Human beings were created by the genetic engineers of the Annunaki, a galactic civilisation which used their own DNA for the startup. They activated 2 of the 12 strands of DNA which are in our bodies. They effectively blocked our ability to access their seemingly god-like abilities. Why was that?  Scroll down to listen.


The opportunist Annunaki are a galactic civilisation whose planet, Nibiru, was knocked out of its natural orbit after a catastrophic collision. Consequently their atmosphere was compromised. Then they serendipitously stumbled upon Terra during Nibiru’s new huge elliptical orbit which comes across our planet every 3,600 years.

The Annunaki began mining Terra’s fabulously rich reserves of gold to stabilise their own planet’s atmosphere. After getting down and dirty, they had the bright idea of creating a labour force to do the mining, dig the gold out and lug it on to their spaceships. They simply used their advanced genetic engineering skills and created a slave species to do their dirty work.

Although you have the exponential potential of 12 strands of DNA only two are actually realised and switched on. We don’t even use them as much as we could. Why would they bother giving slaves a whole lot of information they didn’t need? The unused strands are referred to as junk or shadow DNA.  We do not yet utilise all the potential of the two active strands of DNA.  And our scientists do not yet know as much as they need to know to understand the phenomenon they call “junk DNA”.


Because we were created as a slave species they weren’t too particular in the assembly line. There’s a lot of rushed jobs. We have people with serious genetic defects which you don’t see in the other creatures of the natural world. This is not because it’s survival of the fittest out there.  The only ones with genetic defects are creatures like dogs which have been interfered with by human beings, and creatures affected by human environmental pollution.

Because we were created as a slave species our DNA was encoded with subservience and obedience, a natural tendency to follow orders and do what we are told. That is why we tumble into the unfortunate pattern of doing stuff we know is wrong, but heck, somehow we’ve just got to obey authority and orders. Yep, it was on the specs sheet.

Ever wondered why a tiny handful of terrorists behave like they own this planet and have trashed and exploited it to the point where it can no longer sustain life? They think they own us, and Terra too. Wouldn’t you if your ancestors had taken possession of a planet and created a made-to-measure slave species? If you were on the Annunaki blood downline, currently known as the Illuminati or New World Order or (not so) Secret Government, or as I refer to them, the human population and mind control management team, aka the Rip Off Planet Earth Brigade (ROPEB), wouldn’t you feel the same? In their reality they believe, and feel entitled to think, they own our asses.


But here’s the big twist. The Annunaki did get a bit fancy. They recognised that Terra also had some very high spiritual energy trapped inside the bodies of certain hominids. You thought that Big Foot, or Sasquatch, or Yeti were mythical? Huh, you should watch the vid of three Big Foot beings unexpectedly, accidentally, filmed in Yellowstone Park walking out from conifer cover in the snow in 2015. And take a look at the work of Lloyd Pye on the Siberian blood downline from male human beings breeding with a captured female sasquatch. First and subsequent generations look, and are, just like us.

There were spiritual beings on Terra. Ephemerals, whose consciousness and etheric vibration was too high and vast and light to be able to incarnate in heavy physical bodies,  Nevertheless, they had found a way to temporarily enter the body of a hominid and have a good time. They could enjoy breathing mountain air, drinking pure spring water, feeling the wind blow, and all the other pleasures of the flesh which can only be experienced when consciousness inhabits a physical body. But they could only do this for a temporary window of time. Over thousands and thousands of years they had become sloppy and lazy. Some of them forgot to press the exit button when they needed to. They got stuck in these heavy dense physical bodies. You could say they became imprisoned here. Because of the light in their eyes the Annunaki recognised the hominids with Ephemerals trapped within them.

Well, here’s the deal. They helped themselves to some of this hominid-with-Ephemeral DNA. So we’ve got 2 realised strands out of a potential 12 strand DNA (which is the so called junk or shadow DNA). AND, we’ve got that huge soul attractor, soul consciousness slipped in through genetic manipulation and inclusion of Ephemeral/hominid DNA. Hence that strange, vague, and not so vague feeling that there is more to life than the low-down stuff so much of it tends to deliver.

This is what that great metaphor for contact with galactic extra terrestrial beings, the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, refers to as the sons of the gods lay with the daughters of men.


Genetic manipulation is nothing new. Genetic engineering is why Terra’s human species suddenly appeared. Try as they might, evolutionists simply cannot justify the leap from prehistoric hominids to the very recent and new human being.

Nowadays we are seeing strange beings, which appear to be a conglomeration of different creatures, washed up on beaches. These creatures were created by present day genetic engineers under the control and direction of the Annunaki downliners, the Secret Government or, the human population and mind control management team.

This is the text of anonymous geneticist’s letter to Lloyd Pye

“Look up the huge discontinuities between man and the various apes for microchondrial DNA, genes for the RH factor, and human Y chromosomes, among others. Regarding number three, the chromosomes, I refer you to D K Smith’s 1987 study titled Repeated DNA Sequences Of The Human Y Chromosome.

It says most human Y chromosomes sequences so far examined do not have homologues which are similar sequences, on the Y chromosomes of other primates. Human female DNA does look somewhat ape-like. Not the male Y chromosome. This means that if we are a cross-bred hybrid species, as you contend, the cross had to be between a female ape-like creature of the Earth, as the Sumerians said, and a male person from elsewhere.

What the evolutionists do is find certain things which look very similar between man and ape. Then they make a tree of descent while ignoring those huge impassable abysses elsewhere.

Also, by certain methods of DNA dating one can tell that numerous genes have been recently added to the human genome.

If workers in my field were to say such things openly we would be ostracised and forced to live in a tent. Any work along these lines would be rejected without any form of appeal, so what can we do?

Sincerely, DNA Deep Throat”.

Several years later, information which is now either impossible or pointless to suppress, is quietly breaking in the global press saying that human male DNA ain’t from any creature found on Earth. Scientists have confirmed it is from “elsewhere” (sic).


This hugely expanded Ephemeral soul consciousness gave us the potential to think and feel BIG. It wasn’t really what the Annunaki had in mind for us. However they had started something they couldn’t stop because their wee experiment to help them plunder Terra attracted attention.

April 2015 Solar Eclipse With Company

Once we were created we generated a lot of interest in other galactic civilisations. They arrived and added their own genetic contributions, tweaking and altering our DNA and thus, our potential. They all continue to be fascinated by the human experiment. We are like their babies. We have their genetic material and like parents they find us fascinating and, like parents, most of them have our best interests at heart. But, just like parents, there are also some who ain’t benevolent and who are dangerous to be around.The benevolent donors mostly arrived and arrive by way of plasma ships which are biologically integrated with the consciousness which creates and manipulates them.  The malevolent, who ain’t interested in developing our potential, used and use heavy black technological vehicles.

We hear of the internet running out of space. Well, it’s like that all around our planet because the higher etheric realities around Terra are stowed out with the spaceships of our galactic genetic families. The motherships are here and it doesn’t take so many of them before the galactic ETV, or extra terrestrial vehicle park around Terra is full.

2015 Solar Eclipse and Incoming

We are like the biggest, most enthralling, and exciting reality show in the universe. There ain’t any other species like us anywhere else. We are seen as a tremendous biological resource, a living library of galactic genetic material and potential. We are the result of a unique experiment on consciousness and DNA, and we are granted, exposed to, and subjected to choices which do not exist anywhere else.

Not only are you not what you think you are, you are way more than you can probably yet imagine. Your tremendous potential and capacity to feel love for all life, when intentionally directed to create positive change, can, and will, create miracles. This is because love is one of the greatest forces in the universe. And most of the galactics holding their breath watching us are hoping that we remember and rediscover our incredible ability to feel continuous unconditional universal love. For all life. The future of our species depends upon this.

We are prime beings, viewed as galactic big deals by all the genetic donors who came after the Annunaki. We are simultaneously inspiring and terrifying because currently we appear to behave like a revved up sugar-soaked mob of pre-school thugs. We need a miracle and we actually have the inbuilt sovereign ability to create it. I’m going to repeat that because it is so critically important for our children. We need a miracle and we have the inbuilt sovereign ability to create it. We were born that way.


There’s a shed load of different galactic species tuning in and keeping their eyes upon us, hoping we can raise our vibrational frequency to meet them, embrace, and fullfil our destiny as galactic human beings.  Also, uniquely, create the very first ever major leap of consciousness from where we are now at only 250,000 years old.  Some of these galactic individuals have actually been continually conscious for hundreds of thousands of years.

We have the potential to jump into fifth dimensional universal consciousness. This is the really big deal. And if we achieve our potential we will create the miracle we need to return our planet to health and balance.  We can create a new reality grounded in universal love.


© Anne Ward 2016


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