Every human soul is immortal, eternal, existing forever.  The primary function of our human body is as a temporary vehicle for our soul to experience, and manifest, reality here on earth.  But a lifetime is a temporary, impermanent gig.  Reincarnation after reincarnation each human body our soul inhabits dies.  Our immortal souls are more truly us than who we think ourselves to be.

The human “us” believes that our present personality, which is to say our gender, family, friends, relationships, health, circumstances, events, habits, tastes, interests, activities and so on, is who we are.  Yet, how we experience our lifetime depends upon what we make of the antenatal blueprint our soul created for this incarnation.

Each blueprint contains development opportunities for our present personality’s human consciousness to connect with our true self.  When we do that we get guidance from the strong, wise, loving, inner teacher, the soul consciousness we identify as our Higher Self.  Our soul’s blueprint is the warp through which we weave the weft created with our present personality’s lifetime experiences, and what we make of them.

Our soul knows everything about every single incarnation and present personality we have experienced.  Our soul knows everything about our karma, and our karmic debts.  Its Higher Self guidance is always in our best interests.  Our soul has incredible creative power. 


Our soul hangs out and exists in the fundamental start-of-everything quantum field surrounding every atom in every cell of our physical body.  There are trillions of atoms in a single cell, and there are trillions of cells in a human body.  Our body effectively provides our soul with its own quantum universe.

That our soul inhabits the quantum field around the atoms in our physical body, supports the taoist belief that our vital organs are the powerhouses of our soul.  Ancient Chinese taoists believed that our heart is the Emperor of our body and that the Emperor’s most important aides and advisors are the courtiers who each reside within their own specific vital organ.

Taoists did not regard the brain as a vital organ.  Neither did the ancient Egyptians who discarded the brain whilst mummifying everything else.


Anything can happen in a quantum field.  I guess that’s the reason for the warning to be careful what we wish for.

When we make an intention the thought creates a movement, a vibrational frequency, which turns and becomes a gravity wave in our body’s quantum field, as illustrated above.  This wave is the primal manifestation created by and carrying, the information about what we imagined/intended when we thought it up.  The thought which created the vibrational frequency of the gravity wave in our soul’s quantum field attracts the subatomic particles needed to start manifesting it.

We nourish our vision when we focus our thoughts on what we want to experience, and imagine and feel what it’s like when we are experiencing it.  We have our own personal quantum universe within the vast quantum creator consciousness of the universe our planet, solar system and galaxy exists in.  Avoid thoughts which limit and confine your potential.  We are unlimited beings brimming with the quantum loving consciousness of our eternal soul.

Ground what you want to experience by doing practical things in your daily life to manifest what you want.  It demonstrates how serious you are and, most importently, it also means you are ready and prepared to run with the opportunities and possibilities the universe presents to you.  Trust the quantum universe to deliver.  It’s what it does when it’s really clear what we want.


In 1967 the South African surgeon, Dr Christian Barnard, became an overnight globally renowned heart surgeon when he performed the first humans’ heart transplant in medical history.  It was a ground breaking and controversial event because he transplanted a heart.  The background and circumstances can be found at

On this planet we don’t yet know what ramifications and consequences, if any, may lie in store for the large fragment of soul consciousness stitched into the body of a different soul.


We know from Captain Randy Cramer that, when he was a soldier in the Secret Space Programme on Mars, he had a brand-new body created with holographic technology.  He had been grievously injured and I guess his body was pretty much written off.  He had previously experienced a new limb holographically grown to replace the old “had it” one.  If I remember correctly, it was one of his arms.

It is interesting that he brought his soul into his disclosure.  Randy Cramer says his soul was extracted from his broken body and placed into his new one.  Whoever created this holographic technology understood the importance of the soul within the body and they kept them together.

Randy Cramer said that an extracted soul looks like a small bag of “quantum fluid”.  And that the only perceptible difference he can find in his new body is that his eyes are a different colour to the old ones.  To learn more about the possibilities of holographic healing technology see

Consider that the rising frequencies affecting the base resonant frequency of the solar system, and thus ourselves, means that integration with the higher consciousness of the holographic bandwidth is happening.  Our personal frequencies and the frequencies of Terra  have begun to resonate with the lower frequencies in this bandwidth.


In 1988 American dancer Claire Sylvia received the heart and lungs of a young man.  Five days later she realised she had way more than his vital organs inside her body. Then her lifestyle began changing.  She did not like or approve of the new choices she felt compelled to make.  She felt like her old self was overruled.

Claire Sylvia became involved with a support group for organ recipients. There is some pretty far out woah woah! really really unnerverving stuff around their experiences.  It’s like, gee …… how do we sort that out?  She realised that surgeons were aware that organ transplants have more profound consequences for the life and personality of the donor recipient than they care to acknowledge and prepare them for.  They simply ignored them as if they did not, could not, exist.

I read A Change of Heart written by Claire Sylvia with William Novak when it was published in 1998.  I reread it again a couple of years ago and it’s lent out, it’s not come back, and I can’t remember who has got it.  Not having the book to pull out and check, I am remembering strong stuff I first read about in 1998.

We now know that many organ recipients share similar experiences – maybe not the really freaky stuff like going to bed and every night the door opens, folk you don’t know come in and look at you all night long – but other similar stuff.  Claire Sylvia wrote that she felt she had two different people under her skin.  In some respects, she did.


Thanks to technology we can be “brain-dead” with a respirator keeping our lungs breathing and our body alive.  As long as our body is alive we are in it.  Our soul evacuates out after our body dies.

Being brain-dead still alive does not mean the consciousness in the body’s tissues is unaware and does not feel anything.  It means your body is not animated and thus cannot react.  Which raises the question of pain relief or anaesthetic for the brain-dead still alive body when the surgeons get down to business.


The press publish material to the effect that keeping a brain-dead body alive and cutting out the living organs to give to someone else is harmless, normal, and “the right thing to do”.  Newspapers even print insinuations that, when we do not agree to using our own body parts for organ transplants, we are effectively sentencing a person to death.

When I was a young woman I carried a kidney donor card.  A friend of mine, who worked in a research laboratory, regularly banged on about tearing it up.  He was convinced that if I had an accident and my life was hanging in the balance the medical profession would proactively do nothing and let me die so they could harvest my organs and transplant them into someone else.  Well, eventually I did tear up the donor card … but not for his reason.

I tore up my kidney donor card because it dawned on me that I had no say in who wouldn’t get them.  Heaven forbid bits of me ended up in the body of a person whose politics I deplored, or a person whose behaviour would offend or distress my living sensibilities.  I wasn’t going to risk it.  At that time I didn’t have a thought in my head about my soul.

Older and wiser it is a grim thought that all the organs of a brain-dead still alive body are transplanted into multiple different bodies.


In Britain English law will soon require those living in England to proactively opt out of organ donation. The Scottish government plans to introduce similar legislation. This vibes like the soft approach to compulsory use of our living bodies for free high end organic spare parts.

In the time-sensitive crisis of letting a person (aka present personality) quietly die, or intervening to have a brain-dead and alive body, I wonder how scrupulous the check for opt out status will be?  I haven’t yet learned a single meaningful detail about how that will actually work.

I tend to think the only reliably incontrovertible declaration of opting out of organ donation is a tattoo on the front of the torso.  The national no entry road sign plus the words “removal of body tissue denied” come to mind.  So does an ancient Egyptian type of curse on all who mess with my soul – in the event I end up brain-dead still alive without the inking.  But the karma ….. oh dear.  Karma means I must not even think about cursing anyone because ultimately I will be cursing myself.


The late Greek Cypriot master known as Dascalos helped, and healed, thousands of people.  He also suffered from heart disease.  He said it was karma from a lifetime in South America when he had been a priest. This position meant he was the man who removed the beating hearts of human sacrifices.

It is generally thought that old souls, which tends to be the majority of us, have incarnated so many times we have pretty much done everything, every which way, that a human being can do and be.   There’s a word for being in a human body on this planet. It’s “Experiencer”.

For karmic purposes we can rely on getting back three times more than we put out there to create the karmic debt.  Many people reckon seven times as much.  I think there are profound synchronicities involving this number and karma and thus … yep, I’m going with x 7 but I ain’t dogmatic about it.  Some traditions think ten times as much.   To be clear, this is an ultra simplistic boil down of an enormously complex Universal balancing system which takes as long as it takes, even billions of years.

The vedic tradition believes butchers and soldiers have the worst karma.  It also uses the term “the Lash of Karma”, which I reckon can range from a flick to a thrashing.  It ain’t all bad.  Karma can be uplifting, benevolent, and helpful.

I tend to think the karmic consequences of taking a living organ, with its significant fragment of the original soul, from its body AND sending it to be stitched into the body of another soul, is an own goal double whammy of karmic debt. To say nothing of what the surgeon at the receiving end does.  It may be that the organ in the recipient’s body, although no longer able to function, is still alive with its own soul consciousness.   I could pretty much guarantee that if a Karma Court exists it does not allow pleas for mitigation.  Karma is implacable and unavoidable.

Ultimately Universal Law rules.  Karma is such an important and fundamental Universal Law that pretty much every westerner from teenager to oldager has heard about it. The cost of the karmic debt created by participation to any degree, great or small, in the organisation and facilitation of fragmenting immortal souls and redistributing them in the bodies of other souls, will be weighed and paid.

Even standard human law does not recognise that unwittingly breaking a law you did not know about is a legitimate defence.   A few years ago a politician on trial for breaking the law used ignorance as a defence.  The Court officials, who knew better, did not demur.  It was one law for the ruling elite and another for the rest of us. It was outrageously unfair to the rest of us.  Anyway, the politician and the officials of the court who failed in their duty, all got away with it.  Well, for now ……

© Anne Ward 2018