Deep in the initiation of the Vortex of The Void we are creating the EarthBirth canal for our shift into universal unity love consciousness.  Our waters have broken which is why the compression or collapse of linear time has gone to another speed level.

Every aspect of every single one of us, in every single timeline, in all the parallel realities manifesting on and around this planet, is being impelled through the plughole of life of Earth as we have known it. We are in the endgame.


The prime creative consciousness which supports and flows through the cycles of this universe has cast our species, specifically our consciousness, as the raw material for the walls of the spiral creating this megatastic Vortex Of The Void.

It feels kinda like our lives are pinned against, and spinning in the galactic fairground’s centrifugal “Wall of Death”.

Huge timelines have been twisted together, frequently creating knots and snarls which have created enormous confusion, chaos, blurring of boundaries and collapses of common sense and decency.

Every aspect of ourselves in every timeline and every parallel reality has been caught up and is spinning and crashing into the spiral creating the Vortex Of The Void forming our EarthBirth canal.

All this information is being crushed and compressed together so that it becomes minute enough for everything to pierce through the membrane between the fourth and fifth dimensions.


Like every other birth it is imperative and it is inevitable.  Truly, the only way off or out of the Vortex Of The Void is down and through it.


When our experience of time has arrived at the NOW moment, that’s probably when we will have passed through the eye of the needle.  This is equivalent to our mass consciousness pouring through the plughole of life on earth as we have known it.  Once we have survived our EarthBirth out of the vortex I reckon we will find ourselves in The Void.

As I write this I realise that yesterday was 999 day. The ninth day of the ninth month in a year with the numerology of 9. 2+0+1+6 = 9. Nine is the number of completion. I reckon we could be about to pop out the other side of the Vortex of The Void.


void-imageWhen we are on  the other side of this vortex I think we will have The Void experience.   The Void is pitch black.   There is no sound, no light, nothing going on.

The Void is THE place of Creation. Anything is possible.  You have experienced the Void  before every reincarnation.   It’s normal.

EarthBirthing into The Void may coincide with, or create, a pole shift. This means the north pole goes to the south pole, and vice versa. This could result in global flooding and up to three days and nights of darkness.


You are participating in the initiation for the future consciousness of our species. Traditionally initiates were prepared by placing them in extremely fearful situations.  Initiations were and are events which test us to our core.    I’m feeling like this may be the mother of all initiations.   Ergo, it is extremely important to avoid going into fear.


This EarthBirth’s baby is our new higher level of mass consciousness.  The etheric crystalline geometric structure for universal love consciousness is in place.  The blueprint has been completed.  We’re all set to go. We have the opportunity to start over in the holographic reality of universal love consciousness. We have the opportunity to rejoin our galactic families and we have the opportunity to create miracles like healing our biosphere, Mother Earth.

All we need is an open loving heart, to stay kind, harmless, and avoid going into fear.  You are an amazing creator goddess or, a creator god, participating in a consciousness event of universal importance.   Only a master could have got this far.  Trust yourself.

with love, blessings, and appreciation


© Anne Ward 2016