Shut the wireless machines off. Switch off your wifi router. Pull the plugs out of the sockets – especially whilst you are asleep. When your home is empty, reduce the wifi frequencies moving through it.  At the new moon throw the main electric switch to off and smudge your house.  Then open your doors and windows and release the IT and wifi frequencies with the smoke.

Cultivate regular habits.  Be in bed and asleep before midnight. The earlier the better.  Avoid sleeping in a room which has IT and a TV in it.  If you must sleep in a room with this kind of stuff make sure it is disconnected from the power supply, the lid is down, and its wifi connection is switched off.  Avoid sleeping with technology which has lights on.  They negatively impact your pineal gland.

Avoid media which sensationalises stuff that psycho murderers, rapists, paedophiles, partners who kill their children to hurt their exes, misogynists, patriarchs, and VLC (very low consciousness) human beings do. Avoid their publications, sites, and news programmes because suddenly you will have somebody really, truly, filthy, in your face. 

Avoid watching Zombie movies – they are more about preparing your consciousness for the zombiedom of humanity than they are about “entertainment”.

Avoid Big Media’s mind control, Big Pharma’s vaccines, Big Pharma’s nanobots in pharmaceuticals, and breathing air which has had chem trails polluting it.

Avoid putting your energy on entertainment” which creates fear, is harmful and disrespectful towards life, and which hurts people and their feelings. 


Bless your food. In company holding your hands above your food and radiating positive energy at it can be misconstrued, as judgement, by the folk who gave it to you.  Your thoughts and intention can just as effectively bless your food.   

Avoid eating food which had a face and suffered because of how it was farmed and slaughtered.

Avoid effectively eating negativity whilst eating and watching, or reading, something unpleasant or nasty, or violent. 

Try to eat food which is organic.  Avoid GM food.

Drink clean fluoride-free water.

Avoid lowering your consciousness and giving away your power through alcohol and drug abuse. 


Practise being still and quiet. Regularly, routinely, breathe down into the space between your hips like a baby does. Nice long slow breaths in and out. Now, take the time to come into a state of unconditional love for someone who knocks you out of your centre. It can take a while to unconditionally love them but it is time very well spent. Love raises your frequency, big time.  

The more you feel love for folk who annoy and upset you, the easier it becomes for you to continuously feel love for all life. 


Focus on your breathing again. Your mind is still and you are calm and quiet. When there’s nothing going on it is easier for you and your Higher Self to connect. This ancient vast part of you is your best teacher.

You can manifest with your mind’s intention in the quantum field of the soul in your body. And you can learn from the Higher Self part of your eternal, strong, incredibly loving, wise and knowing, great celestial soul.

Higher Self can answer all your questions.  You can ask them at any time.  When your mind is still is when the answer often pops in.  HS can proffer advise on what your best next step would be. You might not want to follow it because it can seem so far out of your box you’ve never even considered it. HS advice is always going to help you grow and evolve. If you follow HS advice life can be as easy as turning the pages in a book, and as enjoyable as the exciting story within it.


© Anne Ward 2017