We need to get rid of this thing we’ve got about money. From what I’ve learned it seems Terra is pretty much the only place in our galaxy which uses it. Ergo, it’s a scandalous imposition that we have to pay to live here. There’s no need for it and besides, it’s an artificial construct.

On 8 January 2017 in the UK’s Sunday Times Culture magazine there was an article about an American actor, Casey Affleck. It had an insert comparing Casey and his brother Ben’s film careers, how many classic films and duds they had each been in. It also reported that Casey Affleck had earned US$891,875,325 in his career. Eight hundred and ninety one million ….. WTF. Eight hundred and ninety-one million dollars. How many lifetimes does it take to spend that much?

Brother Ben’s column reported him as having more duds, less classics, and that he had “earned” US$2,277,562,088. Jings, I can’t even say that number. I’m gonna google and check what a billion is ….. OK, here goes ….. two thousand two hundred and seventy seven million.

Is money worthless? It must be, because nobody needs that much. Basically it’s digits on a bank statement. Why the heck do you think “they” want a cashless society? It aint just about wiping out cash and making life easier for the banks. It’s just as much about cataloguing, control, and 24/7 continuous surveillance and manipulation of the human population.

The previous week the Sunday Times Magazine had published their first big article of 2017 under the title “Millenni-Hell”. It was about why a generation of young people can’t leave their parental home and become independent adults. Money.

Check out Guy Standing’s youtube vids on the new millenium’s new precariat class. Apart from the elite and their henchthugs pretty much all the rest of us are in it. What it boils down to is that 0.00001%, yup, zero point zero zero zero zero one per cent of the population of the planet owns 99% of the wealth. He is an economist who advocates and gives reasons for a universal guaranteed income. This video is well worth watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OraivQ45ME&t=451s

Until we grow out of our attachment, dependency, and belief in money I want to live in a world where every single adult on Earth gets a generous guaranteed universal income for no other reason than they are alive on this planet. Said income to be paid in the appearance of a big bunch of big digits regularly credited to their bank statement. Then, possibly, I will be OK with a cashless society.

© Anne Ward 2017