The astral plane ain’t such a nice place. The astral plane is where folk bump into low consciousness entities, vampires and demons. It’s their natural habitat. There are other beings like friends and family “on the other side”. But, just like everyday reality here in the 3rd and 4th dimensions, there’s plenty of psychos and low lives in the Astral Plane.

Vampiric entities and demonic types lurk around hunting for food and shelter in the astral plane. If you knock yourself out through excessive consumption of alcohol and/or drugs, your body becomes an open house for these energies. When your body is out for the count it’s like party time for feeders at your place. All the lights are on and the front door is wide open to all comers.

The energy centre responsible for how we are in relationship with our will and our power is at the solar plexus. This energy centre is a popular hideout for such entities.

When we are asleep and having a scarey dream and something terrible is happening we awaken out of it. Phew ….. back in our body we are safe again. We still remember the nightmare but we ain’t actually in it. Our physical body is literally the stronghold for our consciousness. Being grounded means that our consciousness is fully in our physical body.


Most of my understandings about the astral plane I learned from the teachings of the Greek Cypriot master “Spyros Sathi”. Everybody who dies with karma to balance hangs out on the astral waiting and preparing for their next incarnation. Essentially they will be living life pretty much as they did when they were alive. If they were wife beaters, they will still be wife beaters on the astral. If they were alcoholics they will still be alcoholics on the astral.

However, perhaps during their last incarnation they longed to live in a different way, or have a different career or livelihood or to experience things which seemed impossible.  Once they are in the astral plane they will be able to enjoy doing exactly what they had longed for when they were in a physical body.

My dad did that. After he died he told me he was having a wonderful time!  And he was because he told me what he was experiencing.  I’ll not digress with the sad and tragic story which created his longing.  I got his message on my one and only visit to a spiritualist church.  Suffice to say Spyros Sathi was as spot on about how life could be on the astral plane after physical death, as he was about everything else he talked and taught about.


The astral plane is the next level up. Sometimes folk are so ungrounded they are stone cold sober but part of their consciousness has lifted out of their body.  It’s still attached to the rest of you which is in your body.  But the rest of you may not reach any further down than your hips or your knees. Your subtle energy bodies have all lifted up and are part in and part out of your physical body. Folk who are ungrounded like this can feel like they are never properly safe.

When we are not properly in our body we can’t function as effectively as we really need to. We forget to do basic necessary things. We are muddled, confused, scatterbrained, silly. Being grounded keeps you present and conscious in your body. 

Meditating when we are not properly grounded means it’s real easy to space out and drift off and out into the astral plane. 

We are multidimensional beings creating and experiencing multidimensional realities.  They are all on different frequencies of consciousness. Like an analogue radio you can tune in and out of different bandwidths and different frequencies.  The mystic aims to raise their vibration in order to achieve higher frequency consciousness and hopefully, moment by moment, choice by choice, stay in it. That way we rise above and bypass the astral plane.

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