When you relax and release into unlimited, unconditional love and appreciation, thankfulness and celebration, you are feeling the feelings you were born to feel.  Sometimes these feelings may seem remote from you.   But, as the life support systems of our biosphere crash and huge new waves of incoming galactic energies flood down to Earth, the safety and survival of yourself and your loved ones depends upon your ability to live in this state of gratitude, appreciation, and love.  Scroll down to listen.

These are the feelings which manifest synchronicities and create the Beingness of Integration. These are the feelings which create connections between different realities on the path that miracles make between hopelessness and salvation.

Loch Tummel and Schiehallion
Loch Tummel and Schiehallion

Fearlessness, love and gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation and awe, effortlessly create bridges between what seems hopeless and impossible to heal,  into something which is healed and has a future you want to participate in. This is the way alienated, separation, polarity right and wrong, better and worse, good and bad, duality consciousness manages reintegration into oneness.

As a multidimensional human being, which you are because you were born that way but when you were little it was all denied and decried as imagination and silliness, if you are going to thrive and fully realise yourself, realise your potential, realise your ability to be filled with universal love and joy, you must grow through the blood-stained soil of what seems to be one of the most dangerous dreadful places in this universe. You must become like a spring bulb moving around rocks and roots and obstacles, reaching always, inexorably, towards the light and the sun and the stars.

Whether or not you believe that Jesus existed is immaterial to the truth of the message “What I do, you too can do, and more” about the miracles a spiritual master demonstrated to us and which were created with his intention and powerful feelings of unconditional love for all life. Just like great spiritual masters we also have the inborn ability to feel the same feelings and intend the same intentions, to surrender and connect with the creative consciousness which is everywhere, within everything, and let Creator flow through and from us.

Our ability to experience perfect pure moments of thankfulness for the blessings in our lives opens our hearts and they become as beautiful blossoms unfurling in the breath of the creative consciousness flowing through them.

Bliss experiences pierce and penetrate the membrane which separates a human being from their power to create the miracles every single one of us is born with the ability to make. An ability we urgently need to dust off and switch on.

Our biosphere is in her sixth extinction event. If we take today’s little children as generation one and their grandchildren, generation three, then generation three will be the last human beings to live upon Terra, Earth, Gaia ….. or Mother Earth as indigenous, aboriginal, people think of her. Truly, it is the time to make miracles.

Incoming with the galactic, gamma, solar and photonic energies, there’s also another planet coming around. It does this every 3,600 years. Sometimes called Planet X, and to students of the occult, Nibiru, this huge planet was on a new orbit around 250,000 years ago when the Annunaki folk who live on it came across Earth and realised it was full of gold. After a catastrophic collision they needed gold to seed into their atmosphere to hold it together. So they put their own folk down here to dig it out and ship it out, and now Nibiru is flying by again. Real soon. There’s plenty of amateur vids on youtube where you can look and see for yourself. Nibiru is upon us and the way it’s gonna make us feel, well, it’s gonna be Old Testament biblical and bad ass.

But the Nibiru fly-by aint the reason all the planets in our solar system are experiencing fundamental changes in their base resonant frequencies – which are rising increasingly higher. NASA has also reported changes in the way in which their water, and their atmospheres behave. Global warming ain’t created by human beings, tho our treatment of the planet exacerbates it.

The really big deal is there’s way more than Nibiru or Planet X coming our way. There’s a whole new incoming level of higher consciousness. The invisible etheric geometric blueprint upon which the etheric crystalline infrastructure of our life and consciousness here on Terra hangs and is supported, is changing.

The sacred geometry of creation and the incoming cosmic, galactic energies impel the shift out of judgement and comparison, right and wrong, rich and poor duality or polarity consciousness into what is known as unity consciousness.

Unity consciousness is a way of being which is based on universal love. It is a level of consciousness held by beings who recognise that everything, everywhere, is connected and is part of one great whole. Everything has its place and its part to play and everything, everybody, is equally important and precious.

This new consciousness offers an incredible opportunity for us to return to balance, return to health, to change ourselves, our world, our values, and change our relationships with each other. When we shift our frequency we change our consciousness and we change our reality.

Universal consciousness is currently sending us new cosmic energies.  These new energies give us the opportunity to experience a major upgrade to an octahedral bandwidth of creation based on this sacred geometry of unity, universal love consciousness. For us here on Terra, living in polarity, duality, consciousness defined by the interpenetration of two identical platonic solids, which creates what is known as a star tetrahedron, moving up into octahedral unity consciousness and a completely new level of being based on living in a loving way which supports, respects, and loves life – hey, this is mega.

However there is a catch. The only way we can hang out in unity consciousness is if we have high open heart energy which is filled with universal unconditional love. Having lots of money and stolen power may be the number one big issue of the folk who covertly control this planet, but you can’t buy love and you don’t need cash or a credit card to feel love. You were born with it. Love is free. All you need to do is feel love and awe for creation and the beauty of life to be present in each moment.

Importantly the change in the geometries of creation and consciousness is also a shift up into holographic consciousness.  This means you instantly know what you need to know without reading or being taught about it. This potential shift in the mass consciousness of human beings which changes timelines, realities, relationships with each other and life everywhere …. this is huge.

The opportunity our human species is currently offered is the number one event in this universe.  The number one big deal that is drawing the eyes of the universe to us. Succeeding means integrating the mass consciousness of our species into fifth dimensional unity consciousness and this affects everybody, every conscious being, everywhere in our galaxy, and everywhere else in our universe. And that affects everything everywhere in the multiverse. It’s seriously seriously mega.

We are in a cosmic consciousness test and there’s a heck of a lotta folk around concentrating on money and status who aint prepared for it and who actively try and prevent the rest of us succeeding in passing it.

When human beings are closed off in physical bodies living lives burdened with fear, oppression, insecurity, and lack, we’re living in an exclusion zone. We are missing out on the most enjoyable creative heartfelt parts and aspects of ourselves. And we are missing out on association and integration with the greater galactic community whose genetic material is in every single one of us.

So, the really big deal, bigger than the extinction event, bigger than the seismic and tsunami activity created by our own emotional turmoil and amplified by the gravitational pull of the giant planet X/Nibiru and the ensuing space debris which is gonna be like a cosmic dumpster jettisoned all over us, the really big event is the opportunity we now have to change our consciousness, change our experience of life upon Earth and our relationship with our galactic community.

It benefits us to live and think and feel in a way that takes advantage of a great secret part of our being which is our subtle energy bodies and anatomy. Understanding them gives us the keys to open the doors of perception and experience the currently invisible greater reality.

Creator consciousness is in every single cell of your body. And you’ve got trillions of cells. Huge huge unimagineable numbers of physical cells. Then there’s a huge invisible part of you accessed through your extrasensory perceptions. Except they aint extra senses. They are higher senses cos you were born with them, just like you were born with eyes and ears and fingers and vital organs.

They are higher senses than the ones you are aware of because they exist on a different, and faster (hence higher) vibrational frequency than, for instance, your nose. A vibrational frequency which is normally invisible and silent, but nevertheless exists and sounds. We have Newtonian physics and quantum physics, two cognition systems existing and functioning on different levels of reality and understanding. These are two cognition systems hanging out on different frequencies of consciousness, one of which is limited and another which is unlimited. We have a physical body and an etheric invisible energy body. One of which limits our access to the reality and the other which opens the portals to unlimited worlds and unlimited ways to experience reality.

This huge invisible part of you involves higher levels of consciousness which are already integrated into the huge higher dimensional, holographic, galactic, consciousness hanging out in the powerful new currents of galactic and hyperdimensional energies which are flowing through our bodies and into the earth beneath our feet. These invisible parts are just a vibration, a shifting or, shift in, frequency away.

Our world is out of balance.  Many folk are overwhelmed at this time because their experiences are all edging them close to hopelessness and loss of equilibrium. Just as much as we work to get our heads around what is happening to our expectations and assumptions, our human bodies are continually stressed at the run on our vital life force energy.

We are continuously using up precious life force energy as we process frequent explosive and devastating situations which our lives and planetary conditions lob at us.

Another run on life force is created by the stresses and strains imposed by new galactic weather. There’s all sorts of unusual energies flooding through our cosmos down into Earth and through our physical bodies. And our bodies are having to integrate these incoming galactic energies. That’s a big recalibration and rebalancing job. It can feel like a bit of a hammering. Especially if you are sensitive to energy. Rest up and sleep and get plenty of fresh air. Preferably by walking in it and preferably on the land, in forests, by lakes and oceans and rivers and water falls, on hill tops, mountains ….. the natural world and the Sacred Elements are powerfully healing.

And in the 21st century the main drain on life force energy is the invisible battering and degradation incurred by existing in the massive new strange fusion soup of wifi internet TV android phone, cell mast, IT invisible frequencies we are continuously, choicelessly, bathed in. We can often hear this soup simmering away in the background, humming and ringing, and buzzing. We’ve got all the gear in place to be remote controlled and manipulated using IT surveillance technology in our everyday household goods.

Old values and systems, understandings, philosophies and ways of life are changing, if not falling away and disappearing. The positive aspect of this is that as the old systems crash and vanish space is being created for something new to come in. The covert criminal conspirators who worship money and status and who secretly run this planet have been planning against this time and their main event is creating fear. When folk feel fear they are unable to access their higher brain centres, unable to reason, unable to remain centred and they become very easy to manipulate and control.

Ergo, this is the time to become fearless, to dig deep into your imagination and dream your dream of the planet and world and society you want and intend to experience.   It is time to open your heart, to feel love rather than hate, to choose the higher path, and intend the very best possible outcome for our planet and the species whose lives depend upon her.

However far out the idea that you have a choice about how you experience this time and that you have a choice about what comes afterwards, that your feelings and thoughts and intentions can and do influence and create the reality is your primal truth. Whether or not you understand or believe this, getting yourself in a position or state of being to exercise this choice at this time, in these conditions, by making miracles is actually your life purpose and why you are a key participant in this event.

You gotta be conscious and you gotta be fearless and you gotta remember there ain’t a committee organising this, and there ain’t any free passes to the graduation ceremony. You gotta do this yourself and the stuff I am writing and speaking intends to help you understand how important and vital are your choices at this amazing time of transformation.

© Anne Ward 2016