Once upon a time, but this is a true story, when I started cleaning this guy’s energy there was a big red demon growing out of his shoulders.  It was pretty full on. This was a big strong tall guy, well over 6 foot, with a big strong naked muscly red male demon hanging about over him. I saw the demon from the solar plexus up. Scroll down to listen.  Not the kinda thing you forget so easily. I got rid of it and a pile of other stuff and speaking with him afterwards I mentioned the red demon. He told me something real interesting. He was a Sufi – which is like the Muslim mystics, and for the Sufis demons are always red. I didn’t know that.

On another occasion I connected with a devout Hindu woman. She had beautiful Indian women, like goddesses, dressed in red and orange, dancing in a semi-circle around and behind her. They were gorgeous, joyous, and fiery. When Hindu folk pray to their deity they do so with the intention that the deity’s energy is created and held in their personal energy field. That was quite a group of women she had with her. This was another person whose beliefs and spiritual practises had created a reality. It was just on a different vibrational frequency to the everyday one we can see and hear and smell and touch.

23I also recall working with a man who, when I connected with his energies, had this blue warrior guy in a chariot circling in the sky around him. When I reported this my man was really pleased. Turned out he was into the Vedic stuff which is like high end Hindu, and the blue dude was Krishna. Krishna is one of the nine incarnations of Vishnu, who is regarded as one of the creators and protectors of the world. That’s a pretty powerful deity to be hanging out in your personal energy field. He just thought about him often enough.

Thoughts are way more powerful than most human beings are currently able to recognise or understand. That’s why folk participating in medical experiments who ingest pills containing 100% zilch, whilst believing they are taking medication for their health problem, get better. Powerful things placebos. They prove how transformational our thoughts and beliefs are.

Talking about experiments ….. experiments have proven that people heal faster if they are prayed for when they are ill. They simply get better more than folk who ain’t having that particular plea made to the invisible forces of universal love on their behalf. That’s a fact. That’s a reality. And there’s been experiments with synchronised group meditations using thoughts, feelings, and intention, which have been proven to reduce crime in the areas they had specifically focussed on. Another reality.

Mystics, who also work with their subtle energy body and anatomy to raise their vibration and consciousness, already know that feelings, thoughts, intention and focus create our reality. Pokey huh. POI point of information: pokey, British slang for powerful.


Your thoughts and feelings determine your level of consciousness and they generate the reality you experience. Yup, you’re in charge.

Even if you think it’s all out of your control, in consultation with your great celestial soul you chose your mother and father who also agreed to this. You chose your genes, your ancestral patterns, your astrology, and your karma.

You create karma with your thoughts, feelings, speech and actions in each of your incarnations. Full on responsibility huh. Oh yeah, your body dies but your consciousness, never. You know, the Christian religion upheld the doctrine of reincarnation up until the Nicean Council held around the middle of the sixth century. They abandoned it because you got a lot more leverage and control of someone if you say they they’ve only got one opportunity to enter heaven and they gotta get past you to do that.

Another reality which may seem totally out there in the third and fourth dimensional realities currently dominating our world, cos it seems there’s loadsa folk getting away with really filthy stuff, in the greater reality everything is balanced. Because of karma in the long run, these people pay. Cultures pay, nations pay, civilisations pay. Karma balances the consequences of our thoughts, our feelings and our actions. That is a fundamental cornerstone everywhere in this universe throughout all the parallel realities within all the overtones of all the dimensions.


The Russians, who seem to me to do way more fascinating, thrilling, and relevant research than the west, have managed to prove that DNA can be reprogrammed using sound vibrations. This is kinda interesting huh, when you consider that the Christian Bible tells us that in the beginning was the word.

Everything has a sound. You might not be able to hear it but because everything is fundamentally a vibrational frequency, everything has a sound signature. We instantly recognise the sounds of grief, anger, fear, pain, happiness, joy and excitement. Sound can be said to be the energy of manifestation, the energy of creation. And when we intentionally use our human voices to heal we intuitively create a sound with a resonant frequency which spirals in unravelling and dissolving the dissonant unhealthy frequencies. This facilitates a return to balance and health. That’s a reality.

Another sound reality, we can communicate with the natural world simply by feeling love and gratitude and letting the sound of these feelings flow from our body. And the natural world will respond. You may think it is a coincidence that a rainbow suddenly appears, or a wind suddenly blows through and past you, or a sea as still as a mill pond suddenly ripples and waves around you, or the air about you sparkles with coloured crystalline geometries, or spheres of beautifully coloured energies puff and rise out of the tree tops, but as we penetrate deeper into the reality, there are no coincidences, only synchronicities. Sound manifests thoughts, feelings, and intentions. When we relax and allow sounds to intuitively arise and flow from us we experience and communicate with the sacred elements on a different vibrational reality. It’s just a shift in vibrational frequency. And it’s as real as your body and your breath.


Another reality is that time as we think of it is an illusion. The vibrational reality is that everything is happening now, in this moment. It’s the reason why sensitives can tune into what has happened in the past, and what can happen in what we think of as the future. It’s the reason why you experience deja vue in your dreams. And the reason why you can regress into past life experiences. Nothing goes away.  Every thought and feeling and act is recorded in the great etheric library known as the Akashic Records. There, that’s another reality. There’s loads of them. And they are all real, just on different frequencies, different vibrational wavelengths. And all you need to do is be able to change your frequency to tune into another aspect of “the reality”.

Our concensus reality is created with combinations and manifestations of the Sacred Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. For many folk it is a stretch to reduce our terrain, skies, sun, moon and stars, oceans, seas, rivers, brooks and burns, our mountains, hills, volcanos, caves, glaciers, jungles and deserts to earth, air, fire and water. The Sacred Elements are fundamentally vast coalescenses of archytypal consciousness. These archytypes are just as real as the fact that the atoms in every molecule in our bodies, on the quantum reality frequency, at the core of our inner space, are made of stardust from stars that exploded thirteen billion years ago. Dust from different stars from all over the universe is inside you at the core atomic level of your body. That’s a reality. And we think we are separate from everything and everybody else. Really?

On another reality, on a different vibrational frequency, that’s kinda where you come from and actually where the greater part of you is hanging out. I started by telling of a red demon, beautiful goddesses and Lord Krishna.  I have also seen highly evolved people as what I think of as Star Dancers. I have seen them as constellations of stars which look like a huge vast human being dancing through the cosmos. And I have seen someone whose higher consciousness looked like a huge delicate net, a grid of shining diamonds, gently blowing like a giant etherial sail in the dark night sky.

I’ve given you some of the good uplifting side we can experience when we concentrate on increasing the amount of light in our bodies by raising our vibration and consciousness. However our current level of mass consciousness is about polarity, duality, separation and judgement and because of the way duality works, there’s also a whole lotta filthy stuff.

Energy follows attention so let’s concentrate on what we can know and do to help integrate the higher light side of our consciousness with the heavier denser, darker consciousness which exists in our duality, polarity, mass consciousness reality.


Underlying all realities everywhere, and I really do mean everywhere, like off planet, through the universe, the base resonant frequency, as in the lowest electro-magnetic vibrational frequency is rising. Around the end of the 20th century NASA sent out probes to collect data from our solar system and this information is part of what we have learned.

Our base resonant frequency is the lowest frequency manifesting in the spectrum of Terra’s electro-magnetic field. It is as low as it gets in the bandwidth of vibrational frequencies which our mass consciousness experiences. This base resonant frequency is more commonly known as the Schumann frequency but that doesn’t tell us anything about how important it is in terms of the kind of reality our global human mass consciousness experiences.

We know that in 1952 scientists became aware that Terra’s base resonant frequency had started increasing and was now vibrating at 7.8 hertz per second. And it had been stable for a very long time. Fortyfour years later, at the end of 1996, it had risen to 11 hertz per second. That’s an increase of more than 3 hertz from 7.8 hertz in only 44 years. That’s pretty full on because 3 hertz is nearly half of 7.8. Now, 14 hertz per second is fourth dimension bandwidth. I dunno when we hit that frequency but I do know we have been fourth dimensional for a number of years.

As you may have noticed, the fourth dimension reality is dangerous, unpredictable, and very very challenging, one you don’t really want to hang around in. May 2016, I learn we’ve got up to 16.5 hertz per second. 16.5, from 7.8. Yikes. That’s an increase of 5.5 hertz over 20 years and we started taking our base resonant frequency seriously when it reached 7.8. So we took 44 years to rise by 3 hertz and from that point, 20 years to rise another 5.5 hertz. Over the last 64 years our base resonant frequency has more than doubled and it’s rising faster and faster and faster. Kinda like our experience of time huh. And that is not a coincidence.

I dunno at what base resonant frequency the fifth dimension reality kicks in. I do know the fifth dimension is gonna seem like heaven on earth compared to what’s going down now. And I do know we are pretty much upon it, and if you consider the exponential increases in our base resonant frequencies which are rising higher and faster …….

The fifth dimension is about unity, universal love consciousness. As the hippies used to say, love and peace, man, love and peace. But it ain’t automatic that we can all hang out in the fifth dimension. Because we’ve got to be able to hold the resonant frequency.

Keep on making happy, harmonious, loving choices. Switch the fecking violent war, rape and mayhem, zombie vampire horror and alien invasion films off. And the violent video games. They ain’t helping you any. They are keeping you low down and dirty.

One of the effects of this faster frequency, is that the wave length is changing. Think of the charts created by seismic activity, like when there is a volcano or earthquake occurring, and how the intensity of the activity affects the frequency being recorded.  It goes real fast and much more up and down, and much closer together. It can get so high and so fast and so close there’s no space left between the wavelengths.  The activity recorded on the chart just looks like one big blotch on the paper.

Purple vortex in the garden just after solar eclipse March 2015
Purple vortex in the garden just after solar eclipse March 2015

As the frequencies rise we get closer together. So our frequencies on Earth are rising and we are getting closer together because, in the great scheme of things, we are changing bandwidth and rising up into unity, oneness consciousness. However, it’s kinda dangerously chaotic down here and mostly that is because of the kind of reality, polarity, duality, right and wrong, war and peace and so on, we were experiencing at 7.8 hertz per second, and until we get into the bandwidth of fifth dimension frequencies we’re in full on crazy world turned upside down polarity consciousness.

Polarity consciousness reality is a rare thing in our universe. Probably the most outstanding property of polarity consciousness is free will. Free will means we have choice about how we behave. So we can get a shed load of shits from outer space coming in and fucking with us because, down here in a polarity consciousness bandwidth, they are able to choose to do this. It basically boils down to being able to choose to be harmful or to be harmonious and harmless.

The choice of the secret government is to be harmful.  Their preferred method of enforcement is illusion, lies, fear and a refusal to share the resources of our planet.  They are also polluting and exploiting it to the point where life on Earth is dying.

There are many many parallel realities manifesting on Earth. You can go on the internet and find out about different realities under the surface of the planet; the Hollow Earth; the Secret Space Programme and super soldiers; technology which regrows amputated limbs, which they use on secret space bases on Mars; and you can explore conspiracy theories, or as they are also known, the business plans of the Rip Off Planet Earth Brigade.

Because the frequencies have got to solid blotch time on the consciousness graph the wavelengths are jammed up close and personal and information transfers real easy from one wave to another. We live in an electric universe and our consciousness is held in the electromagnetic frequencies it generates. These electromagnetic frequencies contain all our personal information and now, they are kinda crushed together. This creates an energetic imperative of living in a time of no secrets.

The secret covert dirty stuff that is coming out of the woodwork is real fry yer brain big time WTF stuff. Since the beginning of 2016 it is at a whole new level. Even for hardened researchers. When you are looking at websites if they’ve got all sorts of shit like big pop ups of photos which objectify women and show other VLC (very low consciousness) drivel, get off that site.

There are as many and more websites created with the intention of disseminating lies and disinformation which contains grains of truth, and propaganda designed to demoralise, spread confusion, reinforce and generate fear in the mass consciousness as there are sites genuinely intending to keep people informed of what is really happening on our planet, the good, the bad, and the ugly. You aint gonna learn that from the mass media. It is designed and intended to divert attention from what we really need to know and change. It’s about mind control and creating fear.

Remember Energy follows attention and intention. So, be discerning about where you put your attention and what you intend. Best to stay on the bright side. Especially now when your choices are more important than ever before.

Your reality may be that you, your family and loved ones are blessed with a safe sound roof over your heads, with clean water and nutritious food, good health, the ability and opportunity to work and enjoy financial security, and optimism for the future. But in this day and age, this is not usual.

Or, your reality may be that you are simply glad to be alive with just the clothes you stand in, not knowing where your family is or even if they are alive and safe. You don’t know where you are going to sleep or wash, or whether you will manage to find food to eat. Your only certainty is that you are alive. It seems this is the reality of more and more people on this planet.

If we manage to hang out in the reality of the fifth dimension, our experience and our reality is gonna change in ways which currently seem impossible. Your thoughts create your reality. And your understandings and thoughts and choices affect the mass consciousness of our human species.

The most useful thoughts and feelings you can have at this time are those of love, gratitude and appreciation. If you find it difficult to be thankful for your lot I suggest you count your blessings. If you get into a bed with clean sheets in a house which is not in a war zone, wow, that’s way better than many many people experience. It’s way better than all the homeless people who sleep out of doors in concrete cities in freezing cold or driving rain. And it’s way better than all the children all over the world living on the streets or in refugee camps without parents or any kind of safety and kindness. If you have food on a table, hey, there are children starving and parents unable to feed them. To say nothing of the war on women which is the general background to everything.

Everything is relative so consider what you experience relative to the experiences of those who have nothing but the clothes they wear and the life they live; without family, without a bed to sleep in, without security; prey to human traffickers, rapists, paedeophiles, psychopaths, genocidal murderers, warmongers.

When you count your blessings you will find it very easy to feel gratitude and thankfulness. Feel it, send it out to the universe. Universal consciousness registers it, and so do the Akashic Records. And the more you do this, the better you get at it.

Moment by moment, choice by choice, try and make your thoughts and feelings loving and kind and wise, sharing and caring. This is the fundamental reality and responsibility of every single one of us who actually wants and intend to change our experience of life on Earth.  When we change and raise our own personal consciousness we are changing and raising the consciousness everywhere on this planet. That’s how it works.

It may be helpful to remember that it is always darkest before the dawn.  However dark it is now there is a huge new level of light about to flood through our planet. Let’s put our energies and attention on creating as much light and love as we can. Let’s get as many people as possible able to integrate and hang out in the loving sharing reality of fifth dimensional universal consciousness.

© Anne Ward 2016