Human beings are born with an amazing, multidimensional, subtle energy anatomy. One of its functions is to draw the tiny brilliant balls of white light, so abundant in a healthy natural environment, into our physical body. These beautiful sparkling tiny balls of energy are prana. 


Prana is the fifth, and has been venerated as the most sacred, element. Until very recently the word “prana” was only to be spoken within the confines of a temple and in the presence of initiates. It can also be described as universal energy and holy spirit.


Each one of our trillions of atoms contains a particle of Original Light. This Original Light continuously connects us directly with Source, or Creator Consciousness, or, GOD. Creator Consciousness is literally in every cell of our physical body. We are born with our own personal hotline to God. The Force is with you.


Each atom also contains a particle of ancient stardust. This stardust can be from many different stars, from many different galaxies, and it is in your physical body. 

The space around each atom in our body is a quantum field. This same quantum field is also where our soul hangs out. The quantum field of our soul is where creator consciousness starts manifesting our intentions and desires.

Simply put, our thought creates a movement in the quantum field of our soul. This same movement, which contains the information, the intention in the thought, becomes a gravity wave which attracts the atomic raw materials needed to start manifesting our intention.

Anything can happen in the quantum field when we put our minds to it. For instance we can connect with the consciousness of a person who is in a different location and clean and clear heavy dense unhealthy energy from them. When you are without fear, judgement, or comparison, and you feel love for all life, you are amazingly powerful.


We have an amazing subtle energetic anatomy which connects us to the multidimensional reality. Our connection with Source is built into the atoms in our physical bodies.  Our soul’s natural habitat is the quantum field.  At the atomic level over 99% of our physical body is quantum space.  With our intention, simply by thinking and intending something, and creating it in our imagination, we are able to effect physical, emotional, and mental change in another person who is not even physically present beside us. Every single human being with a soul, who feels universal love for all life, can do this. Can psychopaths? No. The Force is with YOU.

Every single human being with a soul, who feels universal love, has the ability to create miracles. The kind of miracles the spiritual master Yeshua, aka Jesus Christ, performed and told us we too could do, and more. Our ability to love is one of the greatest forces in our universe. Our souls are endlessly loving. Yep, the Force is with you.

We are initiates at the end times of third density of light, or, third and fourth dimensional reality, on Terra. We are moving into the fifth dimension, the lowest dimension in the fourth density of light. Densities and dimensions, they’re kind of like chakras and meridians. They both concern energy but are connected with different reference points and frequencies.


In all initiations extremely fearful situations are deliberately created because initiates need to prove they are fearless. The difference in humanity’s collective initiation into the 5th dimension and the 4th density of light is that the fearful situations are not being managed by High Priestesses and High Priests.  In ancient times their role was to prepare initiates to sustain and thus anchor very high levels of consciousness. This effectively helps to evolve and raise the mass consciousness of humanity.

Our unique collective initiation has the Rip Off Planet Earth psychopaths who believe they own this biosphere and all the life upon it, scripting, directing, and producing the extreme fear dramas. Right now they are in serious trash the planet mode.

If you are reading this I hazard the guess that you have been an initiate, or high priestess/priest in a previous lifetime, or three.

I remember being urged to “remember”. For years I would wonder what I was meant to remember.   Maybe part of it is ancient skills and awareness.  In certain circumstances I just KNOW, deeply know what I need to do and how I need to do it. I think it boils down to the same thing as remembering. It just takes a different form.


We know the base resonant frequency of our planet and our solar system has been rising since before the 1950s. Until 1952 knowledge of the lowest frequency that Terra was resonating at, was in the public arena.  Because it became apparent that it was very slowly changing and moving higher, the knowledge of the base resonant, or Schumann, frequency, was withheld from public knowledge.  Now it is rising exponentially higher and higher, exponentially faster and faster. It’s the reason time is crashing and there’s less and less of it. It feels like we are compressing into the NOW MOMENT.

The 3rd density hologram of our third and fourth dimension lives is collapsing. Society, employment, health, transport, technology, the way we communicate with each other, and the earth beneath our feet, are all exponentially changing.  We have moved from an analogue into a digital reality.


If I am not present, if I am not in the moment, not properly in my body, not consciously paying attention to what I am doing, life becomes strange and even moves into high strangeness territory. Things get left and lost in the reality or frequency I had unwittingly been resonating with, and I can’t consciously dial it up and get them back.

The new hologram which supports holographic universal love consciousness is already in place. Our physical reality is shifting and becoming unstable as it moves into it and begins integrating with our new, higher consciousness, reality. It is very important that we are grounded, present, calm, and conscious of everything around us, and everything we do and say.

At the core of our being we are Light and we have a soul filled with love. The “Force” is built into us on the atomic, cellular, and subtle energetic levels of our physical body. It is important to concentrate our intention and energy and soul power on our core values and the specifications for the reality we want to experience.

We have everything in place to seize this unique opportunity to rise with our 4th density biosphere and take our place as the galactic citizens we actually are. If we individually do this, if we hold universal love consciousness, and manifest a healthy, peaceful, loving, harmonious, sharing reality, we will support and help the communities around us to do the same. You are an unlimited being. Claim it. Remember ……. you know the chorus ….. the Force is with you.


© Anne Ward 2017