How do you teach the Merkaba and what are the benefits?

Cosmic events and waves of galactic energy mean that the octahedron, which is the geometry for unity consciousness, is now appropriate for the geometry of the lightbody for merkaba activation.   Scroll down to listen.   I now offer short personal sessions over Skype where you can learn the octahedral activation, do the activation, debrief and discuss.   I am no longer facilitating workshops for understanding and activating the merkaba created with the star tetrahedron which is the geometry of polarity consciousness.

The SOLi School, part of the Seed of Life Institute, conducts a 2 day workshop on the background and activation of the octahedral lightbody merkaba. It is a very simple and easy activation. The workshop is called the Pleiadian Lightbody Activation because the background knowledge for the activation and the octahedral activation itself come from the Pleiadians, channelled through Lyssa Royal Holt.

Merkaba Activation

In 2014 I facilitated a private octahedral activation of the merkaba, over Skype, for personal friends who already knew the star tetrahedron activation and all the material surrounding it. I went nowhere near what SOLI offers because I reduced it to basic background information about densities of light plus the activation. It took less than an hour.   Activation was followed by debriefing which was temporarily halted by the unprecedented and deafening noise of seven fighter jets flying over their house, which lay at the bottom of a Welsh valley. This was repeated minutes later by more deafening noise from three jets flying over the neighbouring valley before joining up with the first seven.  Merkaba activation shows up on radar screens like a nuclear reaction. This may help you appreciate how significant an etheric event merkaba activation is, and the reason why there is no room for error.

You don’t feel it as such but effectively, on the etheric, it’s huge.  Importantly, fighter jets investigating a radar event are not needed for confirmation of activation.  I facilitated a public workshop for the activation of merkabas beside the UK’s global surveillance HQ at Cheltenham in England. There were no jets.

Thus the merkaba is an immensely powerful interdimensional disc of hyperdimensional energy which is activated with intention and geometry.  We stress activation with an open heart filled with unconditional love for all life because our human ability to love is one of the greatest forces in the universe. When you feel unconditional love for all life you become harmless.


Sombrero Galaxy Merkaba

Benefits of Merkaba Activation

  1. The practise is a way for your Higher Self (HS) to connect and communicate with you. Inner guidance and information from your Higher Self is as good as it gets because Higher Self is the most important, true, and knowledgeable teacher we have. And HS always has our best interests at heart. Higher Self is ourself at our great galactic soul level. When we embody our Higher Self in our daily life we experience Heaven upon Earth.
  2. Merkaba activation with unconditional love for all life is a service to our biosphere and to all life. When activated with love a merkaba is an intensely powerful field of light and universal love which has a positive uplifting effect on the community and environment around it. This powerfully contributes to the evolution of the mass consciousness here on Terra.
  3. Protection from mind control programmes which try to keep people unconsciousness. You ain’t in the control matrix when you have an active merkaba.


Most people do not realise that their light body, i.e. the geometry they use for activation, is a reflection of who they are and how they are and how connected and unconditionally loving and non-judgemental they actually are.  If you work with your consciousness and energy and relationships you will start connecting with your own power, which is what happens when you start embodying your Higher Self.

Your light body is extremely sensitive and reflects your state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  For instance I was once in a very elevated state and I was aware of my light body around me.  Prior to grounding myself and returning to everyday life and events I suddenly remembered I had to do something and thought, oh, I hate doing that.  Well, at the “h” word it was as if something big had bashed into my light body and momentarily knocked and rocked it off balance. That’s what one fleeting unconscious word did to my lightbody. It taught me to be more careful and conscious about my thoughts and language.

The point I am making is that you determine the condition of your lightbody.  Your lightbody is a reflection of you, because your consciousness and your issues are writ large in and over it.

Energy Centres

Consciousness is contained in the subtle etheric electromagnetic frequencies it generates and transmits.  If you want to be able to sustain continuously high conscious beingness, your main subtle energy centres need to release and clear heavy dense frequencies they may be holding.  If you are not already doing so the habit of stretching and moving your body so that your subtle energies and your energy centres, or chakras, get a workout is helpful.

Merkaba Activation Sessions

If you are interested in activating your merkaba using the octahedron geometry I do personal skype activation sessions which follow the same process as the skype activation above. You need to contact me personally and tell me briefly about yourself and why you want to do this, and I’ll contact you.


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