We live in an electric universe and on the invisible, subtle energy level, our physical body is a coalescence of electromagnetic vibrational frequencies. Nicholai Tesla understood that “Our entire biological system, the brain, and the earth itself, work on the same frequencies”.

Electromagnetic frequencies are generated by consciousness. Yet our conscious mind, what we think of as ourself, is experiencing only a tiny particle of the reality compared to the quantum existence of our soul consciousness.


The Andromedans, through their contactee Mr Alex Collier, inform us of their understanding that the soul is the original quantum field around each atom in our body. Even though I have never heard this before I can run with that. The quantum field we work in when doing distant healing with someone on another continent who actually feels and benefits from it, that field is built into us at an atomic level. That figures.


The A’s as Mr Collier calls them, also say that every soul contains a piece of the original Light that was everywhere, before anything. That light, that piece of original Creator consciousness, is within our bodies.

On the quantum level, in the gynormous space as big as the universe it manifests within our physical human body, each atom contains stardust which is billions of years old. At the atomic level we are stardust, from many different stars which once existed in different parts of our universe. That’s very interesting – original Light and ancient exploded stars, and a huge quantum space in our body. Wow.  What else?

Through Mr Collier the Andromedans also say that frequency unlocks soul DNA and opens the quantum field of the soul. I guess being separated from this huge quantum creativity of our consciousness is what it really means to be “asleep” – or unconscious.


Our solar system is now moving across the galactic plane – which is a light year sized band of plasma energy. Alex Collier says we have been told by other ET groups, other contactees, of which the A’s are one star nation also corroborating this information, that as we start to move and are completely immersed in this plasma field our DNA is being affected. Those ten unused strands are supposed to turn back on and we are supposed to light up. We are supposed to come back into what many, which I dare say refers to the star nations, are saying is full consciousness.

If we want to access our quantum creativity we, in our dense heavy human bodies, need to match the frequency of our soul’s quantum reality. Now here’s where the universe has set the stage. In common with the rest of our Solar System, here on Terra we are experiencing changes in temperature, atmosphere, and the way in which water behaves. Even more fundamental and most important, all throughout our solar system there are changes in base resonant frequency.

So significant is this new frequency flooding our galaxy it effectively means that our solar system and galaxy is now tuned into, resonating with, an altogether different, and faster, frequency. It’s like a leap upwards. This higher frequency is shifting us into a higher density of light. The more light there is the greater its density.


We are experiencing more and more of the next, higher, fourth density of light. Effectively there is less and less of the third density of light sustaining the old way of life and our planet as we knew it. We are operating within an old collapsing hologram and stepping into a much more spacious and expansive, higher frequency hologram. It’s a whole new world. It’s always been there, but it was deliberately hidden from us.

In the new hologram there are no secrets. Because we experience holographic consciousness and knowledge everything is shared. In early 2017 the form it takes is the internet and social media. Secrets and everything that needs to see the light of day, and stuff which shouldn’t be seeing the light of day like nasty troll bullying and porn revenge vids, is being exposed.

Be able to discern and avoid negative field energy and politics. Remember that fascist dictators and tyrants do not allow dissent or people to express their opposition to the status quo. It is like politically correct human beings who question the point of democracy when it doesn’t produce the result they wanted. And then they try to shut down and oppress everyone who does not agree with their thinking.

The old way of living on this planet simply can’t exist in the fourth density of light. And neither can humanity the way it is currently feeling and behaving. And because the hologram for third density is breaking down and falling apart there’s no place, or space, for the mess we are in.

For most people the unexpected, sudden extreme unpredictability of life on Earth, the changes in the way our planet is behaving, the changes in our societies’ mores flowing in on the diasporas of displaced persons and broken families, and the levels of mass homelessness, loss of employment prospects and conditions, all resulting from the way in which our planet has hitherto been managed, are tremendously challenging. Humanity needs new ways of respectful and sustainable sharing of resources and behaviour towards all life.


Each one of us has the ability to create the change we want to experience. Whatever our circumstances we need to take the time to become centred, open hearted, and still. Practise feeling unconditional love and match your personal individual frequency with the quantum frequency of your soul which contains the frequency of universal love.

Anything is possible in the quantum field when we clearly, simply, without any crossed wires or uncertainty, intend something. We manifest through the clarity of the intention in our soul’s quantum field. However, when we send mixed messages we get mixed results. We must put clear simple direct totally committed feeling and thought into our intention. When we feel gratitude and love and commit 100% to our intention, the love in our heart can leap into our soul’s quantum consciousness and be more readily manifested.


Avoid squandering your energy. Avoid thinking about and getting involved in dramas and people’s stories. Whatever you are putting your attention on, you are giving it your energy simply because energy follows attention.


The most helpful state is that of witness. Be an observer. Focus on creating inner calm and an open loving heart. Be guided by the thought that if we are to have a chance of integration within this new hologram with its new higher density of light, this new higher frequency of consciousness, the A’s and Alex Collier say that ultimately the big question we will have to answer is, “How did you love”? That brings to mind the scales of Maat, the Egyptian goddess of truth, and justice.

The ancient Egyptian understanding was that when you die your heart is placed upon one half of a scale, and a feather is placed upon the other. If your heart weighs more than the feather you get bounced back as a repeater, and you will repeat low consciousness life within low consciousness humanity until your ability to love overcomes all else and your heart is light as a feather.  But you probably won’t need to die to wait to be tested.

Our planet’s transition into a higher density of light, into another, greater, expanded, hologram of higher consciousness, is checking all of us out right now. Remember, love and gratitude in our hearts, and clarity of intention. Then we change our world.

© Anne Ward 2017