Plenty of folk know they have a soul. A lot of these people have no idea that their soul is experiencing incarnation through their present personality, in their particular human body, and experiencing their particular human life to help evolve their consciousness and make it whole again.

Ancient Chinese Taoists understood the temple our human soul inhabits is our physical body. They believed the human soul resides in our vital organs. This is one way of understanding why people who receive someone else’s vital organ often report getting way more than flesh and blood. See all the personality changes we are not meant to know about …. yup, they’ve got a piece of another person’s human soul and the personality of that soul’s last incarnation is now mixed up with what is left of their own.


The human soul is actually a small piece that has separated from the greater part of our higher consciousness. Each incarnation offers an opportunity for our soul to progress our return to its source. We can think of this greater part, this source, as our great celestial soul.

The ancient Egyptians had an easy short word for our great celestial soul. They called it the BA. Our BA aint in our physical body. Our BA hangs in the holograph of higher vibrational cosmic consciousness. BA consciousness is woven through the stars and what we think of as Outer Space.

Sometimes I see the BA consciousness of a human being as what I think of as a STAR DANCER. I see a great constellation of shining stars gathered and spread in the shape of a huge human being dancing in the cosmos. I have also seen the BA consciousness of a human being like a vast transparent rectangular grid formed with diamond shaped dots of light. This beautiful diamond grid was like a vast flag flowing gently in the high deep depths of a dark night sky. Seeing the BA this way means I am working with a highly evolved consciousness who has integrated their Higher Self into their human life.  


Hanging out in our great celestial soul is a higher aspect of ourself which is known as our Higher Self. Higher Self is also our inner teacher. Higher Self can answer all our questions and provide profound loving guidance throughout our incarnations – if we are able to connect with it..

Most of us aint yet consciously connected with our Higher Self, let alone our BA. How do we get connected with our Higher Self? We use meditation and intention, endeavour and discipline.

Once we have connected with our Higher Self we become aware that everything material is matter created with the vibrational frequencies of consciousness. The slower and lower the vibration the more physical and dense the form consciousness inhabits. Consciousness can manifest like a rock or like a mountain, like a cloud or the sky, like a can or like a car, like a tree or a forest, or a river, or an ocean, or a butterfly, or an animal, or a human being. Everything has consciousness to a greater or lesser, higher or lower degree.


We hear about the concerns some of our famous thinkers such as Stephen Hawking have about the impact of technology upon our human species and society. Those of us who go beyond the mass media to learn what is actually happening on, off, and with our planet, know that in the first half of the 20th century a deal was done between malevolent galactics and the leaders of the Nazi Party. Advanced galactic technology was swapped for predatory privileges on Terra and with the human species.

In another deal at the end of World War 2 the covert secret world government got the Nazis with this knowledge out of Europe. It is known as Operation Paperclip.  They brought them to safety and anonymity in North and South America to keep this advanced knowledge secret and to be able to continue to exploit it.

The Earthlings who negotiated the deals with galactic gangsters were far too violent, juvenile, and VLC (very low consciousness) to be able to use this kind of knowledge with intelligence and integrity. Hence the concerns of intelligent human beings with the ability to think and analyse and question where our species is going with the stuff the secret government has been messing with.


Randy Cramer, aka Captain Kaye of the United States Marine Corps, completed 17 years duty on Mars under a military contract with the Secret Space Program or SSP. According to Randy Kramer the military on Mars benefits from holographic healing technology which makes the medical expertise on Earth look completely backward and primitive.

He says that as long as the silver cord is still attached the technology on Mars can retrieve our consciousness after an apparent physical death. I haven’t listened to, or read everything Randy Cramer has put out on the internet. I have not heard him say anything else about the silver cord. However I do know that when the silver cord is no longer linked to the physical body that incarnation is over. The Temple is empty.

When Randy Cramer says that as long as the silver cord is still joined to the body the technology they use on Mars can retrieve the consciousness, pull it back and house it in a new body.  I think he is speaking the truth. You don’t get to hear about the silver cord very often. It is a pretty specialised knowledge. I also know from experience that we too, with our minds and intention, can keep people alive if we can see the silver cord and manage to keep it firmly attached to the body. Remember, everything we need is within us. Jesus said that everything he did we too can do ….. and more.


Randy Cramer also says that the technology on Mars can extract souls out of a physical body. Apparently a soul looks something like a small bag of quantum fluid. And yep, I can also get my head around that. When the body wears out or ages they simply clone a brand new one and stick the soul into it. He says the one thing he is aware is different about the body he is in, compared to the body he went out to Mars with, is that his eyes are a different colour.


I wonder, can this technology which is used on Mars, mend the consequences to the souls of all the folk who had their organs removed before their soul made its full and proper exit? And the same for the recipients of the donor soul. Can it sort out the consequences created by our VLC backward and kinda brutal medical procedures which have cut and spliced the ineffable and sacred soul consciousness of so many people? Somehow I don’t think so. When a VLC primitive ignorant egoic culture has messed with the individual quantum realities created by supremely intelligent Universal Consciousness, how does that get unravelled?


On the other hand it seems to me that one thing the folk working this technology cannot do is create consciousness, create a soul. Yay yay yay, yeah yeah yeah. Cue extremely loud triple blast of the Hallelujah Chorus. Fundamentally the ineffable creation of souls is a divine, supremely creative and intelligent function. And that brings a spring to my step.

Anne Ward © 2016

For further information on Randy Cramer see and youtube vids.

Creation of Souls: read The Prism of Lyra, An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest published by Royal Priest Research Press.