Years ago, when time lasted three times longer, I was advised by my Higher Self to “become an integrated human being”. I had no idea what that meant. Older and wiser I know that becoming an integrated human being is the foundation and basic necessity for sustaining a high vibrational frequency. Without becoming an integrated human being we simply cannot sustain a high level of consciousness.

Becoming an integrated human being is about our relationship with the light and shadow sides of our consciousness. It is about creating a strong balanced centre, and the ability to use all of our energy benevolently.


Our human wounds, issues, and fears, our stuff, is stored in our physical body. It manifests as dense, heavy, often grey, sometimes black, electromagnetic (EM) subtle energy frequencies. Our stuff creates what we call our shadow, or, dark side.

These heavy EM frequencies have been created by the thoughts and feelings, the experiences of the person whose consciousness created them. They all contain information about how we felt about what we were experiencing when we created them. If you are able to read the information and see the videos recorded in these frequencies you will know the energy never lies.

Get enough heavy thoughts and frozen feelings and hey presto! You’ve got a heavy dark coalescence of what is essentially fear consciousness, aka an energy block. I used to clean this stuff out of human bodies. From my personal experience and observations light floods into people when dense dark energy blocks and entities are cleared out of their subtle energetic system.


A world famous Hollywood film star with both strong light and strong shadow sides recently got a big kicking in the PR department when she played dirty in her divorce proceedings. Her unprocessed stuff meant her shadow self organised a mean spirited unfair public shaming and blaming of her husband. The very public outing of her dark side toppled the actress into a PR dung heap.

The light and shadow selves of this actress are living in a segregated society. As long as the segregation continues and she ignores and suppresses her shadow side, it will literally burst out and sabotage her life when she least needs it. She ain’t alone. Everybody who has not yet integrated their shadow has, to a greater or lesser extent, the same problems.


When we process our shadow stuff we don’t ignore or judge it. We identify it, we examine and come into an understanding of it, and we become able to forgive. We start to live without attachment, without judgement and comparison. We become able to authentically love ourselves. We call this process, wait for it, processing. Integrating our shadow means an absence of darkness in our subtle energies and life force energy.  

Holding a high frequency needs the approach of a serious athlete. We know only too well that our competition is taking desperate dark and dirty measures to degrade and enslave humanity.  Everything we do has to benefit the whole of ourselves as spiritual olympians.


Over a period of time, as piece by piece, we process and integrate our shadow stuff, we create an absence of darkness within our subtle energies. We become filled with light. We become integrated human beings. We get life’s challenges and changes for sure. But we have an equanimity, a stability, which maintains high levels of consciousness. We are able to put every single part of our energy to good use.  

Integrated human beings fearlessly, automatically, take the higher path.  Our children, our biosphere, and our future, all need more integrated benevolent people.   Everything we do has to benefit the whole.  Please share generously.  

© Anne Ward 2017