and state of being are unique. Unlike a fingerprint our energetic frequencies can be changed by intervening and manipulating our subtle energies to release and clear heavy energetic information (energy blocks).

Based on a daily discipline of chi kung and ancient Taoist meditations and energetic practices I was taught  how to connect with the deep consciousness held in the cells and electro-magnetic frequencies of the human body.  I was taught how to attract heavy dense energy blocks out of people’s energy fields.  I was told that as I worked in this way I would develop it.  Around 2000 I began to work with the crystal body. Sometime in the latter part of that decade I began to create and replace grid blueprints when clearing aggressive disease energy, and in 2013 I  began to work with the holographic crystalline energy which is beginning to reveal itself to me.

Releasing Fear

I have found that the safer the space I could  create, the more energetic shifts would happen, and fear would be released. So one of the fundamental things I do is remove fear energy.


My intention is that I never interfere with your Divine Plan.  That’s the stuff you planned to experience before you came in.  A lot of that stuff is really tough.  You can understand the tough stuff as a deep initiation.  Therefore I work with the information your Higher Self reveals to me. The stuff it is time to release and let go. And the stuff it is time to receive and activate.  This kind of energy work is not just about healing the physical body. It raises our vibration and consciousness. This progresses our evolution and ascension.  The particular reflects the universal and logically,  whatever work an individual does upon her/himself  to raise their consciousness and clear themselves of fear  benefits our entire species.

Clearing the Energy

I facilitate a space where your higher consciousness, or higher self, some might want to say soul, can reveal the dense painful stuff holding you back, preventing you from experiencing joy, and I clear it out. I simply take whatever you are ready to release out of your energy field and I recycle it. It’s just like recycling garbage, except the garbage is physical, emotional, psychological, mental, and spiritual pain. The simple act of releasing and clearing heavy, light-absorbing, dense energy from your life force means this work not only restores health, it also increases your light quotient and raises your vibration.

Energy Blocks

Everything that happens to us and everything about every aspect of our higher purpose and consciousness is stored as information held within electromagnetic frequencies manifesting through our physical body and higher subtle energy bodies and chakras. When we get enough heavy dense information in the electromagnetic frequencies of our life force energy, we have an energy block. It’s like the hard drive on our computer is running a really slow, difficult to use programme that stalls and stops our progress rather than supporting and facilitating our needs. This energy work can be compared to clearing and deleting obsolete programmes on the hard drive of our computer.

When we are holding dense heavy energy we may have an intellectual understanding of what we need to release but physically, emotionally, and psychologically it can be very difficult. These energies are so dense that our light literally gets stuck in them and we find it very hard to move through them and experience change.

We know what we want to do but we always manage to hit the wall of heavy energy blocking our lives from growing and flowing. As soon as this stuff gets out of your system, and the challenges and feelings it created within you are in the recycle bin, you experience less attachment and more flow.

Ascension Healing

I also work in a way that some call ascension healing. This is because this space frequently involves clearing at some of the higher dimensional levels of your reality. This includes removing implants, releasing karmic knots, activating and integrating higher energies and consciousness into your physical and subtle energy bodies, and working with your crystal information and crystal body. Not only do I sense, see, feel, get a hold of, and move energy, I am able to see and work with many of the higher consciousnesses, whether from the angelic, devic, crystal or star realms, that gather to support you and to contribute to the work we do together.

Life Force and Higher Consciousness

Importantly this work helps to increase the quality and quantity of your life force energy. This is necessary for emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical health. If you are serious about remembering and realising your unlimited ability to love and to bring light into the world, then the cultivation of your life force energy is one of the cornerstones you need to build into the foundation of your ascension path. This is because on the path of self realisation you will be able to maintain and support a continuous higher state of consciousness when your pranic energy/Ka/spiritual energy/your personal chi energy is abundant, flowing and vibrant.