Prana is the fifth sacred element. If you are able to see tiny brilliant white balls radiating in the air around you, you are seeing prana. If you have ever looked out of the window and thought it was raining, then realised it wasn’t, you had probably caught the movement of prana. It is almost bouncy, so seems to slightly displace the air around it.

Prana is especially strong around big bodies of water, waterfalls, mountains, and forests.

Breatharians are people who exist on prana. They do not eat food to sustain their life. India has a history of spiritual masters who seemed to live on fresh air. They were few and far between and lived for hundreds of years.

Until very recently prana was kept a secret. Folk believed there were only four sacred elements – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Five platonic solids can be extrapolated from the etheric blueprint for our universe, the Flower of Life grid. Each platonic solid represents one of the sacred elements. When you superimpose the five platonic solids on top of each other you create Metatron’s Cube. The platonic solid for prana is the dodecahedron.


We can breathe prana into our body with our pranic tube. Our pineal gland is situated inside this tube. Our pineal gland is our third eye. It’s bang in the centre between the front and back of our sixth energy centre. And right in the middle of our brain. When I consciously go into my pineal gland I also experience it as an intergalactic arrivals and departure lounge. When we become pranic breathers we are bathing our pineal gland in prana. 

The pranic tube is the axis, the centre for the toroidal energy field around your body. The Earth also has a toroidal field.

Put your thumb and middle finger together and that is the diameter of your personal pranic tube. It starts at your crown energy centre, where the fontanelles are, and also at your perineum, the little ridge between your anus and genitals, where your first energy centre is. It runs through your neck and through the centre of your body.  It looks like a fluorescent light tube.

The openings at the ends of the tube are tiny. They are so tiny they are like one ten thousandth of the diameter of a hair on your head. They are so tiny they are able to pierce through the dimensions. This is how you can breathe higher dimensional energy into your body.


Envisage your pranic tube. Then intend you are breathing in Mother Earth’s energy through the base at the perineum. Breathe in and intend that this female energy stays inside the tube as you breathe out.

With your next breath intend that you are breathing in cosmic energy from Father Sky through the crown of your head. Breathe the energy in knowing that it is mingling and mixing with the energy of Mother Earth.

When you breathe out intend this mixture of female and male, earth and cosmic energy, diffuses out of the tube, into your body.

Repeat this process three more times. When you have done this you have established pranic breathing. This will last between 24 and 48 hours. So, it is best to establish it every day. It will help to raise your frequency.

Once you have established pranic breathing prana continuously, simultaneously, flows into both ends, through your pranic tube, and out into the cells of your body.

This is a simple basic way of working with the pranic tube and establishing the breath. Once you have done it you don’t need to think about it or put your attention on it till the next time.


There are different things you can do with pranic breathing. One simple, easy thing, which I do when I am using this method to establish pranic breathing, is breathe in silver coloured prana from Mother Earth and then breathe in golden coloured prana from Father Sky. I do this simply by intending this happens. This mixes and creates white gold pranic energy which diffuses into the cells in my body. I also intend it fills my auric field.


Another thing you can do once you have established pranic breathing is to qualify the prana. Bring to mind something which always opens your heart. It could be a human baby, or a baby creature. It could be a beautiful landscape, a flower, whatever softens and opens your heart centre and brings you into a state of unconditional, universal love, and gratitude for being in your body on this amazingly beautiful planet.

When your heart is open and brimming with love, intend that the two flows of prana, from the earth and from the sky, meet in your heart centre. Focus on breathing in and out with the earth and cosmic prana meeting in your heart centre. Do this four times. You are filling your body with prana filled with love. YAY!

There are more things you can do but become a pranic breather first.

© Anne Ward 2017