The ancient Taoists believed that the more grounded we are the more we can experience higher frequency realities and benevolent galactic beings.  Ergo, being very grounded and connected with our Earth energies is fundamental to authentic spiritual development.

When we consciously ground ourselves before meditating we don’t space out into a wee dreamless sleep. When we are grounded we are present and conscious.

I was taught to ground myself by intending that a beam of light flowed from my hips down into the Earth. Eventually I got a bit cute and pimped it up. I intended that a beam of light as strong and powerful as a crocodile tail flowed from my hips down into the Earth.

I did that pretty much every day for a few years. I was really well grounded. Then, within a space of six weeks, two psychics separately observed that I had a dragon’s tail emerging from the base of my spine. GULP on my side. That’s the power repetitive intention has! I have never since connected with Mother Earth using the intention or words that my connection was as strong and powerful as a crocodile tail.

I knew that creating an elemental, which is what I actually did, was way easier done than undone. Elementals ain’t just lovely wee nature spirits. Uh uh. It could be an etheric guard dog barking to ward off undesirable visitors. Except it’s got so strong it doesn’t ever stop barking. And you don’t know how to switch it off.


We are all, to a greater or lesser degree, awakening masters. We are awakening in a frequency which supports free will. Because of the choices we can make on Terra, free will presents the greatest test of integrity and character.  Masters are continuously benevolent and live without creating harm or hurting feelings.

When we routinely work on raising our consciousness and thus our vibrational frequency, we become a powerful loving force for healing and Light.

Our ability to love is one of the greatest forces in the universe. Before you start meditating always take the time to bring yourself into a state of universal, unconditional love for all life. Routinely focus on someone who ticks you off and learn to love them. You have immediately raised your frequency. The higher your frequency the safer you become.


Here are three different suggestions for grounding yourself before meditating.

  • Intend you are sending a beam of light, filled with your love, down from your hips into Mother Earth.

  • With your intention extend your pranic tube down into Mother Earth. I usually intend it connects with the iron core crystal at the centre of our biosphere.

  • Imagine and intend that a beautiful new muscle is growing from the sole of each foot down deep into the Earth. As it grows it grows great big branches, just like trees, and each branch has many many twigs.


After you have created your connection with Mother Earth imagine and intend that she sends her love and light back up to you through your grounding connection.

Intend and imagine her energies filling your body, and then your auric field, and then create a beautiful sphere of love around your body. Intend and imagine that this sphere of love and light is surrounded by a golden membrane which is impervious to heavy dense energies.


Remember that you are in charge of who and what is allowed in your personal space. If an entity or energy manifests always, always, challenge it three times. It doesn’t matter that they look like the ArchAngel Michael, or even if it turns out that they are. Never make assumptions.

Whenever I work with a person’s subtle electromagnetic energies, which is to say their consciousness, I put out a call to their invisible helpers. In the Galactic Arrivals Hall all sorts of beings turn up. I always ask, “Are you a being of light working for the divine purpose?”

Remember to ask your question three times. The third time it answers it absolutely has to tell the truth. If they are not a being of light working for the divine purpose, no big deal. No hard feelings. You don’t need to make a scene, or a speech or justify yourself. If they have not already done so, simply tell them to push off or nod your head towards the door.


You are a being of light. There is Light in every atom in every cell in your body. Using technology scientists are catching up with mystics and are now physically proving we have this “biophotonic” internal light.

Routinely work with your pranic tube. Intend that you are filling every single cell in your body with prana qualified with love. Keep on breathing prana until you have filled every single cell in your body with qualified prana. Re prana see my blog at

Practise breathing white light into your lungs and down into your body. Intend this light is circulating in your bloodstream to every cell in your body. Take the time to do this until every cell is filled with white light and the white light has spilled out and filled your aura.

When your auric field is completely filled with brilliant white light protect yourself by saying aloud, “I intend that any thought form or elemental created by those who wish me harm is instantly dissolved the moment it contact my aura”.

When you have spent the time you need to master these techniques then you can start working with your energy centres. Practise flowing a great beam of universal white light into your body through your first centre at your perineum and your seventh centre at your crown. I ain’t talking about something the diameter of your pranic tube. I’m talking about a beam of light at least as wide as your neck. Leave it to your Higher Self to decide how wide it is. When you have established this beam open all your other big energy centres, front and back, and simultaneously blast this universal light out through each one of them.

When you can do this instantaneously with one thought that’s the kind of ability and light that clears armies of darkness.


When you finish meditating bend and touch the ground with your finger tips. They just have to momentarily connect. What you are doing is putting yourself back into normal, down to earth, safe to drive a car, mode.


Walk upon the earth and go where there is powerful chi energy. Mountains, forests, waterfalls, rivers and oceans all have lots of chi. Use your ears to listen to the sounds of the natural world. Feel wind and rain and sunshine on your skin. Observe the sun and what it is doing. Gaze at the stars in the night sky. Create a garden. Walk barefoot on sand, smooth rocks, and grass.

Be fully present in your body and give your senses a workout. Switch the android technology off. It is your servant, not your master. You have your own incredible technology. Don’t lose it. Use it.



Re the iron core crystal at the centre of Mother Earth ….. (1996) (2016)

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