Like it or not our solar system, our biosphere, and all the ensouled life upon it, is rising into the frequencies of 5th dimension reality. The Ascension Pyramid identifies the relationships we need to build and develop in order to successfully integrate into the higher 5th dimension bandwidth.  Each of the four cornerstones of the Ascension Pyramid is concerned with its own area of these relationships.

As we evolve, and become more conscious in our relationships, the cornerstones they are connected with move up towards the apex of our personal Ascension Pyramid.  If you have three cornerstones way up high near the apex and one lower down, closer to the base of the pyramid, you ain’t going anywhere until your fourth cornerstone gets up on to the same level as the other three. There are no free passes, and there are no exemptions.   Everything must be in balance.

Our personal ascension means evolving all our relationships and getting each cornerstone level pegging with the other three.  As our consciousness evolves in every area of our relationships, the individual cornerstones they are connected with rise towards the apex of the pyramid.  When they simultaneously meet and merge at the apex of our individual ascension pyramid, we’re done with the 4th dimension.   We are in position to start over in the frequencies and reality of the 5th dimension.



According to the Hathors, the interdimensional ascended civilisation renowned as masters of love,  energy, and sound, the four cornerstones of the ascension pyramid concern our personal relationship with:

  1. the four Sacred Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water,
  2. the service we give to life on our biosphere, our community and our Universe,
  3. our physical and etheric bodies,
  4. ourself, our friends, families, and community.



The Sacred Elements are each an archetypal consciousness.  They respond to our love, gratitude, and appreciation.  When we sound these feelings to the natural world they answer back.

The narrow wind which suddenly streams through two ancient standing stones, pushes against our body and then is gone; low wide gentle waves which suddenly arise and fall before us on a sea as still and flat as a mill pond; rainbows which appear when there is no rain; beautiful coloured energies puffing out of tree tops, and colourful geometries of light popping into the air around us, are all synchronicities created by the natural world in response to our feelings and the love and gratitude we sound and send to the Sacred Elements.

These relationships are also about how we conduct ourselves in terms of respecting and caring for the air we breathe, the water we drink, the Earth we plant our crops in, and the Sun whose fire empowers our hearts, warms the Earth in Spring and enables our crops to flourish.

Gazing at the sun is a good way of connecting with its energies.  When we are loving, thankful and respectful the sun, in its own way, will communicate with us.

This is an invocation I have used since I first read Shamanic Wisdom Keepers by Timothy Freke 17 years ago.  Before meditating in the natural world I say it aloud, first reaching down to touch the Earth then raising my head and arms up to the sky,

“I invoke the Four Winds, Earth to ground me, Air to teach me, Fire to empower me, and Water to uplift me.  I honour Grandmother Earth who bore me, Grandfather Sky who watches over me, and the divine spark of Creator which in within me, and all things”.


We all have gifts and talents which can benefit humanity and life on Earth.  Mostly we simply need to work out what they are.  Some people seem to know from childhood what they want to do, but going on the number of times I have been asked what someone’s purpose is I think that most of us are not thus blessed and live for decades before we know.  (Point of Information – don’t ask people this stuff because every time you do so you are giving them your power.  Asking and giving away is easy … getting your power back is going to cost you everything you have in the material world).

It is good to follow our heart and do what excites us.  We can feel really, really intensely alive when we are working at what we incarnated to do.  We can incarnate with a number of gifts we can contribute and work with.   When an ensouled human being loves their work it is probable that the way they live and work is a true service to the greater good of life everywhere.

Until every single person on our planet is provided with a good home and is receiving a guaranteed generous income as a citizen of Terra, we need money for pretty much everything.

Payment needs to be a respectful exchange which honours the energy and time involved, the content and nature of the work and the practitioner’s personal effort, training, and discipline.  Any person or organisation whose primary goal is alpha profits is journeying on the service to self path.


 Our physical body is the Temple within which our consciousness resides.  Our physical body is necessary to be human and experience this Earthwalk, this life, this present personality, and to balance our karma.

Our etheric bodies reflect the cleanliness and vibrancy of our life force energy and the integration of our shadow into our Light.  Our etheric bodies and subtle energy centres channel universal chi energy into and through our physical body. Our etheric energy centres also store all our frozen “stuff” or energy blocks.  Our etheric anatomy is how we expand our experiences of our multidimensional realities and the aspects of our consciousness which is within them.

Like all valuable important equipment we need to be conscious and careful of how we treat our bodies, how we clean and fuel them, and we need to maintain them in peak condition and fit for purpose.   They deserve our utmost respect and yet we don’t really get or accept this and act accordingly.

Most people do not realise or know that we have an etheric anatomy and energy bodies.  Even with those that do many of us do not consider that our etheric bodies and anatomy needs housekeeping, basic hygiene disciplines, and energetic practises which build our life force energy, strengthen our KA body, and keep our energy centres clear and open.

The most vital, important, energy we have is our life force energy. If you live a long time you have good luck, good genes, and abundant, strong life force energy.  When we use up our life force our physical body is no longer sustainable.  Women live longer than men because they are born with more life force energy than men.  This is because women grow babies inside their bodies and this takes a lot of life force energy.  For more information on caring for your life force energy see


For these relationships I think it is useful to make The Four agreements with ourselves.  These are shown below as the highlighted sentence and are published in a small book with the same name.

Be impeccable with our word. What we say needs to be in integrity with what we do. It also means that we do not gossip, conjecture, or make other people listen to our opinions. Especially our opinions about politics and religion.  Folk who use their word to dump anger and filthy feelings into the energy fields of other people are energy vampires.  One of the ways energy vampires steal other people’s precious life force energy is by forcing them to process and clean up the emotional sewage which they have verbally dumped into their personal subtle energy field.

Always do our best.

Never make assumptions. The higher our frequency the faster the universe will give us a reason to wish we hadn’t made an assumption.

Never take anything personally.  Ultimately someone else’s nasty attitude is their issue, not ours.  Because our energy flows to whatever we are paying attention to, avoid VLC*s and avoid thinking about them.   If there’s a VLC person around you can intend that you are surrounded by mirrors.  Mirrors are used for energetic protection because they reflect and bounce the stuff aimed at you back to its source.


One of the critically important elements in the human experience is our childhood.  Most of us sustained some kind of emotional damage or brain washing which generated the belief that to a greater or lesser extent we are limited and inadequate.  This translates into feeling low self-worth.

The most important thing we can do and feel in our relationship with ourself is to feel love for ourself.  Why limit our unconditional love to other folk?

 I do not know how many times, when working with subtle energies, I have asked people to imagine they have to carry around and care for a little baby 24/7.   If somebody suggested you do something which is harmful, or careless, or dangerous, or stupid, or mean to the baby you’d tell them where to go.  You would do everything you could to protect, love, nurture, and cherish the baby.  Can you imagine spending a few weeks caring for yourself in this way?  Forget imagining this, DO IT.

Communities count.  Most folk identify with some form of community.  Many like-minded people start their own communities together.  Life is a big learning curve and so how we live and the people we live with, live amongst, work with, are significant.  It is important to be helpful and live in a way that is useful and supports tolerance, harmony, sharing of resources, helpfulness, friendship, kindness and love in all people, and in all our relationships.  Ensouled human beings have tremendous compassion, empathy, and loving kindness.  You have got a head start.


In order to integrate into the fifth dimension each cornerstone of our personal Ascension Pyramid needs to be in balance with the other three at the top of the pyramid.  It’s very easy to kid ourselves that the work we need to do, the work we are avoiding, doesn’t really matter because we are managing the rest.  Everything matters.  Your ascension, your service, your consciousness, and all your relationships really really matter.

* VLC very low consciousness

© Anne Ward 2017