I once had a lady give me directions on how to get to her house in the countryside. She went into great detail, highlighting and telling me every turn off I would see before saying, real serious, “Don’t go down this road”.   Scroll down to listen.

You know what’s coming next don’t you? Yeah, I turned down every single road she had pointed out before telling me not to go down it.

And every single road I turned into I was thinking I don’t think I’m meant to go down here, but somehow, I felt impelled to do it. I would drive along, knowing I was on the wrong road, but with a kind of compulsion to keep on going.  Pink ain’t a usual colour for country houses in this part of the woods, and I was looking for a pink country house with black wrought iron gates.  Who would have thought a douce hilly landscape in central Scotland would actually have three pink country houses each with big black wrought iron gates?

The subsconscious does not recognise negatives, so spending a lot of time thinking you don’t want whateveritis, is a pretty powerful way of praying for something you don’t want to happen. That wee road trip was an interesting experience for me about the power of our subconscious mind, and how not to programme it. We need to be 100% positive, life enhancing, affirmative.

Human beings can be compared to high end organic holographic super computers. Just look at all the amazing discoveries and inventions inquisitive creative free spirits have contributed to our culture, science, astronomy, mathematics, geometry, language, medicine and humanity. To say nothing of the kind of art, music, and understandings, thrilling mystical frissons which nourish our spirit and shift our experience of the reality into the kinda bliss, realisation and pleasure it seems increasingly difficult for our early 21st century society to experience.

When we grow up with people who love us, support us, educate us, and stretch our minds, in conditions which cultivate creativity, intellect and intuition, we are more susceptible to experiencing magickal mystical mind blowing right brain leaps of intuition and integration, and to following through on what we realise and learn, thus benefitting and evolving ourselves, our species, and all life.

Over 90% of what we do and how we behave is determined by our subconscious mind. And most of its memory space is used up by the time we are seven years old. Our subconscious mind is full of downloads and programmes from the grown ups we grew up around. Unfortunately, for most of us, a heck of a lot of this is junk.

So, for most folk, it’s not even our own original thoughts which are creating our reality. Most of what you probably think of as your personal issues don’t even belong to you. They were downloaded into your subconscious when you were too little to do anything but take them.

Usually it’s ancestral stuff around family secrets and hurts or pride in lineage, religious stuff, taboos, social conventions, and sometimes we’ve got a lot of data around parental expectations, criticisms, abuse, and shortcomings. This kinda material has a huge impact on how we behave and what we believe is possible. And impossible. Or pointless. This limits us.

If you want that to change you’ve got to create more memory space to install new programmes and that’s real laborious and time consuming. The usual method of installing new subconscious programmes has been overwriting the old ones with repetition of chants and mantras, over and over and over and over ….. yeah, words, thousands and thousands and thousands of times.

I like Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist whose research work on human cells is particularly fascinating to me because in 1999 I had found myself working with the human crystal body. This was completely unexplored territory for me and the only guidance I got was at the end of 2002 in a channelled message from AA Michael, which had one sentence about it. However, a few months later I learned that Bruce Lipton had scientifically proven we have crystal in our physical bodies.  Whilst I could use my mind to create physical change I couldn’t prove crystal content in the human body on a material level of the reality. He did.

Last year, 2015, I came across Bruce Lipton on youtube speaking so highly of a method of rapidly reprogramming the subconscious mind that I did the training for my own benefit. It was originated in 1988 by a guy called Robert M Williams. Although I hoped for the best, I was actually very surprised at how effective it was. The technique is known as PSYCH-K.

© Anne Ward 2016