In 1974 Carl Sagan and other astrophysicists initiated what had become the most powerful telescope on our planet, the remodelled Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. They used it to send a message to the cosmos.  Scroll down to listen.  These guys used a binary pictogram to transmit that we are a carbon based life form with small heads and big bodies, two strands of DNA, living on the third planet from our sun. They also transmitted the core principles of our mathematics and science, and the principles of the antenna used to transmit the signal. They directed the Arecibo Message at a star system over 20 light years away. Bear in mind the speed of light will wiz you three times around this planet in one second.   Alternatively, light travels at 670,616,629 miles per hour, or 1,079,252,848 kilometres per hour.  They didn’t expect to hear anything back any time soon. Certainly not in their lifetimes, and, at the very least, not for several generations.


However, on 14th August 2001, surprise surprise. We got a reply, in writing so to speak. We got an ET selfie. Right over the road from the Uk government’s radar and guard protected Chilbolton Radio Telescope, in red hot crop circle country in the south of England. Coincidentally, synchronistically, this selfie introduced a new technique in the creation of crop circles. Firsts all round huh.

Three days later on 17th August 2001, whatever consciousness created the ET selfie posted their main message close to the snapshot. It looked real similar to the Arecibo Message pictogram. They used the same format, same proportions, and that is probably because they simply swopped the data Sagan’s team had sent. They returned their own information about the same stuff. We learned these ET folk have big heads and small bodies. They are a carbon-silica based life form and have three strands of DNA. They live on three different planets, one of which has four moons, in a different solar system, and instead of a radio-wave antenna, they used a microwave one.

On closer examination we found that a crop circle which had appeared one year earlier, again, just over the road from the Chilboten Radio Telescope, was actually a detailed illustration of the technology part at the bottom of their binary pictogram. I like the way these ETs went about things. If you Google images for Chilbolton Radio Telescope you can see for yourself. Look for photographs of the rectangular ET selfie, the rectangular ET binary pictogram, and the conventional crop circle which they delivered one year earlier than the pictograms.


We’re still getting a physics professor bouncing about the BBC presenting science programmes and smirking that there probably is life somewhere else in our vast universe – bacterial life, he’s pretty sure of that. I guess that is one reason why this particular extra terrestrial consciousness plonked their message down in 3D, for capture by camera, and global transmission over the internet. Let’s face it, if they’d simply radioed it back, fat chance we would ever have heard about it. The scientists with egos and incomes dependent upon upholding the outdated scientific doctrine that human beings on Earth are the most intelligent life form in this universe because they are the only intelligent life form in this universe, would have squashed this intelligent ET heresy out of existence. (Check out the classic 1960s ads For Mash Get Smash, on youtube, where the metallic looking “aliens” fell about laughing at our backwardness. Kinda prescient huh cos we’ve got some right PhD gits titting about).

The Chilbolton telescope is under 24 hour guard, and benefits from radar and night vision technology. What was going on with the guards and security stuff when the crop circles went down?  That  is what we call high strangeness.  Although we waited 25 years coincidentally, synchronistically, we received the ET repIy right after the internet world wide web had got going.  That’s what I call intelligence.


The ET selfie guys told us their bodies are both carbon and silica. Silica is another word for quartz, which we also know as crystal. In 1974 the Arecibo Message transmitted that we are carbon based. Around the beginning of the 21st century the work of the cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, proved that the membrane creating the cell wall of every single one of the fifty trillion cells in the human body is actually a liquid crystal (like you get on liquid crystal display LCD screens), semi-conductor. Which means that the cellular membrane has a crystalline structure. Heck, every single piece of computer technology in existence uses, needs, a piece of crystal – a silicone chip – to function, process, amplify, and transmit information.


Simultaneously, cosmic lines of force are aligning and positioning themselves for Earth to move up a level and enter a bandwidth determined by the properties of the platonic solid known as the octahedron. Every single human being is going to be exposed to a new reality, a holographic reality where you are instantaneously connected with everything there is to know about the reality and any situation you find yourself experiencing. You won’t need to read a book or search the internet or speak to people to learn this either. It will simply be downloaded into your consciousness, effortlessly. Instantly.

Remaining in the third and fourth dimensional band widths on Planet Earth ain’t a good looking prospect regardless of whether or not you have a place in the underground shelters which have been quietly created for the elite to remain safe. Yeah, it did cost a fortune. It cost disappeared national gold reserves and trillions of public money. That is a very expensive karmic debt.

The only thing that can keep you safe where we’re going, is yourself. If you ain’t able to live in universal love, then your reality may be in an underground shelter but provisions and water in the vast underground metropolises are going to run out long before a third and fourth dimensional Earth can once again support life.

If we intend and want ourselves and our loved ones to escape this sixth extinction event we are talking lifting our consciousness up into a different dimension, into a higher level of consciousness and a different experience of the reality.


Human hand and crystal geode.JPG no 2Because every cell wall is a liquid crystal semi-conductor, like it or not, the crystal in your body means that you are hooked up with, integrated into, a vast invisible etheric crystalline consciousness. Kind of like a biological internet. Your physical body is the gadget and your thoughts and feelings – what a mystic calls your consciousness, or, level of consciousness, are the programmes and content.


Conventionally we know that, depending upon our age and gender, between 60% and 78% of our body is water. If we go down the rabbit hole of quantum mechanics 99.9999% of our body is actually space. They are both true, just working on different levels, vibrations, or understandings of the reality. But right now, let’s look more closely at water.

The work of Masaru Emoto, author of The Hidden Messages in Water, proved that water holds consciousness. Now, any half decent mystic could have told you this. Water is the Sacred Element which is concerned with feelings, or what a mystic calls the Emotional Body.

Masaru Emoto developed a technique to freeze, then thaw, and, during the thawing process, photographically capture the crystalline structures of water. One day someone in the lab had the bright idea of taping words to the side of the water containers, and separately, they also started playing music around the containers.

They found photographs of water crystals differed according to the words written on the water containers. And the photographs of water crystals deliberately exposed to sounds differed according to the music it had had to listen to. Words like “hate” and the sound of heavy metal music did not, could not, produce recognisable crystals. They produced dark oily looking sludge.

Words like “love for humanity”, “reverence”, “honesty”, “peace” and “harmony” produced beautiful complex crystals. They found that language affects the form of the crystal. The same words like “love” and “gratitude” in different languages produced beautiful yet different crystals. Some words even produced golden colours – “thank you” and “soul” did this and the word “spirit” created a crystal tinged and tinted pale violet. The music of the great classical composers created beautiful crystals – whilst the heavy metal sound produced a photograph of a dirty dark mess.


Consider all the water in your body and consider your thoughts and feelings. You now know that every thought and every feeling you have creates a reaction in every single cell of your body simply because, to a greater or lesser degree, it contains water. Ergo, every single moment of your life you are programming the health of the cells in your body. What’s happening with the water you are storing in your trillions of cells? Is your cellular water sparkling with beautiful crystalline geometries or swamped with dark oily sludge? Whatever your thoughts and feelings are, they are determining your health at the most fundamental level of your physical existence.

If you are a person with a very high level of consciousness, you never think or feel or say anything mean, nasty, hateful, spiteful, harmful – you get the picture, you have got a lot of that shining light crystalline geometry stuff going on in your body. Which is your natural true state if we are really laying things down on the line. And if you put a lot of effort into trolling and that kind of low-down stuff, harming people and living creatures, creating fear, bullying, enjoying being nasty, revenge, imposition of will, lies, murder, mutilation ….. yeah, that’s right, you’re full of the kind of stuff that looks like sewage. Well, let’s face it, it actually is biological sewage. In your cells. You ain’t gonna be able to shit that out your bum. Whoah, nasty. Ergo a person with a body filled with biological sewage has the opposite of a high level of consciousness. Yep, low consciousness. Or even be VLC, very low consciousness.

Whoops, nearly forgot fear. Now fear ain’t going to make you shine. Fear produces the dirty stuff. Fear is going to keep you low. Fear is something that a few people try to contaminate and infuse through the mass consciousness of the people on this planet. Fear makes folk easy to control.

One of the main goals of folk on the path of enlightenment is to become fearless and to continuously feel love for all life. That’s a tough gig, but totally, absolutely, within the realms of possibility. It was the message of the spiritual master known as Jesus or Yeshua. Another one of his main messages was that anything he could do, we can do, and more. You can do it. It’s your sovereign birthright to do it. It’s actually the reason you are here at this time.


OK, back to crystal technology. To take advantage of the internet you need a gadget which connects with and channels the invisible frequencies in our atmosphere into your technology. Your technology will translate the information the invisible frequencies contain into recognisable images and symbols on your screen, or sounds through its speakers. Yep, that little bit of silicone chip comes into play before anything else can. Consider what the tiny silicone chip in your android phone or tablet is able to handle. Pretty amazing huh.

Even more amazing, you are absolutely riddled with silica/crystal/quartz. Yep, 50 trillion cells is actually a conservative estimate. Some folk reckon 70 trillion, some folk reckon 100 trillion. All we need to know it’s a heck of a lot, like the speed of light. Mind boggling. Mind blowing when you consider the implications for our species.

One of the properties of crystal is that it acts as an amplifier. Yikes. Hang on there, this is really getting serious. The crystal membrane around each of the fifty trillion cells in your body is actually amplifying what is occurring with the water you are programming. Yup. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. WHAT! Not only do you have an amazing crystalline infrastructure, you have an amazing etheric (remember the etheric and invisible ethernet, can’t see or feel it but it produces results) anatomy. An etheric anatomy. You have an etheric anatomy. Cool.

This etheric anatomy is the equipment your body and your consciousness uses to tune into the greater part of the reality which your crystal being is transmitting to. There’s way more to this than that, but for now, this is enough to be going on with.

Your biological crystalline technology links you with everybody else’s biological crystalline technology. Whether you like it or not. That puts a new spin on the stuff that folk trot out about us all being connected, all being ONE.

The ability of water to hold and reflect consciousness, and the ability of our crystal body to amplify and transmit it, means that each one of us is powerful in a way which is difficult for most folk to even begin to imagine.

Bear in mind the effects of high loving thoughts and feelings upon the water in our bodies, and the inbuilt cellular ability of our bodies to radiate these out to the universe. With this knowledge think how our lives could be if most of us lived with loving kindness towards each other, and the intention that we treat each other as we ourselves enjoy being treated. When we talk or think about how the majority of people on the planet think and behave we use the term “mass consciousness”. Now consider the power of love as one of the greatest forces in the universe, and why, if you want to control humanity, you need to keep the mass consciousness in fear.

The choices we make to be loving and joyful, to engage in practices which enable us to experience and transmit bliss, or to sludge ourselves down in density and darkness, are beaming through the universe on every level. It may seem that there is a battle for land, for mineral resources, for money, for power, and for supremacy of religious beliefs, taking place. That’s simply the form that the battle for control of the mass consciousness is taking.


The regressive third density holograph which has sustained the control systems of the covert criminals is crashing.  It’s done.  It’s in its endgame.  This old regressive holograph locked us out of the bigger holograph for the 4th density of light and universal love consciousness.  The collapsing third density holograoph was illegally created within the holograph of the  fourth density of light.  As our present control  holograph collapses we have the opportunity  to participate in the bigger picture and reconnect with our galactic families.

The energetic imperative driving us into the greater holograph of universal love is also creating a time of no secrets.  One of its manifestations is information technology and the internet. It’s our go-to equipment of choice for instant connection, instant communication. Yet we have our own personal physical properties and crystalline technology which amplifies and transmits our thoughts and feelings out to the universe.

Speaking of which, just like the folk with three strands of DNA, big heads and wee bodies, living in a star system 20 odd light years away, we are also a carbon-silica based life form. Well, hey ……. that’s a turn up for the books of our physics professor.

© Anne Ward 2016