Some of the benevolent Galactics who are following and are around what is happening here on Terra, have begun a wondering what it feels like to “fall in love”.   It seems some of them are curious, intrigued even, to know what falling in love and being in love, and being in a physical romantic love relationship feels like.

I reckon that it is because of the energetic effects falling in love creates in our human energy field and energy bodies. They observe that a human being literally explodes with light when they fall in love. When we humans fall in love our subtle etheric energy bodies and energy field seemingly activate and light up. This love light increases the size and vibrancy of our subtle energy field.  Big time.  Falling in love turns us on.  The galactics just don’t know what being turned on like this feels.  I guess they may feel like kids at the fun fair yearning to go on rides that are out of bounds to them.

I remember phoning a close friend at the time when he had literally just fallen in love.  He was still in the starburst.  His whole being was enraptured and all his attention and energy were filled with feelings for the very beautiful amazing goddess who had entranced him and who was reciprocating his interest.  His energy was incredible.

Energetically my friend’s frequency had risen into a completely different, mystical, galactic, delightful, and thrilling field of cosmic consciousness.   Heck, I felt like I was hanging out in a dark starlit cosmic ocean of thrilling beautiful consciousness.  You know how lovely it feels to float or tread water in a warm clean sea with the hot sun shining in a blue sky and there is nothing going on in your head or anywhere?  You just feel really really really good.  Well, that multiplied many times because it was cosmic and totally out there.  That’s how I felt his energy on the other end of the phone.  It was a-maze-ing.

Looking at what happens to our etheric energies, these galactics can see that falling in love is a lifetime mega event for human beings.  They just have no idea what it feels like to fall in love and have life unfold from that.  Who wouldn’t want that experience?!

Usually we are yearning for elevation and focussing on matching the higher frequencies of the benevolent galactics living in higher dimensions and densities of light.  It’s kinda amusing that they are interested in feeling romantic love for themselves because the energetic effects we experience are so intriguing and transformative.

Now, when we consider what we are told by the Hathors, that our human ability to feel love is one of the most powerful forces in our universe, maybe that fact seems more real, more understandable, and truly, more empowering.


© Anne Ward 2017