Pondering the powers that benefit from the post-truth, politically correct, imposition of will tendency, the words “the great confusion” popped into my head.

Synchronistically, a couple of days later, reading a book about Satanism, Luciferianism, Baphomet, and their “pantheon” of demons, I came across a short list of curses. They weren’t big and fancy. They were curses with a one word description. My eyes opened wide when I saw confusion is one of the curses.


In the ancient Vedic understandings there are four great ages, or seasons of time, which are known as yugas. Each yuga has its own allotted individual time span, characteristics, and level of consciousness. The final season, the Kali Yuga, may provide a helpful perspective for understanding what is occurring on Terra at this time.

Life on Terra is playing out against the backdrop of the Kali Yuga. The Kali Yuga is known as an age of great darkness and ignorance. Because of this it is also thought of as a time which is cursed.

One of the features of the Kali Yuga is that it is the yuga with the shortest time span. The good news is that we are now in the end time of this yuga.  Another feature is that change happens very, very, rapidly in the Kali Yuga. We ain’t yet out of the yuga and there are powerful forces desperate to confuse our young people.  Here are some confusions to avoid, and, if possible, clear up.  

And, importantly, a reminder that we have incarnated in the most incredible amazing times.


The worship and cultivation of demonic forces has been in existence longer than any other religion. Satanic masses use rituals, human sacrifice, cannibalism, and the imbibing of human blood, for the invocation and help of demons.  Think about it, once transfiguration occurs Christians are eating the flesh, and drinking the blood of a man who was sacrificed to “save” them.   Uh?


In 2016 the NWO took their worship of Satan to another level. The opening ceremony of the Gotthard Tunnel, was an out there, inyerface, symbolic, satanic, gig. All the folk in the good seats were Elite high heid yins*. On some youtube vids you can even see them smirking and having a laugh in the stands. They were loving the show.

Consider that a satanic ceremony was beamed into the homes and personal space of many many millions of unwitting people, and children of all ages. This was a bold and serious attack on our mass consciousness. Everybody who saw it, wittingly or unwittingly, watched a ceremony filled with powerful occult satanic symbols with dark hidden occult meanings.  Effectively this was satanic grooming, on a global scale, under the auspices of Big Media.

In 2016 we also had a gateway to the temple of Baal, a powerful demon and the premier prince of Hell, temporarily erected in Trafalgar Square, London, and City Hall Park, New York. The portal symbolically linking two Big Bankster cities to this demonic underworld domain was opened on two highly significant days in the Satanic calendar. Come to think of it, the same can be said about the date of the Gotthard Tunnel opening ceremony.

Just as they play down and ignore the number of establishment paedophiles being brought to justice by America’s current non PC administration, Big Media glossed over the satanic grooming behind the Gotthard ceremony.  Big media treated the Gotthard opening ceremony as an anomalous blip and nothing much out of the ordinary. Who owns Big Media? The folk in the stands at the Gotthard gig and their friends own Big Media.

MUSIC INDUSTRY AND HOLLYWOOD DEALS WITH SATAN                                                                                       
People in Hollywood and the music industry are now openly declaring they have sold their souls. We don’t want young people thinking “that’s a good idea”.  It’s often hard for a sensitive to be on Terra in the Kali Yuga. It’s a truly terrible torture for soul consciousness to spend eternity in the black abyss of the demonic underworld. Originally, and ultimately, souls are beings of light whose natural state is universal love.

Famous celebrities say “I sold my soul” as if saying it aloud means maybe it isn’t as bad as they try not to think it is. They say it like someone bought their car off them. But it’s the biggest, most significant, and tragic transaction of their entire lifetime.

I have seen Beyonce with an image of Bephomet on her body and Angelina Jolie on a youtube vid telling people about her satanic initiation. The latest recruit and deal maker looks like Taylor Swift with her entitled vengeful Look What You Made Me Do video.

Consider the number of young adult, and more senior female artists like Madonna and Katy Perry, whose performances are OTT sexualised, and the satanic props and references which they include. Surely, their lives are become pitiful. But our young people are watching and listening and thinking this stuff is cool.

Satanism is becoming more public and spreading like a giant fungus creeps and roots below the surface of what we see.  Chuck political correctness into the mix and confusion about right and wrong, decent and offensive indecent behaviour, safe and unsafe behaviour, and the rot can grow like the early viral stages of certain cancers.   


When a family believes in a religion enough to go to its church, the kids usually experience a ceremony which indicates they also belong to the organisation.  I once worked with a woman who told me that as children she and her brother were routinely taken by their parents to “parties”. These parties were satanic ceremonies where her body and her brother’s body were used for sex. Intending, amongst other things, to raise their kundalini energy, kids born into satanic families are anally raped from the age of three.  

Looking at the way Miley Cyrus publicly twerked her bum into the groin of an older man, in front of a global audience, one wonders what happened to her when she was a child.  

Here is a 7.5 mins url of President Putin on Satanism and paedophilia in the west https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERs_w7hgYBk

And here’s news which politically correct Big Media does not cover. It’s about the prosecution of powerful paedophiles in America. http://beforeitsnews.com/economy/2017/10/trump-takes-down-over-two-dozen-elite-pedophiles-including-celebrities-politicians-2915018.html

This has a lot of information in it. A retired FBI Agent explains what really goes on behind the scenes in America. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5g3pQiCiy4

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIIVWEeQ2HM American citizens petition for arrest of NWO high heid yin George Sorros, and also petition to declare Antifa a terrorist organisation. 


Some weeks back I googled Antifa. I was curious to learn what it stood for.  I was seeing a bunch of thugs with masked faces carrying big sticks, even one with a nail hammered into the end of it.  Antifa is a short form for Anti-fascism.  There is 100% absolutely nothing anti-fascist about the behaviour of folk representing Antifa. 

Antifa has to be a cover for NWO, Deep State provocateurs paid to destabalise society.   Antifa are deliberately confusing young people into thinking, believing even, they are “fighting” fascism and that they are morally entitled to harm unarmed people who disagree with them.   You get enough confused young people believing Antifa has right on their side you have created the conditions which enable a NWO fascist dictatorship.

None of this is reported on Big Media. I am routinely struck by the absence of any serious political and international news on Big Media’s British output. Youtube vids, https://www.infowars.com and other similar alternative news sites help to keep us informed.


Since 2014 the Pope has been in discussion with the leaders of other religions. He is publicly discussing the creation of a new, one-world-fits-all religion named Chrislam. Geez. It seemed a hell of a stretch until I saw Leo Zagami’s Project Camelot interview. See this url at 22.50 mins when he reveals that 40 Roman Catholic cardinals are practising Muslims following the same extreme text as Islamic State uses. I found the entire interview informative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nLfRsReGII

There’s more. The Pope was at a religious ceremony where the priest announced, in Latin, that Jesus Christ is not the Son Of God. I thought that was part of the whole big deal, Jesus being the son of God and all.

The Pope set this up to be broadcast everywhere, all over the planet, with a priest singing, in Latin, that Jesus Christ is the son of Lucifer. Is the God of the Christian Bible actually Lucifer? What’s the difference between Lucifer and Satan? Nothing, as far as I can make out. Aren’t they one and the same thing? Who or what is God? 

Effectively, Big Media reported the Pope, by his presence, authorised a public announcement which contradicted the belief that Jesus Christ was the son of God – which the Roman Catholic church was built on. It was just kinda slipped in. You saw it but it didn’t get the same big billing that a photoshoot of Royal kids would get. So …. more semi-subliminal programming.

What are all the Roman Catholics thinking about this new angle on Jesus Christ, God, and Lucifer? And CHRISLAM? Jings. Are the RCs confused, or what? Who or what deity will Chrislamists worship?

The Pope is also on record as saying that Christians and Muslims should marry.

After the Iranian Revolution the Shah’s Family Protection Law was repealed. A new law reduced the age a girl could be married to nine years old.  The above 1979 photo is of a huge boulevard filled with 100,000 Iranian women protesting the compulsory wearing of the hijab, to cover their hair, which was about to become law. This is an interesting site – https://rarehistoricalphotos.com/women-protesting-hijab-1979/

And now we’re getting Chrislam?  Importantly, one world religion for the entire planet serves the New World Order’s totalitarian mindset and plan for a cashless barcoded global slave population.  

It’s up to us to create our new reality and ensure we get the one we want.  


The Kali yuga is in its endgame. It is close to being over.  Consider that we are also rapidly moving through Terra’s time in the fourth dimension. She is already lifting out of the third density of light.  

We are now in the energies of the galactic plane. They support our healing and the activation of our DNA. We are in position to create the change, to be the change, we want for our biosphere and life upon her. Ergo, this is a wonderful opportunity for the evolution of consciousness. YAY! 

The old systems are being derailed and destroyed. The backs of the NWO are to the wall and thus it is a dangerous time for them, and for us.  They are in trash the planet, poison the wells, burn the harvest, war, mode.

We need to take the time, every single day, to concentrate on intending and putting our attention on a sharing, caring, universal love consciousness civilisation – or whatever you want in the new reality.  

It’s time we start clearly saying NO and refuse to cooperate with stuff which falls short on courtesy, short on respect, short on decency, and short on treating each other as we ourselves like to be treated.  

Until Terrans achieve a guaranteed roof over every single person’s head, a safe bed for every single human being to sleep in, equal rights for women, children, and men, and a generous universal guaranteed income for every single adult on the planet, the route out of poverty, homelessness, and inequality, will not exist.

Our benevolent galactic families are waiting in the wings for us to take power and begin to create a fair, loving and sharing society. Only then can they step forward to advise and share their wisdom and experience – if we want them to.

high heid yins- Scots vernacular for high head ones

© Anne Ward 2017