THE MERKABAH is unimaginably powerful.  Merkabah energy is shockingly strong.   A Merkabah is an interdimensional disc of hyperdimensional energy.  It is as if the very air about you becomes tangible and has substance.  Nothing prepares you for what it feels like. 


A Merkabah field is around 50 to 55 feet in diameter – depending upon your height.  Contrary to the popular misunderstanding that the sacred geometry of a star tetrahedron is a merkabah, merkabahs are actually disc shaped.  


Technically this disc is formed by the action of two counter rotating fields of hyperdimensional energy.  One field is about your emotional body and one field is about your mental body.  There is a third field which is stationery and is about your physical body. 

Hyperdimensional energy can be accessed or manifested by human beings using a geometry or shape, and intention.  Like the merkabah meditation the general instruction when intending to manifest hyperdimensional energy, is to start by creating strong feelings of unconditional love.    

In 2003 someone, whose opinion and experience I respected, told me that you could activate the merkabah with a single breath.  I think that is true.  However, in third dimension polarity consciousness, like everybody else, I had learned the left brained way.   And that way used sacred geometry. 

You can activate your merkabah using sacred geometry, or a certain shape, and intention.  In the third dimension the activation was taught using the sacred geometry of polarity consciousness, which is the star tetrahedron.  I’d like to stipulate love as an essential part of Merkabah activation, which is what I was taught, but the Philadelphia Experiment proved otherwise.  


The Philadelphia Experiment to make a naval ship invisible took place in 1943.  It used a synthetic merkabah and a U.S. Navy destroyer escort, the USS Eldridge, with a crew of around 89 sailors on board. Unlike the crew the folk in charge were a safe distance from the action. When they saw the Eldridge disappearing into thin air they freaked out – as you do. They bottled it and crashed the experiment.

There were terrible consequences for sailors who had moved from their original position. However, loveless, war mongering entities could also create and use a merkabah.  I guess that’s logical in polarity consciousness.


I was standing on a sandy beach on the Moray Firth on the north east coast of Scotland.  My feet were apart and my knees were slightly bent.  I had tucked my chin a tiny bit in towards my neck. My spine was straight and my shoulders were relaxed.  That’s a really stable, grounded, position yet I was unnerved by the energy around me.  It was so intense I felt like I could be bumped out of kilter.  

Later, the engine rooms in the Kate Winslet film about the Titanic came to mind.  On the cinema screen the engines, and the ship, were really really huge.   The energy I experienced felt, to me, as big as the energy those enormous Titanic engines created.   The sand beneath my feet felt like a very very thin membrane between me and the power generated by gigantic engines. And in the way that we simply KNOW something, I knew that it was just for me.  It was MY energy.  I was the locus of this incredible, stunning, force field.  I never saw it coming.

Following the instructions I had received in the Flower of Life Research workshop, I had created my Merkabah with love, and sacred geometry.  I had no idea of the enormity of what I was doing.  I had gone to the workshop to connect with my Higher Self – which I did.  That, in itself, is a very big deal. 

I always remembered the advice to do the Merkabah Meditation for two years in order to establish it permanently around your body.  I reckoned I would never find out if what I had been taught was true if I didn’t practise the meditation.  Now, at that moment without consciously intending to, I was unexpectedly harvesting the indescribable results of my daily practise. 

On the beach each breath I took increased the intensity of the energy.  I wouldn’t say it was throbbing and pulsing around me, but it was tangible. By my fifth breath the air around me was almost like an invisible wobbly jelly. 

Was I going to leave the beach?  I knew with a Merkabah you could simply dematerialise or disappear off into some other dimension.  And there had not been any guidance or instructions about what to do when that happened.  My teenage children were on the beach.  I wasn’t ready to leave the beach. The bit of me running over the possibility of leaving the beach the Merkabah way was uneasy. Very uneasy. Heck, very very uneasy.

My mind was in turmoil and suddenly “Mum”, “Mum”, my daughter was calling and running towards me.   And I was out.  Phew.

I had experienced one of the “just enough” moments Grandfather Michael was talking about when he said “Spirit never gives you a feast.  Spirit gives you just enough to know it’s true”.  


I experienced the energy of my Merkabah field immediately after I had got myself into an exceptionally exalted state of unconditional love.  I wanted to meditate but my energy wasn’t right.  I had sat down to remedy that.  Upon reflection I had never prepared so deeply before.  

Slightly to the east on the south side of the firth, I saw Fort George, a large fort and barracks built to control the Highlanders after the Battle of Culloden and the collapse of the Jacobite Rebellion. 

Straight ahead of me across the firth I was looking at a hill topped by a tall stone tower – built to protect folk and animals from Viking raiders.  To the right of the hill down by the shore was a large shed connected with the oil industry and its oil platforms.  

One by one I had reflected, thought about their history, and brought myself into a state of unconditional love for all the energies connected with each one of these buildings.  Then I had realised the importance of truly loving one’s self.  Once I had done that I stood up, found a good place to stand, and started spherical breathing.  

That day on that beach the love I was able to feel raised my frequency high enough to resonate with the frequency of my hyperdimensional, interdimensional, Merkabah.


The Hathors (scroll down for Hathors), have told us that our human ability to feel love is one of the greatest forces in the universe.  My human ability to feel love enabled me to experience an unimaginably intense energetic force field around me.  I think I experienced human love as one of the greatest forces in the universe on that day.  Love was the key which opened the Merkabah experience to me.


Polarity consciousness boils down to the mass consciousness creating and experiencing a reality where people think and act based on judgement, comparison, better and or worse, love and or hate, love and or fear, good and or bad, light and or dark, right and or wrong, nice and or nasty, transparent and or corrupt, and so on.  It fuels many causes and cult behaviour and is still trapping folk in the third dimension.

Fittingly, the sacred geometry which represents polarity consciousness has two parts.  It uses two tetrahedrons, one representing male energy, one representing female energy.  These two tetrahedrons interpenetrate each other to form the shape, or sacred geometry, of the star tetrahedron.

Respectfully, I am going to repeat myself.   The star tetrahedron is the sacred geometry used by polarity consciousness to activate the Merkabah.  The Merkabah is an interdimensional disc created by two counter-rotating fields of hyperdimensional energy. 


The octahedron is one single shape and this one single shape is the sacred geometry of universal love – and unity consciousness.   Which is to say, oneness.  Which is to say everything is connected and part of one great consciousness. 



It seems to me, from what the Hathors have shared, that our frequencies had become 4thdimensional circa 2004.  Synchronistically, in 2004, Lyssa Royal Holt channelled and taught the octahedron as sacred geometry for merkabah activation.   The octahedral activation also uses a fourth, interdimensional, field around the physical body.

The higher frequencies of the plasma field known as the galactic plane, which we had started to move across, were affecting the frequencies and consciousness down here on Terra.  For one thing some people began to experience some of their “junk” DNA being switched on as our base resonant frequency was rising.  There were also rumours that some children were being born with three active strands of DNA, as opposed to the two active strands which the rest of us have


In 2014, using Skype, I facilitated a private activation of the Merkabah using the octahedron as the geometry for activation.  This was done for two personal friends who already knew the star tetrahedron activation and all the material surrounding it. 

I used Lyssa’s information about densities of light plus the instructions on how to proceed through the simple, easy, activation.  After preparation we did the Merkabah activation using the geometry of the octahedron.  It took less than an hour for the whole shebang. 

We followed that with a debriefing which was temporarily halted by an unprecedented and deafening noise. When the noise ceased we continued.  Almost immediately the deafening noise started up again, though not so intense.  When it ended we completed the debriefing.  

At this point I learned one of my friends had stepped out of the house during the first hiatus to check out the deafening noise.  He had seen three fighter jets flying over their house, which lay at the bottom of a Welsh valley. He went out again during the second hiatus.  This time there were two more fighter jets flying over and along the neighbouring valley before joining the first three.   

I knew that a Merkabah shows up on radar screens like a nuclear reaction. The foray of five fighter jets checking out a Welsh country valley was an unexpected consequence of activating a couple of merkabahs. Five fighter jets huh.  That’s a heck of a turnout. Crikey.  I wonder what the radar screen looked like!

This is a photograph of a galaxy. It is what a MERKABAH looks like.

It seems to me that misunderstandings about sacred geometry are continuously creating confusion about the Merkabah.  I regularly come across people on the internet misleading their large audiences and many listeners into thinking the star tetrahedron is a Merkabah, and it is not.

 © Anne Ward 2021