Word on the street is that the first spacecraft armada which appears in our skies won’t be from somewhere else in The Milky Way. Uh uh. It’s Terran. From here. Yep. Earth.

This is not exactly breaking news. It’s been mooted for a while. However all the circumstances for a successful alien invasion scam have now come together. Put it like this ….. if you’d been preparing a meal, the plates are on the table and you are about to dish it up.

They’ve Got Previous

Previous form includes the 9/11 collapse of the twin towers in New York. Now the dust has settled we learn the twin towers were specifically built to withstand a plane crash. And a professional demolition squad was booked into in a local hotel for the previous week. And steel may twist and buckle in a fire, but the steel infrastructure of two skyscrapers becoming raised-to-the-ground dust …. nah.

I have always remembered the The Sunday Times Magazine’s subsequent in-depth article on 9/11. One thing lodged in my mind and it’s never been forgotten. During the shutdown of American air space one plane, occupied by Osama Bin Laden’s family, was authorised to fly out and away from America. This has never been contradicted. Weird huh.

Who Says There’s Going To Be An Invasion?

A number of researchers/presenters are warning us what to expect. They have different backgrounds, different beliefs, different opinions, different levels of understanding, different levels of penetration of the reality, different knowledge, different experiences, and different perspectives. They are a bit of a pick n mix bunch.

What they have in common is they seem to see it as their bounden duty to warn us about a fake “alien” invasion.

How Do We Know What Is True?

Bear in mind Deep State’s global propanda news outlet, (2% of the population dissembling diversions and bullshit to the other 98%), is one of their mega mind control systems. I don’t exactly know what this fake news stuff is, but I reckon, when it comes to “fake news”, global big media news programmes are the real deal.

In the internet realms I dip into there is more disinformation, codswallop, and fry yer brain stuff posted on the world wide web than anything else.

Whilst we need to discern the diversions and disinformation, it’s also the place we can and do learn what’s actually occurring. It’s useful to ask yourself the bottom line question. Who or what benefits from my energy as I put my attention on this info?

I believe the stuff that speaks to me. Stuff I find intensely interesting. The AHA stuff which connects my own personal dots. The knowledge which joins the jigsaw puzzle pieces of my thoughts and ponderings. I trust the stuff which produces an energetic shift or a physical reaction in my body. I trust the stuff that leaps into my consciousness and stays there. Over and above everything else, I trust the deep internal knowing I have from answers to my questions.

Why Is There Going To Be A Fake Alien Invasion?

Deep State’s current experience of Life on Earth is a train wreck and we know how appalling they are. Derailed twisted broken carriages each hold/held the blueprints, command structures, and personnel for Deep State’s different global population management and control systems. These systems include/included politicians,
poverty, debt, famine, plague, religion, satanism, paedophilia, war, drugs, bankers, propaganda, pharmaceuticals, public health policies, political correctness, IT, AI, electrical, nuclear and oil energy, and pretty much anything with “world” in the title.  And let me not forget … the European Union.

The EU is their flagship European micromanagement-politically-correct-control system. Great Britain is leaving and a number of other members, which now includes Switzerland, look like they are going the same way. That’s another one of their dominions at the beginning of the end.

Deep State’s train wreck occurred when it smashed into the bumpers at the end of the tracks it’s been running on. It’s such a huge disaster their candidate, Hilary Clinton, even lost the US Presidency! Wow. I didn’t see that coming.

President Donald Trump

Currently Washington’s Deep State players, and their unwitting, politically correct, accomplices, are doing everything possible to close President Donald Trump down. Unlike the Clintons, Deep State don’t own and control him. On the contrary, he’s one of the main threats to their ownership and dominion of the resources and life on Terra.

I understand one of the very first things President Trump instructed is the release of some of the patents held by the USA’s Deep State. Patents based on Nicolai Tesla’s work which produced free energy from the air we breathe. Patents hidden in their beyond-top-secret “black cupboard”. They locked down the knowledge, and benefits, of Tesla’s genious technology. That’s also what happens with cures for cancer.

Why wasn’t this technology all over mainstream media news? Who or what benefits from keeping this quiet? The anti-life money men who own Deep State? Or our biosphere and the life it supports?

When Nicolai Tesla died the FBI immediately moved into his hotel rooms and his lab. They got everything. They couldn’t make head nor tail of it. They needed someone clever and knowledgeable enough to tell them what it actually meant and give it to them in language they understood.

They went to one of the top universities on Earth, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT, and chose Professor John G Trump.

Somehow all this paradigm changing, environmentally harmless, free energy technology, which would have every home with something the size of an egg box providing all their energy, at no cost, free, was put into the hands of Deep State. They owned the asses of big shot FBI officials. Corrupt, frightened, very important national security public servants, secretly organised and sorted it for them.

President Trump knows what Tesla achieved and that it’s been withheld and covered up from humanity. Uncle John told him.

Frequency Is The Key To Change

Along with the rest of our Solar System, our frequency is rising. I first heard of this in 1996. We’d been running at 7.6 hrtz per second, a measurement known as the Schumann, or Base Resonant Frequency. In 1952 it was taken out of the public domain because it was slowly, consistently, rising.

This was creating the potential for a hugely significant paradigm change which would transform our mass human consciousness. The higher our base resonant frequency rose the more we could embody our higher, loving, sharing, helpful consciousness.

Which is why the Deep State which owns and controls our biosphere kept us out of the loop. The last thing they wanted was humanity awakening en masse and turning on them. Oct/Nov1996 word leaked out it was at 11. That confirmed we really were experiencing something known as the Shift Of The Ages. This would change everything. It was inevitable. The last I heard, in March 2017, we are between 38 and 42. Thirty-eight tells us we are almost out of the old paradigm. Forty tells us we have entered the new one.

This is terrific for us ensouled human beings. It’s changing everything for the better. We are at the far end of 3rd density frequencies and the polarity, right and wrong, good and bad, better and worse, richer and poorer, war and peace reality it supports, is almost over.

We are already assimilating 4th density frequencies. When we are hanging out in the 40s base resonant frequency we are hanging out in a different frequency bandwidth altogether. Third density frequencies can’t tune in, can’t be heard, don’t exist in 4th density.

Deep State’s drama needs low 3rd density frequencies for it to work. That’s why their train reached the literal end of the line.

The higher the frequency the more transparent the system. Transparency has no place for secrets. Because our frequency is rising so high we are now in a time of no secrets. The stuff that is coming out of the woodwork about what Deep State have done, and are doing, is authentically, horrifyingly, shocking.

Humanity has endured covert manipulation, and almost total mind control, by a species of large alien reptoids, known as Draco. They have hidden themselves in plain sight using holographic technology to disguise themselves as human beings.

These Draco reptoids are literally locked out of the ability to feel love, kindness, empathy, and compassion. They have no idea what they feel like.  If they’ve got emotional bodies they must be profoundly damaged and withered. They can feel anger, but they are locked out of humanity’s higher love and soul stuff. Which is why they behave as they do.

Their entire system depends upon vampired human energy. Human fear is the fuel they need to run it. Hence the unnatural anti-life prevalence of war, want, debt, brutality, and violence, on our biosphere. They have cost us the integrity of our biosphere and the future of our human species. This is the 3rd density reality we are moving away from.

The basic frequency on Terra is now so high their previously implacable control systems can no longer function effectively.

Thinking about the kind of kicking coming at them, as and when all the different pieces of their secret Big Lies jigsaw are revealed, must be unbearably humiliating for them. As long as they can create enough fear in our mass consciousness they’ve got the fuel they need to make their run for it.

WTF ….. When’s This Fake Alien Invasion Happening?

If it is going to happen it’s got to happen soon. If they intend to pull it off I reckon it’s imminent. The ability of Deep State to control our consciousness, vampire our soul energy, and derail our potential as spiritual beings, is time sensitive. BIG TIME, time sensitive.

They must make their move whilst they still can do something. They must frighten humanity, en masse and simultaneously, so we experience a frequency free fall so shocking it knocks and locks us right out of the 4th Density frequencies we are experiencing. Sucess effectively guarantees humanity dying off within three generation in Terra’s 3rd density, sixth extinction event. Result!

The stage is almost set. Humanity is going to be softened up and psychologically prepared, bless ’em. The odds are on releases of limited information about what the archaeological digs in Antartica are uncovering. For the folk in the mass consciousness who have been manipulated and dumbed down by Deep State, and have lost the ability to think for themselves, it’s incontrovertible full-on-devastating-turn-the-world-upside-down stuff. It’s perfect priming material for us to believe a fake alien invasion when we see it.

Everything points to a faux alien invasion fleet appearing before we can finally close the 3rd density door behind us and fully integrate with our 4th density spiritual consciousness. It’s real edge of the seat, hold yer breath, fingers and toes crossed, eyes glued to the screen, stuff.

Deep State’s Grand Finale

A full on faux alien invasion looks like it’s going to be Deep State’s grand finale. Audacious huh. A brilliant, totally out there, incredible, mind blowing, soul stealing, Big Lie. Just like all their best lies, it’s a really, really big, porker. A cliffhanger fake alien invasion – and Hollywood has prepped us all so we know about alien invasion fleets!

This is the anticipated, jaw on the floor, final, show-stopping episode from Deep State Control Systems. Currently playing in the universe-famous galactic theatre known as TERRA.  Deep State’s usual impeccable long term foresight and planning means there’s been no production costs their end. It’s all been done on the taxpayer’s dollar! Shareholders are loving it! Folks, settle down now. The final episode has already begun broadcasting.

Huge Fan Base for Life On Earth Reality Show

This gig we’re playing, this galactic drama called Life On Earth, has generated an unprecedented and huge fan base in our universe. Word is, all intelligent, highly evolved galactic, star nation, and other benevolent conscious beings living under universal spiritual laws, are hooked on our reality show. Fans include star nations who have family here. That’s you and me folks. We have their DNA. They want to meet and reconnect with us again. When we’re in 4th density we can do that. Wow.

Life On Earth – Must See Drama

Terra Theatre’s “Life On Earth” reality show is being continuously, non-stop, networked, and relayed further out through our universe. It’s the number one show. WHEREVER. Galactic energies, rising frequencies, and the beneficial effects of the Galactic Plane on our DNA and spiritual consciousness, mean we are acting in the final show-stopping, hugely dramatic, cliffhanger episode of the Deep State production of Life On Earth.

Our drama has a vice-like grip on our galactic audience. Will we succeed in rising completely out of 3rd density? Will our galactic families finally get to meet us?

It’s not like our galactic kin can simply arrive en masse and unannounced. Nope, benevolent galactic beings are respectful, helpful, and friendly. They obey universal law which is different to human law on Terra. It’s more along the lines of Star Trek’s Prime Directive.

Because we exist in a holographic universe, humanity integrating into fourth density of light has an EPIC knock on effect on everything else in our universe. We are the MUST SEE drama!

The Script

The script is created moment by moment. Think of the words as the feelings we generate, the intentions we create about the reality and the biosphere we want to experience; our behaviour, and the actions we take to materialise what we want to experience. The script we create is out-there-mega-critically important.

Acting Aids

To continuously experience high frequency, high consciousness,

  1. Have no fear. Be completely fearless.
  2. Avoid strong powerful negative emotions about anybody and anything.
  3. Avoid violence and brutality. Be aware of what you and your family are energising when watching TV, movies, news programmes which like to use video and images of violence, executions, mass starvation and so on, and anything which creates feelings of fear and/or terror, or simply concentrates on the nastier side of human beings.
  4. Bear in mind that low consciousness feelings of fear, and its associates such as anger, hatred, and hopelessness, are high octane fuel for the energy needed to bolster what’s left of Deep State’s 3rd density reality.

Who Can We Trust?

Ourselves. Routinely create the still, loving, quiet, internal, space which facilitates direct connection with your inner teacher, your Higher Self. Guidance and direction don’t get any better than that. Get the answer to your questions by asking within, then trust and honour your own inner guidance.

Our Starring Role in Life On Earth

Life On Earth is a drama which we actors ourselves are creating! Never judge yourself and the other players. Be neutral when observing the twists and turns and developments in Life On Earth. We’re an integral part of it all.

We auditioned for our part in Life On Earth before we incarnated in our human body. There’s a cast of billions which means none of us have a stand-in or understudy ready to take over if we don’t play our part.

This is not the time for the good goddess and good guy players in this drama to take a vacation from being the most balanced, loving, kind, helpful, highly conscious, high frequency persons we can be.

When we raise our vibrational frequency we help everybody else to do the same.

How Is This Going To End?

If Deep State do manage to stage a fake invasion, whatever story is spinning, STAY AWAY FROM THE FIRST FLEET OF SPACECRAFT which appear. Enter the spacecraft AT YOUR PERIL.

First off, Planet Earth, Terra …. along with the rest of our solar system, she’s moving further and further into 4th density regardless of what we do. Let’s do it with her. The universe has organised the logistics for life enhancing change. I don’t see us ever getting the same opportunity again. It’s going to take billions of years before that happens.

It is imperative we concentrate on our 4th density future. What we focus on, what we routinely intend, is what we create and manifest. Let’s help haul all humanity out of the old lower frequencies and be completely integrated into the higher density of light in the new, higher frequency bandwidth of universal love.

© Anne Ward 2017