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There are many timelines splicing our human lives into great ropes hauling us into their future.  The timelines which chill my blood, and shiver my soul, are the technocrats’ digital collation and management of every detail and aspect of human lives timeline, and the technocrats’ transhumanist Borg-like blending of biology and technology timeline.  Ultimately being borged means being diverted and assimilated into a bleak technological realm from which there is no escape or return.     

Borg from the Star Trek TV series

Both timelines are embedded in the emerging deep digital dictatorship.  Both timelines are without any vision of raising and evolving our human consciousness.  In the technocrats’ cyborg transhumanist timeline there is no possibility of us evolving up into higher dimensions and higher densities of light.  In the digital dictatorship timeline IT is affecting our humanity and the mental health of the people who conduct their relationships and interact with each other through social media.

This digital dictatorship has the ability to assimilate us into a technological artificial intelligence soulless hell.

Hellish Prediction

Over one hundred years ago our digital technological equivalent to Star Trek’s Borg hell was foretold by Rudolph Steiner.  Forty years before we had exploded the first atom bomb, before even the first computer had been imagined, Rudolph Steiner spoke of Ahriman, the ancient Persian Zoroastrian devil, when he predicted the future peril yet to be created by technology. 

Ahriman, Persian Devil

Steiner said, “Ahriman is the demon of intellect, worldly knowledge, science, and technology.  He offers us mastery of the physical realm, but he also lures us into excessive materialism and soullessness. His impending incarnation hangs like a hellish threat over modern life”.  

Ahriman’s Eighth Sphere

According to Rudolph Steiner Ahriman’s technological hell realm exists in what is known as the 8th Sphere.  

There is a system of seven spheres, representing different planets, our sun and our moon, and levels of consciousness that, apparently, we all move through.  They are represented looking like big beads strung like a necklace with spaces between them.  The middle, 4th Sphere which represents Earth, has another sphere underneath, and just about touching it.  The sphere underneath the 4th Sphere is Ahriman’s 8th Sphere.  The realm of the 8th Sphere surrounds and contains both the Earth and the Moon.  So, we are already affected by it.

Ahriman’s 8th Sphere eternally traps the souls of those who enter it.  Effectively, the 8th Sphere is a bleak dead-end technological prison for soul consciousness. 


In 2017 Andromedan contactee Alex Collier shared their knowledge that our soul consciousness resides in the quantum field around every atom in our body.  From my own personal experiences, when working with consciousness stored in the electromagnetic frequencies of our human bodies, I know that anything can happen in the quantum field.

Consider that our innate ensouled ability and potential to instantaneously create and manifest, simply by intending that it is so, is what the spiritual teacher, Yeshua, also known as Jesus Christ, meant and alluded to when he said that everything he did we too can do – and more.  

Yeshua’s benevolence, his ability to feel unconditional, universal love, and his soul residing, like ours, in the quantum field around every atom in our body, meant Yeshua had everything he needed to create what we call miracles.  

Our human quantum soul power is the greatest fear of the beings using Terra like a board game for their barbaric play of wars, brutality, and destruction. 

In The Danger Zone

There is a growing sense that the human beings on this planet are grist in an interesting no-holds-barred experiment in the holographic simulation of our universe.  The big players now have a whole new level in their war game. It has game-changing human cyborg avatars weaponised with transhumanist AI technology. 

The award-winning researcher, producer, and journalist, Linda Moulton Howe, reported that four AI robot soldiers ran amok in a Japanese facility in August 2017.  The AI robot soldiers killed 29 human beings before they were disabled.  During the massacre one of the robots connected with a satellite and downloaded instructions to fix the damage inflicted by the human beings.  It was simultaneously killing people, repairing itself, and making itself more powerful than it originally was.


The unfolding unforgiving 5th generation of wireless technology, 5G, electromagnetic saturation facilitates total digital invasion, surveillance, and recording of every aspect of our lives outside, and inside of, our homes.  

No matter how many times we resist embedding into the digital reality, no matter how many times we push back the frequent upgrades to our operating systems, programmes and apps, resistance is futile.  We have to bend our knee to demands to install upgrades because ultimately, if we do not, we will be excluded from using the programme. 

China is immediately implementing their plans based on the capabilities of 5G.   By 2020, if you are a Chinese citizen, the technocrats will know who you are, what you are, what you do, what you think, and what you intend to do. The plan is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms do calculations with your data to ascertain and assign you a social credit score.  Once you have a social credit score it will define you by limiting or expanding your future privileges.

By 2022, also in China, there will be one surveillance camera for every four human beings. 

In the digital reality there is only assimilation and seemingly eternal digital connection to every person (plus some of the folk they are connected with) that we have ever contacted with a computer.  

There’s also our entire email history as in tens of thousands of old deleted emails instantly downloaded into the mailbox of new computers.  It’s effectively contamination and control by a parasite which is digitizing human lives. Ultimately, what forces benefit, and why?

Many human beings are being absorbed and assimilated into Ahriman’s hell simply by virtue of embracing IT, social media, and, I think this may be the really big one re 5G – linking all their different IT devices to each other.   The most important marketing feature of 5G is that it has a huge capacity to communicate everything to everywhere at an incredible speed. It’s how we can have driverless cars and trucks. 

Everybody who is being assimilated is tolerating the digital Artificial Intelligence surveillance, management, and direction by algorithm, of their human life.  


For over 15 years we have been breathing in nanobots seeded in the chemtrails in our skies. Once inside us they activate little legs which anchor this microscopic technology in our bodies.   Nanobots can be, and are, remotely controlled. It is possible that our bodies are already primed for assimilation.

The Effect Of 5G Electromagnetic Frequencies On The Human Body

On a different level to the sub-atomic and cellular levels inside our bodies, our physical body is also a coalescence of electromagnetic (EM) frequencies.  We hold information about our thoughts, feelings, and experiences in our EM frequencies.  Troublesome, dense, heavy, EM frequencies are mostly stored inside our energy centres, aka chakras. 

Our energy centres also channel universal chi, or energy, into our bodies and vital organs. Importantly our own resonant frequencies, and our vital life force energy, are lowered and degraded by the continuous electromagnetic frequencies associated with digital technology.  

At this point the official line is that a lot of research has been carried out which has not revealed any detrimental side effects.  Meanwhile the Environmental Health Trust wants to call time out.  

“The 5G standard is new.  There are no studies that have looked at long term human exposure to 5G.  However, the current body of research, finding effects from current wireless technology, provides enough data for scientists to call for a moratorium”. 

Sometimes the digital dictatorship and the AI transhumanist agenda seems as unstoppable and implacable as the water squeezed and oozing out of the ground before the Earth quakes.   


We are ensouled beings and, when we work with focussed intention, fuelled with unconditional universal love, we can also do miracles, just like Jesus said.  We simply don’t get or realise our innate natural power and our authority to use it.

In the film ETs Amongst Us 3: Secret Space Program, Alien Psychics & Crop Circles, amongst the contributors the prize-winning journalist and researcher Linda Moulton Howe at 17 mins reports from her 1980’s interview with the first person to find a small injured EBEN (extra-terrestrial biological entity) amongst the crash debris of an ET vehicle.  He was able to identify and respond to the EBEN’s telepathic call for help and was subsequently given the designation of “translator” and assigned to work with the EBEN.

“And this man looked at me and he said, “You know Linda, what I have come to understand from this being that I lived with and I loved – the machinery of this universe is reincarnation, the recycling of souls.  

We treat the soul and recycling like mythology.  These beings seem to be communicating that the most important part of our life as human beings was the soul and what happened at the moment of death”.

Incoming Galactic Energies

The Anthropocene (new human) epoch is generally viewed as starting circa 1950 after our nuclear explosions had indelibly impacted our biosphere.  As a baby boomer I am part of the crossover generation which has experienced, and still is experiencing, the whole shebang.  

During my lifetime our lives, understandings, expectations, and vision have transformed from analogue to digital technology, and from the Holocene to the Anthropocene epoch.  The 20th century was firmly in the 3rd dimension.  In the 21st century, since around 2004, we have also been experiencing the 4th dimension.   The 4th dimension can be viewed as a dangerously unstable stepping stone to the safety of the 5th dimension.  

Of crucial importance to us is the potential for the most promising and exciting transformation of our human consciousness.   Heralded by the increasingly higher frequencies of our solar system revealed by Terra’s rising base resonant frequency, plus the frequent huge spikes or leaps up and away from the base resonant frequency of Terra, is the imminent crossover from third to fourth density of light.  

We are holding more bio-photonic light in the cells of our human bodies than ever before.   Some people might call this a coincidence.  I think it is a synchronicity pulled together by universal consciousness. 

Another synchronicity is that since we have been moving across the plasma field of the galactic plane, some of our “junk” DNA has resonated with these higher frequencies!  Effectively the new higher frequencies grounding into our planet have been switching on some of what is ignorantly classified as junk DNA.  

Accessing more of our DNA is part of the great frequency upgrade introducing us to a higher dimension and, perhaps most importantly, the 4th density of light. 

Our potential transformation of mass consciousness is a hugely significant major crossover. Consciously rising into a higher density of light is perhaps a bit like leaving junior school behind and starting at senior school.  It is a significant important gamechanger into a much higher and bigger benevolent mass consciousness.

We must experience the 4th density of light- if only because the alternative is appallingly frightful.   Let’s focus on saving our souls by getting out of the frequencies of the technocrats’ timelines by integrating with the higher vibrational frequencies of more evolved, more loving consciousness. 

Technology And Our Soul

We know that using digital technology leads to a significant loss of empathy.  Empathy is one of the defining characteristics of a being with a soul.  In the latter part of 2016 scientists told us that the digital generation were 30% less empathic than the older analogues.  Early in 2017 they announced that the digital generation were now 40% less empathic than the analogue generation.  I have read that this loss of empathy equates to “soul deadening”. Since the 2017 statistic I haven’t come across any further information about our loss of empathy.  I suspect such data may now be classified and thus withheld from the public domain. 

We also know that digital technology alters the structure of our brain.  I guess that includes new neural pathways.  I wonder what these new pathways facilitate.  

The digital reality is harsh towards human beings.  Machines do not have a soul or an emotional body.  It is our human soul which puts the benevolence, kindness, helpfulness, and love, which is to say the humanity, into human beings.  

Becoming digitally documented and managed does not recognise or respect us as ensouled human beings. It cannot recognise and acknowledge that we have processed, understood, repented, forgiven, and integrated our experiences and knowledge.  It cannot recognise or acknowledge wisdom and that we can and do grow into wiser, clearer, higher frequency versions of ourselves.  We only find this kind of detail in the Akashic Records where every thought, feeling, and intention, everything that we have done, and everything which has ever happened to us, is recorded.

Staying in the technocrats’ transhumanist timeline means that AI, and performance enhancing technological implants blended into biological bodies, will effectively imprison, and possibly even atrophy, the souls on Terra.  The worst scenario is that our souls eventually become vestigial components of the historic Holocene Terran human being.  

Soul Consciousness

According to the Andromedans, (from the Andromeda constellation in the 5th density of light, through their contactee Alex Collier), who have this on good authority from galactics from higher dimensions and densities of light than theirs, our souls were created before this universe even existed.   

We have also learned from others who have been contacted by or channel galactic civilisations.  And we have learned from crashed galactic vehicles which only function when connected with their individual pilot’s consciousness.  We know that high frequency, high density of light consciousness can instantly, effortlessly, manifest whatever it needs or wants.  

These higher frequency galactic civilisations exist in different, higher, densities of light than we do.  They also live for many hundreds, some of them thousands, of years.  This should be our future.  If we all urgently and simultaneously use our soul power and intention together – it still could be.  But we can’t hang about.  We must act.  


It seems we are primed and ready for the technocrats’ transhumanist and digital dictatorship timelines, and also the timeline for the integration of ensouled humans into the 5thdimension in the 4thdensity of light.

How do we determine whether we are side-lined in the soul-destroying technological purgatory of the 8thSphere, or we integrate with more of our Higher Self in a different, higher frequency bandwidth of consciousness?  

Whether or not each of us makes a conscious choice what we actually do determines our future.

We are blessed with enormous creative abilities.  Our souls give us potentially unlimited power to materialise our reality of choice.  

Circa 2019 is there any other viable challenge to the technocrats using human bodies to create cyborgs, and Artificial Intelligence managing and controlling humanity on Terra, than the collective power of our human souls’ quantum consciousness?  I don’t think so.  

Consciously, simultaneously, pulling together and synchronising our meditations for integration with the higher frequencies of the 5th dimension …… that’s a plan.   And we need a plan, to avoid or at least screech to a halt, before assimilation into the 8thsphere.

It is late in the day and we have travelled further than we realise along both of the technocrats’ timelines.  When we synchronise with other people and regularly work to integrate our frequency into the fifth dimension we strengthen the effects of our intentions. Our thoughts and feelings affect our mass consciousness and create the reality we experience.  

Integrating with the 4th density of light needs the same kind of dedication and repetition that ambitious athletes practise when they want and intend winning medals at the Olympic Games.  I have found tremendous things can happen when I simply apply myself over and over again. We don’t have to hit the heights each time.  We simply need to show up, be present, and get on with it.  Repeatedly.  

Being continuously conscious of the power of our thoughts and feelings helps us to correct and steer our course through this reality.  When we are vigilant  and respectful to the extent where all our words and thoughts and actions are resonant with higher levels of consciousness, we become benevolent and without harm, 

The Hathors are renowned as masters of love, sound, and energy. They are interdimensional beings who are at home in hyperspace.  In ancient Egypt the Hathors worked with initiates in the Hathor temple.  They see themselves like our elder brothers and sisters. They have told us, through their channel and contactee Tom Kenyon, that our human capacity to feel love is one of the greatest forces in the universe.   This is not the time to limit and under-estimate ourselves.

When universal love and appreciation are bubbling within imagine and vividly dream your dreams.  Feel how life in the 5th dimension on our biosphere in the society you choose to experience actually feels.  As the song says, if we don’t dream our dreams, how can they come true?

We are the forces of light and we are responsible for our own salvation.  We must save our souls.

Let’s work together integrating our human consciousness with the higher frequencies of the 5th dimension in the 4th density of light.  If you are interested in synchronising your meditation with other people like me please get in touch at

I’d love for you to share this post. I’d love to hear if you are doing this work and your experiences. Let’s synchronise our efforts and save our souls from imprisonment in a technological hell.