When I was a kid I still remembered what I could do before I incarnated here. Which is to say manifest what I wanted. Instantly. Somehow or other I knew that whatever I thought ….. if I was still and centered and serious and sent it out and up there, into the sky, it should, could, instantly happen. Yeah, I could be confused and puzzled but the adult Anne reckons I was right.


When I was a kid I also did some pretty intense day dreaming. In the analogue 1950s we had plenty of time and opportunity. With hindsight, my big favourite daydream did actually come true.

A child uses her fertile imagination to create a dream where anything and everything is as she wishes it to be. She only knows that she can imagine and dream anything she jolly well wants.

For our dreams to come true we must take the time to imagine them. Whatever you really really want, create it in your imagination and frequently enjoy experiencing it.


You know that way you feel when you put a big, important, intention out there …… you’re so focussed nothing else exists in that moment? Just pure precise notes to universal consciousness about exactly what you want.

Our memos to the universe have nothing to do with age and experience. They have to do with our ability to know exactly what we want, how seriously we imagine it, and how we feel how it feels when we dream about it.

Our memos to the universe connect and communicate with our deep, ancient, high frequency consciousness. We can, and should, create memos to the universe which sing to our soul.


In the 1950s the base resonant frequency of our planet, commonly known as the Schumann frequency, was around 7.6 hertz per second. Simply put, the hertz frequency measures the number of times electromagnetic frequencies oscillate up and down each second, on the vertical plane. The shorter the frequency the faster it moves and the higher its vibration. Everything is composed of coalescences of electromagnetic energy.

Every thought we think, every feeling we feel, generates an electromagnetic vibrational frequency. Each frequency contains the feelings and thoughts which created them. Our physical bodies are filled with electromagnetic frequencies!

When we feel joyous, excited and happy, thankful for our blessings, we generate high fast frequencies. When we feel sad/jealous/hate/anger/fear we generate low, slow, electromagnetic frequencies. Interestingly, the dense stuff looks dark and solid and heavy, and is clumped together. Joyous thankful feelings create clear, light electromagnetic frequencies which flow without impedance.

Because of cosmic events in our solar system, and our galaxy, our base resonant frequency has risen from 7.6 htz in the 1950s and as of June 2017 had spiked at over 50 htz per second. Wuau, yeah, Our frequency varies and fundamentally it is rising exponentially. It is why so many people are awakening and people are becoming more conscious. When it comes to connecting with our own, very high frequency soul you could say ….. it’s a godsend.


Universal consciousness does not dish out coincidences. Universal consciousness manifests synchronicities. It seems to me synchronicities create the conditions for the evolution of consciousness.

Universal Mind, or, Universal Consciousness, hangs out in the quantum field. Universal mind manifests stuff no human being with an android phone, sitting at a desk, organising an event, could ever pull together, even with a huge team of other, similarly equipped, human beings.

The countless number of atoms in our physical body are the nuclei around which our own personal quantum field exists. The personal quantum universe of our soul contains particles of Original Light. We are physically connected with the vast creative consciousness of the life support system sustaining the fabric of our universe, our galaxy, and our solar system. We are that amazing.

The more our frequency matches the frequency of the soul’s quantum universe inside our body, which is to say the frequency of universal love, the better we are at creating dreams which come true. The Hathors** remind us that our human ability to feel love is one of the greatest, most powerful forces in this Universe.


Soul space is like the Void, the ultimate place of creation, where it all starts. The Andromedans took Alex Collier out into a void zone in our universe, stopped the ship and told him to look out. It was empty and black. Nothing going on. Out in the universe, if consciousness ain’t visited a place it’s pitch black, virgin void creation space. That empty black void place will have changed because that ship and all the consciousness in it dipped in and out.

It seems to me our soul space is also our own personal void. The electromagnetic frequency carrying our consciousness, our intention, our thought, creates a movement in the quantum field of our soul. This movement becomes a gravitational wave and attracts the photons, protons and other raw materials of manifestation.

We are sovereign beings with the supreme and ultimate power of creation and manifestation. Our thought/intention in our personal quantum universe connects with All That Is. Job done, pretty much, and the rest falls into place. That sounds trite but ultimately, it is that simple.


I know the talk and expectation is that everybody is going to go through into the next level of consciousness. Currently, I don’t see that happening.

We are way too brutalised by the folk who look human but lack the ability to feel love, compassion, empathy and kindness. They are terrorists who have put an enormous amount of energy and money into creating huge levels of fear in our bodies. They use war, oppression, slavery, debt, poverty, plague, hunger and thirst.  We’ve also got AI getting into normal ensouled folks’ bodies. It ain’t looking good for human souls.

Successful integration into unity consciousness means we need to be fearless. If you are frightened for your life, your liberty, your family, the roof over your head, the water you drink, the food you eat, and surviving another day, it’s hard to be fearless.

We need to become fearless with clear light flowing chi to be able to hold a high vibrational frequency. In ancient times initiates, which, in these circumstances, is what we actually are, underwent terrifying and arduous ordeals in order to overcome and lose any fear they were holding.

Terra is moving into a higher frequency. We need to go with her, not stay stuck in the 4th dimension where everything is breaking down and slavery stories are the new norm on Big Media.


The bottom line is that our souls are in peril. If we do not successfully integrate with the frequency of 4th density of light we will stay down low on the Terra which is in it’s sixth extinction event. If we don’t integrate into the 4th density of light the future doesn’t bear thinking about.

Looking on the bright side with the understanding that the particular reflects the universal ….. If we can do it for ourselves, we can change it for everybody. Synchronistically, the Universe is giving us an almighty shove in the right direction.

* According to Andromedan contactee Mr Alex Collier

** The Hathors are an interdimensional ascended civilisation who inhabit hyperspace. They are renowned as masters of love, sound, and energy. It is said they are the most intelligent and most loving beings in the universe.

© Anne Ward 2017