There is an energetic imperative behind this time of no secrets. The frequency of our solar system, our biosphere, and our bodies, is exponentially rising. The more the frequency rises the faster the frequency becomes. The higher and faster the frequency the higher the consciousness which created it. All frequencies hold consciousness. Putting it another way, all frequencies hold information about the consciousness which created them.

The higher and faster the frequency the closer together are the undulations of the waveform it generates. Ergo, information is easily transferred and shared. Systems and lives become less private. It becomes harder and harder to hide secrets. Everything in our society becomes more transparent.

The internet and social media are two of the forms this takes. Knowledge of the presence of other galactic life and its spacecraft in our skies is now impossible to suppress and deny.


We know there is a “Secret” Space Programme (SSP) with spacecraft, soldiers whose heads and lives have been cruelly messed with, and military bases on Mars. There is also information seeping through the internet about different, ancient, galactic civilisations living under the Antarctic ice.

Archaeologists have been working in Antarctica for several years.  It is known they have uncovered significant archaeological finds. Antarctica is out of bounds, a secret place, the way Tibet used to be. Yet it has been visited by world politicians and certain famous people.  I recently heard Antarctica described as a theme park for the elite.  

What I find interesting is that there is evidence of some kind of huge ancient artefact which is emitting a pulse of plasma-like energy. This pulse is felt in South America and as far north as Mexico. It seems as if it could be connected with a similar construction which has been found under Mecca. This appears to be responsible for two separate events which caused the deaths of over 4000 people in 2016.

But how do you break this kind of news?


On 10 September 2001, the day immediately before the event internationally known as 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld, US Secretary of State for Defence, made a horrifying and shocking announcement. The Pentagon was unable to account for US$2,300,000,000,000 (two trillion and three hundred billion US dollars) missing from the military budget.

The events of the following day, 9/11, conveniently diverted everybody’s attention from the military scandal. It was instantly relegated. In the holographic quantum reality, which underpins the world our mass consciousness creates and experiences within it, there are no coincidences. Nope. There is nothing which is actually, authentically, random.  There are synchronicities which have an underlying meaning and importance which determines, creates, and connects “coincidences”.

Inconveniently, the Pentagon now has to account for a heck of a lot more than 2.3 trillion bucks. As I write they’ve got less than six weeks to find invoices and receipts justifying the amount of US$6,500,000,000,000.

That’s the disappearance of six trillion and five hundred billion dollars which needs to be explained by the end of September. $6.5 trillion equals US$ 21,320 for every single American man, woman, and child in the USA.

How do you come clean and manage to walk away from the fallout from folk learning you have spent their hard earned tax monies creating underground and off-planet bases for your own evacuation and survival? How do you manage the consequences of associating and doing illegal deals with known big time badass criminals wanted across the galaxy and beyond?

Terra and humanity have been dominated by a gang of war mongering, cold blooded, hard hearted, very low consciousness (VLC), anti-life thugs. A tiny elite whose business plan is based on controlling and owning everything and everybody. This Rip Off Planet Earth Brigade (ROPEB) have trashed the planet and the life which depends upon Terra for its existence. In 2017 Terra is an extinction event with plankton, at the bottom of the food chain, now polluted with plastic.

Unless a major diversion occurs ROPEB urgently need to justify the money missing from the USA’s military budget.


Years ago I was taught that witness consciousness was the highest form of consciousness on Terra. I think this is still true. Nowadays I hear it referred to as “being the observer”. The advice is not to get sucked into the drama you are witnessing/observing.  Avoid judging the players in the drama or being attached to the outcome.  It’s OK to be discerning and understand the dynamics of what is going on. Discernment means knowing whether and why they support or do not support your understandings and beliefs, needs and wants.  It is important to avoid energising events by putting your energy and attention on them.

As a child your feelings may have felt so intense and dreadful that you disassociated from them. The grown up adult of this Inner Child may not know how they actually feel about all sorts of situations and relationships.

With any difficult or painful feelings simply allow yourself to experience how they feel in your body, without judging them as good or bad.  This means feeling your feelings without any kind of attachment. Initially this is kinda scarey and hard. But if you persist they’ll all get felt up and be gone.  Like an observer or witness you will have felt and experienced them without attachment and judgement.

It’s pretty crazy on Terra circa 2017 and it’s probably going to feel even crazier.  Our job is to witness, observe, discern, to hold universal love consciousness, rise with the frequency and get us the hell out of Dodge.


© Anne Ward 2017