Densities are determined by the levels or amount of biophotonic light in the physical bodies of the mass consciousness.  Dimensions are determined by the bandwidths of electromagnetic frequencies generated by the mass consciousness.

The term “mass consciousness” refers to the average level of consciousness created by all the thoughts, feelings, and actions of every human being on Terra.  

A density can embrace a number of consecutive dimensions. 


Biophotonic light refers to photons emitted by our DNA.  Photons are quantum light, without mass.  

Consider that we have 30,000,000,000,000 cells in our body and that every single one of these thirty trillion cells contains DNA.  If we unpack the DNA in just one cell it would stretch for two metres.  Our human body contains so much DNA which, if unpacked and laid end to end, would stretch from Terra to Jupiter one hundred times! 

The more compressed biophotonic light there is in our bodies the higher our density of light.  As our biophotonic light increases and compresses in the cells of our bodies it seems that the time continuam speeds up – which is also the effect of frequency acceleration.


This information about densities is based on notes made in 2004 at a Flower of Life Research seminar to learn the octahedral activation for the Merkabah.  It was given by Lyssa Royal Holt channelling Sasha, her Pleiadian future self, and her husband Ron Holt.

The Pleiadians understand that there are seven densities in the octave of the reality we are currently experiencing.   The Pleiadian interpretation is that within densities there is an infinite number of densities.

Densities one to four are related frequencies in which physical life is possible.  In 4th density reality the light in our DNA becomes very compressed and we become very bright.  Fourth density is the last density in which we can have a body.  Densities five to seven are all non-physical realities. 


Here on Terra, circa 2020, we are in the 3rd density of light.  Human beings have existed in third density for thousands and thousands of years.  Third density is the density of polarity consciousness.  Polarity consciousness is about judgement, comparison as in good and bad, right and wrong, better and worse, good and evil.  

Experiencing polarity consciousness is considered very important in spiritual training.  It has been given as the reason why the Pleiadians consider “so many people are here playing in this playground”.

Third density is ego dominated.  Third density is the most separated density that exists. In third density we are as far away from Source as it is possible to be. 


1st  density = plants and the mineral kingdom

2nd density = animal kingdom

3rd density = human beings in polarity consciousness

4th density = unity consciousness, last density in a physical body

5th density = first non-physical reality, consciousness is still individualised

6th  density = different units of group consciousness 

7th density = one group consciousness very close to total unification

Each density has a primary geometry which represents that particular density.  It is also a tool for transcending to the next density.  Pleiadian society is in the middle of transcending from 4th density to 5th density.  Every consciousness in every aspect of the scale is in transcendence right now.   

The Pleiadians say that the most difficult transcendence by far is transcendence from 3rd to 4th density. This is where we are at.


1st density is the tetrahedron

2nd density is the cube

3rd density is the star tetrahedron

4th density is the octahedron

5th density is the icosahedron

6th density is the stellated icosahedron

7th density is the dodecahedron 


Transcendence is like all the geometries being nested inside each other.   This brings Metatron’s Cube to mind.  Metatron’s Cube is extrapolated from the Flower of Life.  The Flower of Life is an etheric holographic crystalline grid from which are extrapolated the platonic solids (the geometries which create Metatron’s Cube), and all the etheric holographic crystalline blueprints for all life.   See this lovely animation of Metratron’s Cube


“We do say that the 5th density consciousness is non-physical but it can be utilised quite easily on the earth plane.  There are some beings who are literally channels for 5th density consciousness.   Many of you have heard that the whale consciousness is very connected with Sirius and that is true.  It is true they are literally, as much as can be possible, incarnations of 5th density consciousness on earth”.

“Obviously to hold this much light in a physical plane you have to be very massive.  Furthermore that type of mass could not exist in Earth’s gravitational field.  The only way they could exist in Earth’s gravitational field is to be in water.  Water is also representative of the icosahedron so you have these amazing ancient beings in the oceans of your world who are incarnating this 5th density consciousness.  

“Some of you know that we do a lot of work with the idea of initiating contact between ETs and human species.  In doing so we have to honour certain protocols.  One of the most important protocols when we first come to a planet and you want to initiate contact, is that you have to contact the elders of the planet for permission.

“That is not for your governments to say as we look at your planet from a galactic perspective.  The elders on your planet are the Whales.  They are the guardians.  They are the ones anchoring this very important non-physical energy – this very important consciousness – on the Earth.  So that is a little bit for your perspective on the energies of 5thdensity and the energies of the icosahedron.  That energy, of course, is where my civilisation is transcending to so we can look forward to it.


“Sixth density consciousness is more group orientated, less individualised, so you start to have group consciousness.  As we are achieving group consciousness it would be like all of you in this room went through your evolution and you transcended into this density and you become a unit.  So this density would be different units of group consciousness.  These group consciousnesses are ascended masters.  Often, even though ascended masters have names, they are more archetypes than they are individuals.

“Seventh density is the last density before unification.  It is still not in total unification but it is very close.   Here you pretty much have one group consciousness which is not yet totally merged with the whole of Creation but close enough.  Because it is a massive collection of group consciousness it sees all the other densities that have gone before.

“You know it as the Christ Grid or the unity field.  As you can well imagine it is a very very high frequency consciousness.  It is the consciousness of your greater self, your Higher Self – if you will your Christ self –  however you want to term it”.