Our human mass consciousness has engaged with IT and social media to such an extent that I think we have developed a cybersoul.

Many human beings are now continuously interacting with digital technology.  Many people are engaged in digital relationships through Facebook and other social media.  They are connected with technology and the ethernet from the moment they awake until the moment they fall asleep at night.  Worse, they leave their android phone switched on beside their head at their bedside.


People behave as if they must instantaneously reply to every text or eml or tweet.  Their consciousness continuously downloads digital data; Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and TV, box sets; digital news, (dis)information, information, and even selfies of genitals.  To say nothing of the folk who are sending them.  A friend of mine recently, (mistakenly) received a selfie of her dad’s 70 year old dick.  She was really ticked off.  I reminded her it was a mistake and told her that nothing human aged 70 years old actually looks real attractive.

I don’t know when we are going to find ourselves scraping the bottom of the dirty Kali Yuga barrel.  I do know that the use of social media corresponds with the loss of empathy in human beings.

Attachment to using digital technology and social media facilitates what is becoming an exponential loss of our humanity. Human beings who had not previously been brutalised by experiencing the sharp end of the wars, famines, plagues, and deaths created by the elite who have trashed our biosphere into Terra’s sixth extinction event, are now entrained with a technology and consequent cybersoul which continuously squanders their life force energy.

Our human quantum soul is built into our physical body at the atomic level.  It’s an integral and extremely powerful part of our human technology.  Our human quantum soul is our own personal Creator Consciousness.  Because it is in the quantum field around every atom in our body it’s in our every single individual cell – and we’ve got over 50,000,000,000 cells in our body.  Yep, a quantum universe.  It’s what you have got at your disposal to intend and create whatever it is you want to experienece.

For many people their soul could be compared to a big powerful luxury supercar like the Lamborghinis which the grandchildren of the Iranian mullahs own and drive.  But folk don’t even have the eyes to see what they have.  Even if they could see it, most of us don’t even know how to open the door and get into the driver’s seat, let alone drive it anywhere.

The fundamental purpose of religion is to deliberately separate us from our own personal creator consciousness, whilst all the while putting the fear of God into us.  You don’t get advanced benevolent galactics preaching the fear of God and supporting organised religion.  Bear that in mind when “benevolent” galactics praise and support one world religion through their human channels and supporters.


Our cybersoul ain’t a force which transforms our creative thoughts, feelings, and intentions, into something tangible.  Our cybersoul ain’t capable of healing a living or dying creature.  Our cybersoul does not exist in the quantum reality.  Our cybersoul exists externally in all the thoughts and feelings and data stored in the ethernet’s CLOUD.  Our cybersoul is something which is used to control and surveil us.

Our cybersoul comes at a price you don’t pay to your broadband supplier.  The price is our life force energy.  Our external cybersoul continuously contaminates and consumes our life force energy.  https://ehtrust.org/science  The elite, covert, conglomerate which is ripping off our energy and the resources of our biosphere benefit.  After all, they want to reduce the human population to 10% of what it currently is.  HELLO OPRAH.  She supports the New World Order’s policy of reducing our global population.

Our children’s life force is meant to last a lifetime of at least three score years and ten.  It ain’t meant to be degraded and depleted in their homes and schools and neighbourhoods by invisible wifi frequencies and the infrastructure of masts which facilitate their delivery into our homes.  The infrastructure which supports the invisible Ethernet, invisible wifi, and the 4G and 5G networks is built beside schools, homes, and public buildings.

Many human beings have lost the desire, curiosity, and time to connect with our higher human soul consciousness.  When we take our consciousness into the quantum field of our soul, we don’t need machines to know something, to change something, to install a new programme, and dispel darkness.  Information technology ain’t based on the quantum technologies of the human soul.  It has created the cybersoul.  Our cybersoul closes us down and prevents us from realising how powerful we are when we use our feelings of love and gratitude, our intentions, and the quantum field of our human soul.


Around the beginning of the 21st century the work of the cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, proved that the membrane creating the cell wall of every single one of the fifty trillion cells in the human body is actually a liquid crystal (like you get on liquid crystal display LCD screens), semi-conductor. This means that the cellular membrane is a crystalline structure.  Consider that every single piece of computer technology in existence uses, needs, a piece of crystal – a silicon chip – to function, process, amplify, and transmit information.

Because every cell wall is a liquid crystal semi-conductor, like it or not, the crystal in our body means that we are hooked up with, integrated into, a vast invisible etheric crystalline biological internet.

Our physical body is the gadget.  The operating system is our consciousness; our thoughts and feelings brought together for the purpose of creating our intention through the quantum field of our human soul.  When our individual frequencies are high enough, we will all be communicating with our own free, built in, human technology.  Telepathy, holographic consciousness, and the fifth dimension … here we come.         


Tom Kenyon is the human being the Hathors wanted to be their channel to us at this time.  The Hathors are reckoned to be the most loving and intelligent beings in this universe.

Tom released a new communication from the the Hathors at the end of 2017.  It is a short 5 min sound file to support our connection with our human quantum soul.

If you want and intend to help humanity become the best it can be I hope you will take advantage of this free gift from the Hathors and Tom.  Yes, I am aware we are using digital technology but it is not my master.  It is simply useful and helpful.

Using headphones listen to the sounds whilst intending, feeling, imagining, that you are in a huge space.  It has been given to us to help us access the vast, still, higher consciousness space pregnant with potential, possibility, and power that all ensouled human beings have within us.

Go to his website, read what the Hathors say about it, sign the agreements holding you to use it privately, for yourself, then download the mp3 file.  It’s great.   It’s really great.  Just like the Hathors.  And Tom.  Bless them.  http://tomkenyon.com/spatial-cognizance.

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