There’s a law in our universe about the properties of DNA, and the rights which DNA confers.

A prime property of DNA occurs when galactic civilisations stick some of their own personal DNA into the genetic mix of whatever species or life form they are interested in. It establishes their right to take an interest and even intervene, as family, in the lives of whoever, or whatever, they’ve genetically modified.

This law is not so good if the DNA is from predatory galactic criminals in the business of defying and breaking universal law. When predatory galactic civilisations stick some of their DNA in another sentient species, they think they own them.

These predatory reptoids do not have souls – but they know what having a soul means in terms of the creative power it bestows. They don’t like it.

DNA has another prime property. It operates as a marker or identifier. Galactics scan a person’s DNA and frequency to identify their genetic origins, their level of consciousness, and their density of light. If their DNA and frequency are good, invisible and important doors open for them.


By the mid 1980s geneticists on Terra knew the received wisdom that our planet supported the only intelligent life in our universe was indisputably wrong.

They had proven, beyond any doubt, that the human male chromosome did not, COULD NOT, originate on planet Earth. Our female chromosomes are Terran, but our male chromosomes came from “somewhere else”.

Our geneticists also concluded that significant amounts of our DNA had been added “recently”.


Consider the history of our biosphere as 24 hours long. Life on our planet in the form of modern day humanity, has only been around for a nanosecond of the last minute of the 24th hour. Our human species is only 250,000 years old. Compared to other sentient beings and star nations in our universe we are so brand spanking new it’s like we are still getting out of the packaging. 

Our creation generated a lot of interest. The upshot of that interest is that we have DNA from many different places and galactic civilisations. Word is that our human species contains DNA from between 20 to over 200 other galactic species. Because of this we are considered very special and viewed as a galactic living library.

Terra is also viewed as a prime galactic pharmacopoeia. We have an abundance of amazing plants which have profound medicinal applications and healing abilities.


Our DNA effectively means that beings from galactic groups with the same DNA can legitimately get in touch with their human family folk here on Terra. They can create a personal relationship with a human contactee, or, channel their galactic knowledge and perspectives through a human trance channel.

Contactees are also taken for trips in spacecraft and they have the first hand opportunity to learn about the higher knowledge and understandings of their galactic contactees.

For instance, the Andromedan contactee Alex Collier shares Andromedan knowledge and perspectives ( “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier had had contact with several different galactic societies.

Trance channels may be bringing through material from their future self in an older, more evolved, galactic civilisation. Lyssa Royal Holt channels Sasha, her future Pleiadian self, and Darryl Anka channels Bashar, his future Essassani self.

There is also Simon Parkes, an Englishman who lived with a human mother yet claims his mother is mantid and his father is reptoid. He learned about his origins because he was visited by both his mantid mother and his reptoid father who introduced themselves to him when he was a child.

Basically it seems that creating contactees, and downloading information through trance channels, and also what Mr Parkes has shared, are about raising consciousness and awareness of the greater galactic picture, without interfering in our natural evolutionary process. Sounds reasonable huh.


Consider the words of toxicologist Dr Boyd Haley, retired Professor of chemistry at the University of Kentucky. “A single vaccine given to a 6 lb baby is the equivalent of giving a 180 lb adult 30 vaccinations on the same day”.

Russian scientists have proved that DNA can be affected and altered by sound frequencies, and thought. That’s very quantum reality. They have created devices that influence cellular metabolism through modulated radio and light frequencies, and thus repair genetic defects. Our DNA is finely tuned and extremely sensitive. It’s not a real big stretch to consider that a huge toxic dump of vaccine would damage and alter the pristine DNA of a tiny human baby ………. is it?

According to Andromedan contactee Mr Alex Collier we should not, on any account, have any vaccines. One of the Andromedan perspectives is that vaccines are covertly diluting and disrupting the viability of our star nation DNA. And putting reptoid and synthetic DNA and AI in its place.

Once our star nation DNA is sufficiently diluted and compromised, under universal law, our galactic families lose the right to think of us as part of their family, and the right to be interested and helpful in our lives.

Well, that’s real fine and handy if you are determined to totally shaft the human species. Mess with our star nation DNA, stick us full of AI synthetic DNA, the kind that can’t have a soul, hey ….. sorted.


Another probable and devastating side effect of vaccines is damage to the developing subtle etheric anatomy of our little people. The etheric anatomy of our species is not fully developed until we are around six years old.

Our subtle energy centres, aka chakras, are the etheric equipment we use to access our higher senses and our multidimensional, quantum, soul consciousness. Our energy centres constitute the tuning equipment we use to connect with our soul.

A helpful synchronicity around my concerns about our subtle energy anatomy is that the day after writing this down I read that an African shaman spoke of his children being immunised and immediately losing their ability to have lucid dreams. They would have to have been old enough to speak about their dreams. Realistically that would make them old enough for their subtle energy anatomy to be fully formed. Nevertheless, it was immediately compromised. It was harmed by the vaccine and no longer able to function as it should.

Beings with souls feel love, empathy, compassion, kindness and mercy. Our soul establishes our humanity. Damage to our DNA and damage to our subtle energy anatomy effectively sabotages our humanity.


If our souls were not mega important we would not be getting dosed up with artificial synthetic DNA and AI. 

If our DNA becomes contaminated with synthetic DNA and AI, if our energy centres and subtle energetic anatomy become so compromised that we cannot hold the frequency which opens the door to the greater holographic reality, if we lose our empathy and ability to feel love, we lose our humanity. If we lose our humanity our future looks like we will effectively become like Borgs. That ain’t an appealing thought.

Our souls are what make us human. They are extremely precious and the most powerful part of ourselves.   AI androids do not have souls.  They ain’t human.  They do not know what love feels like.  They never will.  I reckon that the integrity of our soul is vital to holding the frequency and love needed to integrate into higher consciousness 4th and 5th density bandwidths.   It’s not just a big deal for us, it’s a big deal for consciousness everywhere.




© Anne Ward 2017