There is a topsy turvy, world-turned-upside-down, crazy vibe to 21st century life. You wouldn’t think the covert Powers That Be would need another way to jerk us around.  However they are skilled, forward thinking, leave nothing to chance, planners and here it is, the post truth, politically correct, IMPOSITION OF WILL.


Years ago I heard that folk would do real crazy stuff when we lifted out of the third dimension into the fourth.  We’ve done that.  We are in the 4th dimension and we are lifting out of it into the fifth.  “Crazy” doesn’t begin to cover how we are behaving.

We are big time into the everything is changing experience.  Developments in our scientific understandings of quantum physics and the universe, whistle blowers, off planet advanced holographic healing technology, what we are learning about our origins and galactic consciousness, the sixth extinction event, exponentially increasing volcanic events, the ice caps melting and the sea level rising, human manipulation and creation of extreme weather, information technology and social media changing our brains and how we conduct social relationships, all mean that our whole experience of post analogue, high tech, digital civilisation is ground breaking for our species.  And we seem to be crashing around without much thought or care for the direction we are heading in and where we will end up.

The Kali Yuga is known, amongst other things, for the rapidity with which change occurs.  Like hyperdimensional energy which seems to pop out of nowhere, it has suddenly delivered a fully formed, ready-to-go, post truth, politically correct culture.  From my observations, post truth political correctness seems to go hand in hand with the collapse of common sense and common decency.



You can learn more about the Alpha Draconian reptilians, who basically own and control Terra, in this Alex Collier 10 minute vid called Characteristics of Alpha Draconians  It’s worth the time.

The Englishman Simon Parkes explained the reptilian, or reptoid, attitude towards women.  Our ancient reptilian masters (who live for thousands of years), treat women as

  1. domestic slaves,
  2. sexual objects,
  3. providers of replacements (babies), and
  4. food.


From what has been revealed about the numbers, status, connections, and influence of rapists, paedophiles, and sexual perverts, it seems they are one of the staple ingredients of the crazy cake.

Ronan Farrow committed an enormous amount of time and effort into researching and exposing a powerful rapetoid Hollywood producer.  He was able to prove the rapetoid oppressed and silenced his victims using the services of professional spies, blackmailers, and lawyers; and also that the rapetoid was enabled by artists’ agents.  Everybody who looked the other way, to a greater or lesser extent facilitated him and others like him.  Ronan Farrow burst his bubble and a deluge of 80 women are calling the producer on his sex crimes and sexual harassment of women.  The rapetoid was immediately sacked from his company.  He is now doing the dirty on sex addicts (which so far has been a consensual addiction) by pretending and claiming that he is one of them.

Other men who perpetuated the casting couch culture are now being named and shamed.  Predatory gays are being exposed.  The dam has burst and its filthy contents are splattering over pretty much everybody in the industry.


We now have a European gang culture of rascist rapetoids targeting and attacking white women and white children. These rapetoids are acting on their belief that white women are morally inferior to women of their own colour.  Their behaviour is encouraged and enabled by post truth politically correct politicians.

You can’t get more rascist than believing that because someone’s skin is a different colour to yours you are superior to them.  However it is politically incorrect to identify non white people as rapists.   Post truth logic means (a) they are not rascists and (b) they do not commit proportionally more rapes than western white men.  Truthfully, (a) yes they are, and (b) statistically, yes they do.

A few years ago a guest on Red Ice Radio was speaking about the racism white Scandinavians were experiencing.  He was very clear that rascism towards white people was not being taken seriously.  Earlier this year a Swedish friend told me the Baltic ferries are notoriously dangerous because of the number of gang rapes which take place on them.  But nobody is allowed to talk about them.  It is not politically correct.  These rascist rapetoids know they can do as they please because they have political protection.  Until recently all the perpetrators of sex crimes who were protected by their status, political, business, and media clout and connections, and the leaders of their church, believed themselves to be untouchable.

Earlier this month I read in The Sunday Times Magazine that in politically correct post truth Britain there is now a higher percentage of convicted male rapists in the population of female jails than the percentage of the male prison population serving time for rape.  The male rapists in female jails all have a penis and they all claim to be transgender women. And they are all banged up with women in female prison cells, Uh?  Yep, topsy turvy, world turned upside down, post truth political correctness.


The continuous global backdrop to life on this planet has been, and still  is, the war against women.  The most stalwart supporters and organisers of this patriarchal misogyny are religions.

The above banner is a post Iranian revolution photograph of women protesting the imminent enactment of a law requiring every woman to wear the hijab in public. In Britain post truth politically correct liberals get quite excited at the idea that western women are offended by  the hijab, and insist on the human right of muslim women to wear it.

Religions use fear to control people.  When I was young from time to time I heard the phrase “they put the fear of God in him”.  Fear is a hugely important energy for the covert beings controlling the resources (and human beings are treated as a resource) of Earth.

We’ve got gangs of rapists running free in Europe. Women are still being stoned to death in the Middle East because they are women and are not treated as equals to men.   Islamic State entertained themselves by burning prisoners alive and tortured the Christian girls they had captured by abusing them as sex slaves.  Islamic State fed an unwitting mother the flesh of her baby.  After her meal they told her what they had done.  None of them have souls and thus have no idea at all of how compassion and love feel.  But they look human and they all feel entitled to behave as they do.  They say they are acting in accordance with God’s Law.

I think they behave like reptoids.  I think, like the reptoids, they do not have souls.  I think their God is not love and is demonic.  I think they could be clones or they could be AI or they could be people who have sold their souls.  Eating human flesh is part and parcel of satanic rituals.


Thanks to Wikileaks we know that Hilary Clinton, with the approval of then President Obama, armed Islamic State through the CIA and Saudi Arabia.  I think these two politicians are the darlings of the politically correct imposition of will folk. Whose interests and which powers were/are they working for?  Ultimately, who benefitted?

Our new expression “post truth” means a society where the truth no longer matters.  True facts are no longer seen as relevant or important.  A society where the truth doesn’t matter is pretty useful if you don’t want to be lynched for your behaviour.

Consider the timing of the post truth politically correct society.   It has materialised as the lies, corruption, and truly horrific shenanigans of the Rip Off Planet Earth conglomerate have come to light.  Courtesy of the internet and whistleblowers we know about their covert contact and illegal contracts with galactic gangsters.  The deal was that the covert Deep State et al illegally got their hands on advanced galactic technology in return for supplying  their Reptilian overlords with food in the form of human beings.

When we understand how extreme and far reaching is the influence and support for predatory males’ sexual behaviour and the oppressive, unjust, treatment of women on Terra, and that the flagrant disregard for life is the reason why Earth is in its sixth extinction event, the post truth culture is mega convenient to the individuals in the rip off planet Earth elite.  I would not be surprised if they are banking on a good, hard, post truth, politically correct shove which, with a serious push, might just wipe clean the filthy slate of their crimes against humanity.

They have always worked to control and limit us. The covert elite own Big Media and direct what it feeds to the mass consciousness. The focus on transgender issues conveniently fuels and creates a politically correct, Big Media diversion which looks like it could run, and run.

Ultimately it looks like a post truth, politically correct, society benefits the folk who actually run and own this planet and its resources. In total that boils down to 0.00001% of our global population.

Anne Ward © 2017