We urgently need to change the reality we experience on Terra. We are currently experiencing the third and fourth dimensions. Getting into the fifth dimension will fundamentally improve the reality we experience. Getting into the fifth dimension is also known as ascension. This post will tell you how to get into the fifth dimension and help you to do that.

In our universe there is a great scale of frequency bandwidths, dimensions, and densities of light.  Circa 2020 we are at the low end of this scale. Realistically, down here in the third and fourth dimensions, it is as low as it gets for consciousness in a human body. This is reflected in the length of our Terran human lifetime.  It’s really short.  

According to the Bible women had babies when they were well over one hundred years old.   And it records that the sons of God lay with the daughters of men.  This is a simple explanation for the Annunaki’s genetic engineering of their own galactic DNA and DNA sourced from female hominids on Terra. The Annunaki created the Terran human being – which is to say, us.

When word got out about what the Annunaki had done, a lot of galactic civilisations wanted their DNA in on us.  Many of them did, in fact, get their DNA in on us. Geneticists have known for decades that our human male chromosome could not have originated here on Earth. They said it came from “elsewhere”. When we have the same resonant frequency as the 5th dimension we will be able to meet our galactic families.  

The Council of Nine, through their contactee and channel Marina Jacobi, describe the fourth dimension as a zone of fluctuation.   She doesn’t really refer to the fourth dimension. It’s always about the fluctuation – which is a good description of what is actually happening in terms of our feelings, thoughts, and actions in the fourth dimension. We have been experiencing the fourth dimension since circa 2003. And there is still plenty of third dimension stuff going on. It seems to me we need to stop fluctuating and start stabilising.

Why We Need To Get Into The Fifth Dimension

The fourth dimension can be described as a somewhat unstable place to be. At this time here on Terra it certainly seems that way. Our feelings and thoughts fluctuate in a gamut of fears and, if you are lucky, hopes, against the background lack of basic resources like clean water, clean soil, clean air, safe sanitation, nutritious food and for many, the loss and lack of parents, the lack of health or limbs, and the lack of a home and a safe place to sleep.

When we integrate into the frequency bandwidth of the fifth dimension we can meet our galactic DNA donors.  Because we have their DNA they see us as part of their family. Because the continuous frequency of loving consciousness in the fifth dimension is higher than where we are now, we can return our Sacred Elements and our beautiful blue biosphere, and all the life she supports, to clean health, balance, abundance, peace and harmony.  There is no extinction event in the fifth dimension.  And we will live longer. 

If we do not succeed it looks like when we die our souls will be permanently trapped in a cyborg-like hell.  We won’t be reincarnating anywhere we would enjoy living ever again. And, if anyone is still fertile two generations downline, our third generation of great great grandchildren will be the very very last human beings and experiencing the apocalyptic end of the world. That is based on scientists estimating that Terra can support three more generations of human beings, which they announced a few years ago.

Your Vital Role in Our Ascension Into The Fifth Dimension

Consider that your soul existed before our universe was created.  Your soul is eternal, exists forever, without end – like infinity.   When we connect with our Higher Self this is the aspect of our consciousness which communicates with us.

Your soul has deliberately incarnated into a human body at this time, in these conditions, to help raise human consciousness on Terra into the fifth dimension.  We cannot integrate into the fifth dimension without continuously feeling universal, unconditional love for all life.   That’s our job.   It is what we are here to do.

Your soul resides in the quantum field around each of the atoms in your body.  Anything is possible in a quantum field.  Consider the spiritual teacher who connected his here and now human consciousness with his eternal, quantum, soul consciousness.  Folk described what he achieved as miracles.  Consider that one of his main messages for us was that whatever he did we too can do, and more.  And the other one was love.  Love your neighbour.  Consider that the Hathors tell us that our human ability to feel love is one of the greatest forces in this universe.

How to Get Into The Fifth Dimension

Ascending into the fifth dimension means you need to focus on feeling unconditional love. You need to constantly practise and reinforce your ability to feel unconditional love. When you have created this feeling and it is strong you need to imagine how you want to experience the fifth dimension, and your galactic family, whilst continuing to feel this love. Importantly this crystallises your personal timeline. So you really need to do this many times a day because the crystallisation means you are really creating the timeline taking you into the fifth dimension. This crystallisation is what needs to happen if you are going to get into the 5th dimension. Marina Jacaobi’s use of the word “crystallises” is interesting to me because the Flower of Life is an etheric crystalline grid from which are extrapolated all the blueprints for creation in this universe. https://www.worldbridger.co.uk/2016/06/sacred-geometry/

Below is a link to a short effective 5th dimension meditation which was given to Marina Jacobi by the Council of Nine.  It is perfect for our purposes.  We are blessed that she is here helping us.

© Anne Ward 2020