detail_woman _writing_a_letter_with_her_maidAuthentic power comes from connection with your Higher Self, your great celestial soul. The tough part is getting yourself in the resonant vibrational frequency which enables contact and communication with this higher, holographic consciousness.  It has all the knowledge, experience, endless love and wisdom to enable you to simply know what you need to know, what to do, and what is really important in your life.    Scroll down to listen to this post.

Communication with your Higher Self not only guides your physical experience.  It connects you with what your eternal vast creative consciousness intends and organises for you to feel. You don’t have to do it, there’s always a choice.  But if you can get that kind of advice, it’s priceless. You can’t buy it. When you’ve got that level of vibration, pretty much all you need to do is think, intend something, and it happens. That’s power. That’s authentic soul power. That’s big time Woo Woo.

Powerful woo woo needs lots and lots of high grade fuel. Which is vibrant clear life force energy. The more high vibrational frequencies there are in the life force energy, the more the miracles can happen. If you want and intend to create miracles with your heart and your mind, you need to refine, increase, and support your life force energy.

The folk who own the planet, who covertly manage and control its resources, have always understood the power of life force energy.  They work to conserve and top up their own supplies. They do it in a way which is selfish and destructive. In order for them to retain control of the people and resources of this biosphere their big battle at this point in time is keeping us unconscious.  They need us down at the sheeple people, and muggle level which prevents us from accessing and using our higher senses – and our authentic power.

Stuff their food full of sugar and send their endocrine systems crazy; taint their wee bodies and brains with doses of seriously dirty dangerous industrial waste and heavy metals administered in tap water and fraudulent vaccinations; sit them in front of TV sets and IT equipment;  and if you intend controlling the minds and consciousness and living conditions of the creatures on Terra, planet Earth, well, you’re off to a great start keeping the human species ignorant, dumbed down, backward and low consciousness.

Little children are charged full with high performance, high grade, finest quality, pure life force energy. They are born with it. Just spend some time around little ones and see how effortlessly they bounce and jump and run and skip and move their bodies. They are brand new brim full with the stuff.

In the UK, immediately after birth, babies’ bodies are routinely flooded with vaccinations which covertly kick off the control programmes which separate us from our higher senses and our soul power.  All too frequently they create irreversible damage to their personalities, their health, and their ability to enjoy normal loving human relationships with their families, peers, and other people.

When you access your authentic power with your own feelings, fearlessness, thoughts, actions, and intentions, your light shines so brilliantly it dazzles and banishes dark energies. Rather than making the vibration darker and heavier you make it lighter and brighter. Effectively you increase the density of light here on Earth. The more dense the light quotient is, the better.

When you have lots of heavy dense feelings you actually have lots of heavy dark dense electromagnetic frequencies in your body. They coalesce and create what are known as energy blocks. Fear and anger and other dense feelings harm your body on the physical level,.   If people could actually see what this creates inside their body on the quantum level, they would be truly shocked. Every time this type of feeling is released from human bodies people literally feel lighter. Because they are.

Every time you feel love and gratitude for life and the blessings you experience you increase the amount of light inside your body. This raises the vibration of your electro-magnetic frequencies and you become healthier. Also, it’s like you’ve lobbed a hand grenade or some other destructive explosive at the psychic prison the illegals, the dark occultists, maintain around this biosphere. You get enough folk doing that …….Way To Go.

You can use pure creator consciousness which naturally exists in the cells of your physical body, and the integrity and vibrancy of energy which actually belongs to you.   Or you can get power by stealing it from others. If you haven’t stolen anything in the first place, then as long as you keep your guard up, nothing can be stolen from you.

Being safe from the attention and influence of dark forces, always boils down to the integrity of your aura, the field of energy you generate and support around your body, and this is determined by the quality of your life force energy. And the quality of your life force energy determines the quality of your connection with your Higher Self.

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© Anne Ward 2016