For nearly 50 years we have known that a significant part of our human genome did not originate on this planet.  We also know that our genetic inheritance has more to do with our innate abilities and gifts and how we turn out than how we are nurtured and raised.  Logically we have abilities and gifts which did not originate on this planet.  LogicalIy we have other, different, galactic DNA in our genome.

We’ve Got DNA From “Elsewhere”

Earlier this year I watched an old grainy black and white film in a YouTube vid.  It featured one of the two men honoured as Nobel laureates for discovering DNA.  In this film he announced geneticists’ conclusions about the male chromosome in our human DNA. I watched and heard him say the human male chromosome did not, could not, originate on Earth.  He simply said that it came from “elsewhere”.  That film has since been pulled.  I can’t find it.

However, to quote from Professor Chang of the Human Genome Project, “Sooner or later we have to come to grips with the unbelievable notion that every life on Earth carries genetic code for his extraterrestrial cousin and that evolution is not what we think it is.” 

Human geneticists have known, in the region of 50 years, that the human male chromosome could not have originated on Terra.   It is interesting that in the first part of the Christian Bible it is recorded that the sons of the Gods came to Earth and lay with the daughters of men.

Bearing in mind that Deep State and the Elite who own and covertly manage this planet, and their ranks of “scientists” and other  “experts” who insist on clinging to the old paradigm that human beings are the only intelligent beings in the universe, if our human male chromosome didn’t originate on this biosphere ……

Where Did Our Human Male Chromosome Come From?

On The Edge

The centre of our galaxy is fifteen million light years deep.  We are at the back end, and pretty much on the edge of one of the far flung arms of The Milky Way.  Where we are hanging out our galaxy is three million light years thin.  Travelling at light speed we would wizz around our planet three times every second.  It ain’t like we are all cosied up in the middle of things.  Uh uh.  Our non-human galactic DNA could come from anywhere in this universe.

Walking amongst us here on Terra are people who are contactees for other galactic societies and civilisations.  Through them we get to hear the understandings of benevolent galactics like the Hathors, the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Andromedans, the Essassani, and other galactic travellers.

Some of these travellers say the same thing about being the future self of the Terran who has been contacted by them, or the Terran who is channelling their knowledge by allowing their body to become a temporary vehicle for the galactic traveller to communicate with us.  They are almost always benevolent, share their understandings and wisdom, and endeavour to help to balance the energies in any situation.

Did 22 Root Races Provide Our Galactic DNA?

Wouldn’t you think that knowing human beings have off-planet galactic DNA in our genome would headline every single news publication on the planet?   It’s well into the “biggest news we could get” league.  There is also an unconfirmed statistic that there are 22 different root races of galactic beings who introduced their galactic DNA into the human species here on Terra.  I have also heard talk that over 100 galactic civilisations have spread their seed on Terra.  For over 20 years it’s been known that Terra is regarded as an amazing genetic library in and for our universe.

According to the Andromedan contactee, Mr Alex Collier, DNA is like the galactic currency.  When a galactic inserts their DNA into another species it is like staking a claim or registering their interest in the life form.  NB Alex Collier also tells us that, according to the Andromedans, we are the only planet in our galaxy that uses money and forces people to pay money to live on their planet of birth.  It may be a universal thing – I can’t remember but I am sure about the galaxy.

The Importance Of Our Galactic DNA

DNA acts like a key for accessing and holding frequencies.  When it comes to contact with our original galactic families every scrap of their DNA counts.  Familial rights, visits, and the right to intervene to help and guide us, all hang on the quantity and quality of our DNA from our galactic families.  As long as sufficient amounts of our galactic DNA are in integrity our resonant frequency acts as an entrance key opening galactic vistas which we would otherwise be excluded from.

Universal Law means that if our galactic DNA is sufficiently degraded and compromised galactic families must withdraw and cease contact with the species whose galactic DNA fails to come up to scratch.    Attempts to degrade and contaminate our DNA frequently involve piggybacking on vaccines and prescribed pharmaceuticals.  Efforts intended to taint and damage our DNA also include pest and weed killing substances and air polluted with chemtrails  manufactured by the likes of Monsanto.

Why Is Our Galactic DNA Ignored?

Consider that scientists have drawn a blank around the vast majority of our DNA.  Are they so bereft of understanding or ideas, that they rubbish the vast majority of our DNA as “JUNK”?  We also know that we have multiple strands of DNA in our body yet only two of these strands are active.  What if we simply have DNA from our galactic DNA donors which our scientists cannot begin to analyse and understand?

Or, Deep State know exactly what is happening and are trying to calm things down and out in their Dirty Tricks Productions Inc.

Is It To Do With Frequency?

What if this “junk” DNA is actually part of our galactic DNA?  What if it operates on a completely different frequency to the third and fourth dimensional frequencies we currently experience on Terra?  Let’s face it, we are in a very, very low frequency bandwidth compared to beings from higher dimensions and higher densities of light.  It’s often difficult for us to function here.  Think what it must be like for folk from higher frequency, more loving, and harmonious worlds.

I reckon that the inactive strands of our human DNA correlate to the vast majority of our DNA which our geneticists trash as JUNK. I think they know it relates to the galactic DNA we carry and do not use.  I think their covert research is probably light years ahead of what is dribbled out to us.  I know that several years ago the Hathors, intergalactic interdimensional beings who are known as masters of love, energy, and sound, and regard themselves like our big brothers and sisters, said through their channel Tom Kenyon that we didn’t even use anything near all of the two strands of DNA we have full access to.

Just as entrenched establishment research scientists cling to the old paradigm Big Bang theory I reckon the current information about human DNA could amount to deliberately, knowingly, perpetrating outdated and inaccurate information.  I reckon we do not have Junk DNA.  I reckon we have dormant DNA.  I reckon when we resonate and integrate with a significantly higher frequency bandwidth it could open the door which releases the potential of our dormant DNA for us.

I reckon that the rising base resonant frequency of every planet in our solar system indicates that we are lifting into a frequency bandwidth where our unused DNA could switch on, activate, and help us integrate with our galactic families and civilisations.  However we urgently need to protect our DNA against pollutants which degrade the quality and reduce the amount of galactic DNA in our physical bodies.

Whistleblower Information About High End/Consciousness Galactic Vehicles

Here is information about some of the abilities of our galactic visitors.  It comes from whistleblower Emery Smith who claims to have dissected over 3,000 specimens of extra terrestrial organic material (tissue) whilst drawn deeper and deeper into illicit covert Deep State research into our galactic visitors/families.

“I witnessed many different craft in these projects.  I was actually working with the bodies in the craft because they are connected.

“All the craft are organic material.  Which is to say consciousness assisted technology.  This means that only the driver of that race that created the vehicle can actually operate it.  This is due to the frequency of their genetic DNA which they are emitting.  It’s like having a pet or a car that only responds to the owner.

“These types of consciousness assisted technology vehicles are usually made in space using harmonics and frequency.  The makers can actually give life to a craft and infuse it with artificial intelligence or consciousness or both, AND match it to the driver or the occupants of the vehicle.  They are so amazing.

“Some of these craft are many different types of shapes. Of course there’s the classic spheres, egg shapes, and the disc shapes.

galactic consciousness in the garden?

“There are also other more advanced craft which are interdimensional, which can change shape.  Interdimensional vehicles might come in the form of light.  They can manifest and change their atomic structure to become a solid.

“These craft can actually change shape without the occupants even knowing what is happening.  They immediately re-form again in different worlds, in different dimensions, and different parts of the universe.  There is not even a downtime because they have their own atmosphere. They have their own gravity. They have their own little SPACE that they project from this craft and it keeps them completely encapsulated within it.

“They have already mastered tele-transportation. Their bodies can shrink with the craft in its own living space.  They can go a million miles an hour and make a right hand turn and not feel it.  They are in their own dimensional holographic world yet they have to fall under the scientific algo-rhythms such as lie in the 3D here.  They have to take a step down if they are from the 4D, 5D 6D.  As soon as they make themselves 3D they have to survive in the 3D (third dimension).

“It is very interesting how these craft which we have had for many many many years – some have been here for over 30, 40 years. Some craft are very new”.

I think Emery Smith was dissecting tissue from galactic beings who probably did share their DNA with us.  Which would be  why they were here keeping an eye on us.  And copped it from Deep State’s illicit secret space force.

Frequency Determines Reality

Earth has entered and is now crossing a plasma field known as the galactic plane.  This crossing exposes our species to the resonance of the fundamental universal frequency of unconditional love.  According to the Andromedans another effect of our journey through the plasma in the galactic plane is that it activates our DNA.

Our personal frequency is the key to our reality.  If we want to experience living in communities and societies resonant with the background frequency of our universe we need to keep a high personal frequency.  It is important to avoid circumstances and media which lower our frequency, or vibration.  It is also important to clear any dense, dark and heavy energy which may be held in our subtle energy centres (aka chakras).  We need to process and own our participation in our “stuff”.

To continuously hold high consciousness and a high personal frequency our life force needs to flow freely through our bodies.  We need to nourish and cherish our Inner Child.  We need to be light hearted, playful, enthusiastic, and in the now moment.  We need to be unconditionally loving.  You were born to do this.

© Anne Ward 2018